Friday, December 08, 2006

Wentworth Miller Causes Early Alzheimers

Here we go again with yet another thing I forgot to post at the time and I blame Wentworth Miller...For he is the cause of all things good and bad and is our Lord, Amen. The recap I did for the Prison Break Fall Finale (The Killing Box) made the list on for Prison Break! I totally forgot to post it. I think it's ridiculously cool that my insane live-blogging that makes no sense when I re-read it later, made a top ten list of sources for Prison Break and on top of that, right underneath it, is Hikki's gifs! Awesome.

OK, instead of creating another post about things that concern the blog more than Wentworth Miller (BLASPHEMY!), I'll just update this post instead. I know you are wondering "WFW, What the hell is going on with the sidebar?" Well I don't really know...OK so I was coveting the wonderful world of Post Categories on other blogs and I wanted them so much except Blogger doesn't have them (except in Beta, and I am not moving to Beta, let them work all that shit out before I upgrade) so I sort of made up a way to still have categories. It's not ideal as it takes you away from the site to bring you back but it'll do for now. If you see anything out of the ordinary or if you think I'm missing a category let me know. Some posts are listed in more than one category and I tried to tag them appropriately. The ones under WFW are the ones that are more blog related or personal to me but they are still public b/c they are still in the archives somewhere. Having to tag everything made me realize how many freaking posts I really have (137) and how much fun the past couple months has been (can you believe it has not even been two full months yet), so thanks for making this blog way more fun than it would be if I was only talking to myself.

I have also put my favorite posts in the sidebar. I tried to keep it down to 10 so some of the ones you may think should be there may not be but they are most likely linked in one of those posts. OK I'm about to hit the comments section and keep working on this next Prison Break ep and this god damn MiSa sex scene. The deadline is fast approaching and as usual I'm procrastinating. I am not really into fanfic (unless it's Slash) and I have been intentionally avoiding all of it lest I plagurize the shit out of someone by mistake while thinking that I came up with a fantastic idea on my own. We'll see how this shit turns out, lol. Later y'all.