Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

Went has left the land of Kangaroos and Boobs and should be safely back in the land of Plastic People. I for one am depressed at the prospect of no more daily Went updates, no more fans to hate on, and no more excitement. *sigh* So I'm going to drink myself into a stupor this weekend and I won't be posting (unless something exciting happens). That makes this the last time we'll "see" each other until 2007. While I'm away, feel free to chat it up in the chat box amongst yourselves (I might pop in) AND what could prove to be REALLY fun if you actually do it, leave Wentworth Miller a Happy New Year voicemail message, preferably drunk, but sober works too. If you'd like to leave one, go on over to my ImageShack profile and talk away. If for some reason it doesn't work in your browser then that means you must not be using Firefox. Download fucking Firefox and you won't have those problems. I'm not going to tell you that again. I've tried out the leave a message feature and it works fine. You can delete the message and start again if you screw up and you can also play it back so you can hear what it sounds like before you send it. Make sure you say who you are and where you're from in the message somewhere or if you want to remain anonymous, you can do that too. Maybe I'll even do one. I will listen to them and post some, if not all of them, next week. We can send our love out into cyberspace and maybe it will find its way to Went.

Oh and Went, You know what would really make a girl happy? A voicemail from you. I didn't get anything from you for Christmas so consider this my belated present.

Happy New Year Wentworth, you beautiful man and Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2007!

Awww Stacy! Now I feel better. This makes 2 of Stacy's pics on this post! Thank you! *sniff*