Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prison Break Recap 12/4 (Fake) Episode

Kellerman, Lincoln and Michael are running out in the daylight now and Mike can't believe what he just saw! Kellerman actually KILLED Mahone and while he is now free of him, he can't believe how cold-blooded Kellerman is. He's not sure they can trust him but they don't have a choice. They all climb into the car and speed away. Kellerman tells them that they are going to "expose that bitch" and go find Terrence Streadman and that he just so happens to know exactly where he is.

Sucre is walking through the Mexico desert, sweating and looking sexy...I mean tired, well OK sexy AND tired. He needs water and help but there is still nothing in sight so he walks on.

T-bag walks toward the woman who turned him in. He looks like he's about to fly into a murderous rage...and then...he falls to the floor at her feet and cries. He tells her how she hurt him and how he really is a bad man but he never would have hurt her nor the kids. He tells her he loves her. Surprised, she takes his head in her hands and hugs his face to her waist.

Meanwhile, back in "The Killing Box," we see Mahone's lifeless body...and then...it MOVES! He's NOT dead! He groans and rolls over onto his side holding his chest. He gets to his feet and opens his shirt revealing a bulletproof vest! The bullet pierced the vest, but not completely and he's bleeding. He slowly climbs the stairs looking crazy. Now, not only is he going to kill the brothers, he's gonna fuck Kellerman up.

Sara, now without any credit cards nor ID, has to find a way to continue to support her life on the run. She sees a strip joint and has no choice but to check it out...After all, how many jobs are there that don't require you to fill out a W-4 and that pay you in cash?

Sucre has collapsed in the desert and things are looking bleak for him...just then, a car pulls up with a beautiful woman inside. She approaches Sucre and tries to revive him but he isn't moving. Oh no! Sucre! She goes and gets her bottled water out of the car, sits down and puts his head in her lap and pours some water into his mouth. He chokes a little at first but then starts to drink. He squints up at her..."Mari-Cruz?" But it's not her. "Don't worry, I'll help you," she says. She helps him to the car and they pull off.

Haywire's raft doesn't exactly have GPS and he ends up on Cast Away island and finds a volleyball with a face painted on it. He builds a fire and dances around it in his underwear while chanting "Wilson, Wilson, Wilson." The dog is not impressed.

Kellerman, Michael and Linc stop for a rest b/c it's hard being on the run. Linc wants a drink and maybe a lap dance. I mean when was the last time these boys got laid? Kellerman agrees and Michael is just along for the ride. They walk into a strip joint and Linc says he's going to head to the bathroom but tells Mike he's going to get him a nice lap dance in the Champagne Room. Kellerman is already worshipping at the feet of the woman performing and has ordered a drink. Linc heads to the bathroom while the manager walks Mike to the back.

The officers that were escorting Mike and Linc back to jail have flooded "The Killing Box," looking for them but they find nothing but some blood near the stairs. They call in CSI. Meanwhile, Mahone ends up back in a now empty tunnel. He heads over to one of the SUVs, starts it up and speeds off.

It's Bellick's first night inside and Avacado has decided to make this his first night inside HIM. Bellick is getting the ramming of his life but at least he used lube...

C-Note has followed the police car carrying his wife. He buckles in his little girl and tells her to close her eyes and not to be afraid. He speeds up the RV preparing to run the car off of the road in hopes that he can get her back. Oh the suspense!

Mike is seated on a couch waiting for his lapdance but deep in thought. In walks his stripper and IT'S SARA, but his back is to her. She says she has one rule and that is, that he has to close his eyes. He does. She walks over without looking at him and starts her performance. She doesn't want to see his face. She can't believe she's doing this. He keeps his eyes closed and tries not to feel what he knows he's feeling...aroused. He can't see her, but he can feel her grinding on him and he can feel it...growing. He opens his eyes but she is not facing him...he reaches out to touch her and as he does, she turns around and smacks him! Now he can see her face..."Sara," He says in that sexy, sexy voice. "Michael!" she exclaims with tears in her eyes. She hugs him and says "I was so afraid when I thought you were gone. I've been through so much. There are so many things I want to tell you..." She trails off as he pulls back and looks into her eyes. He pulls her down onto his lap and kisses her. THE END.