Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh Wentworth Miller What You Do To Me

Because on the outside I'm a sarcastic whore but on the inside I'm a "big puddle of goo," here is something I said in my mostly (except for when posting) serious mood I was in yesterday. And yeah I'm posting this because I don't have anything else for you right now. The Ravens' loss last night ripped a tear in the Space-Time Continuum and thanks to that, I just got to work 30 minutes ago and I have to do a little something before I start goofing off. Oh and please, let's keep this a secret just between us because Goddess forbid anyone find out how smitten I really am with Went and this posting could REALLY threaten my reputation as a bitch and you know how important that is to a girl.

DOUBLE sigh. This man, that I do not know personally, and who's public persona and interviews, the views of those who know him, and outward appearance is all I have to go on, gives me butterflies in my stomach like nothing I have ever known. If I ever did see him, before I got the nerve to even express my admiration, I would have one hell of a tummy ache and some serious nausea before I could I pull myself together. His aura is captivating. There really is something special about him. He's not just this really hot actor; He seems like a genuinely likable and charming person even if he thinks he is a dork. He is mesmerizing. I make a lot of jokes about my feelings for him but I am truly in awe of him. There are no words for how deep my affection for this man goes and that is both exhilarating and slightly crazy, lol.
And there you have it. I'm in love with the man. Whoever is doing his PR, the package you are selling me, I am definitely buying. If it's not a package and it is in fact, the real him, then all I have to say is...Triple sigh. Feel free to gush in the comments and act like you have otherwise lost your mind regarding Wentworth's all around "magnificence" while I go do some work. Later y'all.