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It's Liquid Sex Time!

Wentworth Miller is going to be on the Kyle and Jackie O show in Australia at 3:30 p.m. EST for a whole hour!

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If you missed it:

Part 1

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The Interview

The unaired portion

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Prison Break Spoilers

Let the drooling begin! Want spoilers for next weeks' episode? Go see Jared. Even I couldn't resist this time!

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Prison Break The Message 1/29 Recap


It's a FOX news break, no not a real one, it's one in the show. FOX is fucking vain. A faux Fox news break in a FOX TV show? Love the whole start at the end and then go back to the beginning thing though. Faux FOX news is playing a video. "My name is Lincoln Burrows and I'm innocent." Six hours earlier...

OK, Kellerman, Michael and Linc are still surrounded and although we were led to believe there was a back door to that motel room there is not. They're going to have to think of something. Kellerman is holding out his badge through the door to the cops and the media telling them to hold their fire. He brings the brothers out with their hands behind their backs as if they're handcuffed and then...Kellerman grabs the cameraman, Linc pulls his gun and Michael is demanding the reporter get him the keys to the cop cars. Oh yeah order them around Went; Force is hot.

Mahone is back at his FBI office pissed off at the lack of progress but now that superbrain is back at work I'm sure he'll be face to face with Michael by the end of the episode!

The boys areriding in the car with their hostage and they hear that the president will be in Denver, Colorado that afternoon. Michael tells Linc to pull over. He's ordering people around again...Must concentrate on show.

Ewww Bellick looks like shit and he's having nightmares and calling for the nurse. He comes to and a con sweeping up in the infirmary is there. He tells him that there are plenty more beatdowns where that one came from, lol. The con is hot. Everyone on Prison Break is hot..That or I'm horny.

The cameraman is spying on the boys talking, dammit boys stop planning in front of the hostage!

Yay! Mexico! That means Sucre! Ooooh Amaury looks hot. They're speaking sexy Spanish. I love Spanish. He's talking to an old man on the stereotypical multicolored Mexican bus with lots of people holding chickens in a cages. Dammit, Amaury is looking good. "What's in Ixtapa," the old man asks,"a woman?" "The woman," Sucre answers. Awwww. Look at that smile! Nice music for this scene.

LMAO Haywire is in a dumpster outside of a convenience store looking for raft supplies. Freakin nut. He needs more wood. Yes that's exactly what you need, wood and drugs, lots and lots of drugs. A couple of teenagers ask him to buy them some beer. He says yes. "You can even keep a beer for yourself," the boy says, but Haywire's dad used to drink so he doesn't drink. Somehow I see this meaning something later.

The camera man is walking back into his studio with a tape...

The tape is airing and everybody is watching. The FBI, Sara wherever she is, Mr. Kim...And of course he's freaking out. "Start a wildfire in Florida, find a storage unit full of Arabs..." He wants that story buried by a fabricated one if necessary. Hmmm, Art imitating life?

BEST COMMERCIAL I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME LMAO. New Axe commercial. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Dom even has a commercial. He's telling people to be a mentor; Mama Bear is gonna love this.

Back in Mexico, the bus stops and the old man gets off and so does poor Sucre as he is getting put off of the bus because he didn't pay. With the cops nearby he can't argue with the driver and he looks lost. The old man offers him a place for the night if he will cook. The old man mentions he has a car; Sucre is in.

The FBI is still watching the 26 min long tape and Michael is outing Mahone. He says that Mahone murdered Shales and the agents look wide-eyed but Mahone just says "The guy's nuts" and walks away! LMAO He even looks innocent while saying it. Nice goin Bill!

Haywire is going to show the teenagers his raft. The boy of course thinks he's mad for thinking he will make it to Holland in that but the girl thinks he's sweet and thinks it's great he gets to just disappear. He notices a bruise on her arm and asks her about it. "My dad drinks too," she says. Haywire is going to go all Sling Blade on her dad; I'd bet money on it. She asks for her arm back but he doesn't let go fast enough. The boy rescues her and they leave.

Bellick is begging Sara's best nurse friend to let him stay another night in the infirmary. She agrees.

The camera man is being questioned and he recalls that "One of them said 450 miles in 6 hours." The FBI is on it immediately, drawing a radius of 450 miles around the general area they were in on a map. Mr. Kim calls in. Mahone recites possible cities and Kimmy stops him at Denver immediately because that's where the president will be. Mahone is back running the show now and thinks the president should be kept in the dark and used as bait. The sniveling little weasel below him disagrees and tells Mahone that he is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Mahone says "Then get a pen." LMAO I am loving Mahone more and more lately.

Kim is talking to the guy above him...The weird one that doesn't talk. Weird Mute writes something on a pad and holds it up as Kim suggests calling the President and letting her know what's going on.

Sucre and the old man are eating chicken. I like the old man. I like the Spanish and I like the music. I like it a lot. Amaury licked his upper lip. FUCK! The old man grabs the dishes and heads to bed as he tells Sucre where he can sleep. Sucre has no intention of sleeping, he's after those car keys so he can get to MariCruz. He's stealing the car...And he's gone.

The FBI have people analyzing the video the boys made. They conclude that they are lying. Flashback to Kellerman prepping Mike and Linc on how to make their body language say something completely different than what their words are saying. Back to the tape now...Morse code, eyes up, arms folded, this is hilarious. Michael is talking directly to Sara. Meanwhile she is rewatching it online and flipping through a book. She knows what he's saying although it means nothing to us...Yet.

Mahone, the superbrain, has caught on to the fact that the brothers are trying to fool them into thinking they are going after the President. Of course he did; He's a genius! "They're going after Sara Tancredi." Fucking Mahone! *shaking fist at Mahone*

Sucre is driving along and uh oh, here come the cops. They take him back to the old man but instead of charging him with theft, he gives him money for gas and tells the cops he loaned him the car. Oh man, I'm tearing up. "Find your girl, then find grace." *tears* Am I PMSing or what?

The FBI is reading up on Sara and her file proves she's boring. We knew that already. Mahone takes the file. Of course he will see what no one else does! He walks away fast after seeing it. Told you!

The boys are standing around now at some outside location at night. Linc is obsessed with the truth getting out and is checking the newspaper to see where their story is. It's not there but a story about how they shot a janitor in a motel is. Linc wants to talk to Michael alone so Kellerman walks away. Linc is wondering if Kellerman is only helping them to figure out what they know. Linc, you DO have a brain!

The teenage boy is dropping off the teenage girl and not even a minute after she walks in the house, abusive dad is laying into her trying to pick a fight. She walks away and he is about to go after her with a fire poker but gets attacked by Haywire instead. I have a feeling this is the sound of Haywire beating her dad to death.

Mahone goes to talk to nurse best friend about Sara because he needs a lead. He shows her the message from Michael but she doesn't know anything. He checks with Bellick instead. Bellick wants better accommodations to crack the code and Mahone agrees. Turns out all those references that sounded like nothing were chapters in the AA book. Michael must have been an Alcoholic in a former life...That or his research was WAY more thorough than we ever imagined. How did he know that?

The boys are still waiting for Sara in a secret location. All of a sudden "Michael Crane, please report to the front desk, you have a telephone call." Awww Crane. Mahone figured out from the AA book where they're meeting Sara now and is sending the cops. Michael runs in to take the call and it's Sara. Awww they're in love. I should post the phone call for the MiSa fans but...Nah. I don't like MiSa that much. OK maybe just a little:

Sara: "Michael back in Gila I was coming back to you, somebody grabbed me..."

Michael: "Did someone hurt you?" Oh Wentworth!

yadda yadda yadda

Michael: "Well we'll figure it out...Together." *melting*

Sara: "I like the sound of that." I bet you do!

Kellerman is getting a phone call and it's his lady love the President and she's making promises and playing on Kellermans' feelings for her and love for his job. She doesn't sound convincing to me but I'm not Kellerman; I'm not into cold hard bitches. The boys all get back in the car and Kellerman is driving but he looks...Different. Did she get to him? Oh man is he gonna turn on them? Dammit! THE END.

OK so someone twisted my arm...Here's the MiSa phone conversation. Thanks Wendy!

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At long last, our precious bracelets have arrived! I ordered a few extra so if you didn't get one already there is still time. Payments can be made by Paypal or Google Checkout on this post and this
(also shown here) is what the bracelets look like, although the wonderful artist has added the beauty mark for us so just imagine a little dot near the hairline and you will get the full effect (my camera is not cooperating with me). You can get the bracelet with just the letters WFW or with the site name spelled out completely Wet For Went. Please indicate which one you would like with your order and if you ordered already, send me an email letting me know which one you would like. Off the top of my head I can only recall what Patty and Nic want so if you are not one of those two, I don't know what to send you. First round ships Monday. *staring at bracelet* So pretty...

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Wentworth Miller in L'Officiel Hommes Magazine

Wentworth, Seriously, I am going to have a stroke. I can't take much more of this...

Do you have to be so beautiful?


I could look at your face forever...

Oh yes, you are very cool Went and very very hot.

As usual, bigger HQ pics can be found in my Imageshack.

Thanks chanaw, geniass and erinmarie79!

UPDATE: notthedoctor, my favorite fucking person in the whole wide world has taken pictures of the Mag with her camera and is in the process of translating the article as I type this. BEHOLD! The new pictures!

Oh My God he threw his head back. HE IS FUCKING WITH ME! Help me, PLEASE!

Lap! His legs are spread, GODDDESS HELP ME! Foot action, Forearm, Stare, can't breathe, can't breathe...

I just want to lay in the nape of that neck and kiss it 1000 times. Oh Wentworth...

He is waiting to be mounted. He is waiting FOR ME!

Oh baby, you can stand JUST like that, I'll kneel. No really, I will. I am having a religious experience. Just one night and I can die happy. Just one. OH GOD!

UPDATE #2: notthedoctor has translated the article for me and you can find it below. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOC!

Happy is the person who hasn’t watched a Prison Break episode yet, because that TV show is frankly dangerous. When you’ve had a taste of it, it’s simple; you can’t live without it anymore. In fact, in France, by the end of December, nearly 7 million viewers were trapped in the flawless and thrilling scenarios of the show, boosted by outstanding and brilliant actors.
Among them, the young and now famous Wentworth Miller, who is already a big thing. Charismatic and sublime, He accepted the offer to pose for L’Officiel Hommes and to answer a few questions between two photo shoots. If his photos are rare, the man is even more. Friendly, composed and deeply kind, Wentworth Miller is disarmingly simple and intelligent. He doesn’t run after success at any price, gives his best in front of the camera and becomes much more secretive at the sound of the ending clap, to preserve his privacy. All in sobriety, strength, delicacy and seduction, he is very natural and gives the impression of being an honestly cool guy. Cinema hasn’t had a new actor with this much presence on screen for a very long time. Maybe even since Steve McQueen, He is, for us, his worthy successor.
Meeting & Interview Milan Vukmirovic.

The show Prison Break has enjoyed worldwide success. You are one of the stars and you still maintain your privacy. In a time where gossip magazines run stories on the private lives of celebrities, you succeed in staying out of them. How do you manage your success and your image, while keeping cool (staying Zen)?

Between the production’s need for doing promotion for its product via the actors, and my personal need to preserve a part of my privacy, it is in fact difficult. Unfortunately, it seems that one has to give pieces of their life in order to increase the audience’s interest for a new show, new movie, or a new album. It’s a marketing strategy that I don’t approve of. It is a dangerous game, because I think the more the audience knows you and witnesses every move you make, the less credible you are to them. Furthermore, as your notoriety or so-called celebrity increases in the ‘people's press’, you get locked into an image or a role that is not yours. It’s the other side of the coin, and I try to protect myself from it.

You look very reserved, quiet and discreet. How do you keep it that way as the success grows?

Being an actor is my life. I have a pact with the audience and I never forget to act the best I can, in order to not disappoint my fans. But beyond that professional duty, I don’t feel I have to reveal everything about my private life.

You must feel, anyway, the pressure from your fans already imagining you in great cinema roles. You could be the next Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, 2 great actors who had to become, in a way, some kind of marketing products. Do you contemplate the future differently?

Everybody dreams of Hollywood, but I don’t envy them the fact of constantly having the spotlight pointed at them. With this show, I already get invited, once a week, into people’s living rooms. It’s their private place, and thus they think I am part of it. In the street, people stop me and talk to me as if I was a long lost friend, when I don’t even know who they are.

Maybe you are not so different from what radiates from you on screen? Of course, you haven’t been to prison, but there is such similarity with you and your character that the audience ends up feeling close to you.

I invest a lot in my character, and always try to give the best of myself. In addition, success has not changed my personality. Recently, I went back to my former acting school. While talking to the students, I realised that they only teach there about 5% of the acting job. You don’t have a class on diplomacy, politics, promotion, or a class on the way you have to be funny on talk-shows, which are all necessary in this job… You have to stay true to yourself, but also protect yourself.

How do you stay grounded?

I try to be, and to control everything, but it’s not an easy task. The perfect example is The Human Stain: the film I played in with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, 3 years ago. It was a very important role to me. I had a lot of hope for the continuation of my career, and, in the end, I didn’t work during the 2 years following the film release… That experience taught me that I definitely couldn’t control everything.

How did you survive during that jobless period?

It was very difficult, a walk across the desert, as much financially as psychologically, to the point that I was waking up in the middle of the night and wondering what I should’ve done to make it different.

You walked away from it better?

I have actually learned from it. Patience, endurance, humility and gratitude help me a lot today. Even more so that Prison Break is very hard to shoot. It’s captivating, but exhausting. The filming lasts months, five days a week. One episode of 45 minutes must be wrapped in 8 days, when it would be 2 months for a feature film.

Today, do you feel the pressure of the next role?

I won’t be playing drug addicts or killers just to get past Michael Scofield’s image. I want to stay true to what the audience comprehends of me, to what they would like to see from me in a movie. Besides, I do not feel the urge to see my name written in big letters on a billboard. I look for good scripts and I’m not against playing a small part with great actors, like Denzel Washington, that I respect. In fact, doors open more easily since I’m in Prison Break and I get more offers. But, to this day, I have spent 10 months of the year on the set, and the 2 months left were necessary for me to rest.

Actors from big successful TV shows aren’t usually expected on feature films. Don’t you think you need to make compromises and increase your celebrity more to launch your career there?

There are great actors like Billy Crudup or Edward Norton, that we only hear about when they release a new movie. Outside of the promotion time, they are discreet. It’s very important to keep a part of mystery and I’m not worried about the media, they always find other targets.

Nevertheless, we saw you in 2 music videos of Mariah Carey… Quite a surprising choice?

It’s true, I like her work a lot and I have huge respect for her career. But that was before Prison Break. I shot the videos with Bret Ratner, who also directed the pilot of the show. Back then, we didn’t even know if the show was picked up. And I couldn’t afford to turn down 2 videos of this scale, which were going to be broadcast all over the world. It was only 2 days of shooting, and they were more beneficial for my career than my former movie that took 6 months… It’s funny how many people have seen the videos!

In this world of cinema, glamour and glitz, are you interested in fashion?

Except for the fashion photo calls that I appreciate, it’s true I’m asked frequently for my opinion on the subject. What type of places I go to, my favorite cologne… I must confess that I don’t really know how to answer because it’s not something I’m really interested in.

And French cinema?

I like films with Isabelle Huppert and those directed by François Ozon. It’s important to me to stay in touch with the work of European directors.

You have multiple origins: your dad is from African and English lineage, your mom from Russian and French blood… Is your mixed race the root of your difference and your serenity?

Totally, because I fight against tags people put on you, as much personal as professional. I refuse to be what people imagine me to be, or would like me to be. It’s a rule in my life, and neither money nor stardom will make me derogate my rules.

Is it for you strength to be a free spirit?

It is, absolutely.

In one fell swoop, he comments on the need for actors to maintain an air of mystery to be able to play a variety of different parts, states firmly (oh I love it when you are firm Went) that celebrity will not change his values and mentions Denzel, Billy and Edward. I have a secret love affair with Billy Crudup and now he has outed me. I think Billy Crudup is phenomenal. Edward Norton? FANTASTIC actor. And what can you say about Denzel? He's beyond great with an awesome career and longevity. If these are the people he wants to model his career after and who he looks up to then I emphatically approve. It's official, he has dealt the death blow. I am completely smitten, beyond infatuated and so very very in love. Wentworth Miller: I love you.

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Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

Anonymous said...
her hair sucks

1/20/2007 12:02 AM



Dani Girl said...
FUCK he was so dreamy in this clip!! Man, I'm sweating with palpitations - this guy has just had me melting in my panties.......

GOD I want him so ! What a hunny !!!

I believe that may be the first use of palpitations on this blog. I'm tickled.

Anonymous said...
Wenty wearing the chastity belt. Mmmm, wonder who owns the key??? THE key.

1/20/2007 2:02 PM

AND said...
I own the key! I will be happy to make duplicates!


Anonymous said...

Still can't see any words in that magazine. Why would a magazine with this kind of photos need words anyway...? The pics speak to me.

1/20/2007 1:45 PM

I so agree but I was trying to be all journalisty and shit. MISTAKE! How's this?

Oh baby...


sammie.pie said...

REALLY REALLY big photos= Sweet Wentalicous Blindness...*tripping over shoes, bumping into walls*


nicbeast said...

God must have just finished making the world's worst serial killer and decided to make up for it my making Went.
Praise Jesus.

Perhaps, but on this blog we only Praise Jeebus. Jesus' really cool and underrated evil twin. Even he thinks Went is the second cumming.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if Jack Bauer could beat Michael Scofield...?

Jack would kick Michael's ass. Jack Bauer's tears cure Cancer. He's a bad MF.

Patty said...

WFW, thanks for the belly laugh! Went is total hotness! (but I have been cheating with Jake this weekend. What is up with that? ) Prison Break needs to get back on the TV now!

Oh, and you realize his hands are big enought actually grab MY giant boob(s)? Thanks you, Jeebus! Now back to the fantasy....

See nic, Jeebus and I was totally cheating with Jake last weekend too. When things like this happen, sometimes a girls' eye wanders, well one of them, like Paris Hilton's wonky eye, but the other one, stays firmly planted on Went. Fuck! My eyes hurt...


mbnd said...

Just wish it were mine he was reaching out for. He would have been better off I wouldn't have him arrested & put behind bars just between my sheets.

*applause for you*


karen said...

"...nicely exfoliated, but very dry..."

*thinking* *about* *massage oil* *in* *ALL* *the* *right* *places*

"Oh no Went, massage oil won't work on that. I've heard spit works better. Let's try it."


notthedoctor said...


*Kicking doc in the ass to get her out of the way so Went can get to me*


linds said...

Oh Went, Went Went. You ARE a walking work of art!


Anonymous said...

Handsome as always.If he were wrapped in a tablecloth he'd still be smokin' hot. Goddamnit! Some people have it all, looks and brains. Maybe that's why we belong together;he's got everything, i got nothng.

1/21/2007 7:02 PM



Fashion Police said...

Holy-crap new clothes...matching new clothes.

Ahhh but the dead give-away THE SHOES.....Wentworth your a God but your human too.

Always love the commentary FP.


Anonymous said...

What, no beige??? And matching colors (almost..)Went's really making progress. And the beanie reminds me of Wentmas... Oh.

1/22/2007 10:56 AM

Ah Wentmas. The most wonderful time of year. Memories, of the times we left behind. Misty water colored MEEEEEEEMORIES! Of the way...we were...

buttercup said...

jeans. are. good. ;)

Yes. They. Are.

linds said...

Lord have Mercy!!! I need medicine before I watch that show - I was dying when michael was like 'you still think you're in charge' to kellerman and then called the news (!!!). yikes!! i hate to say this about our hero, but this is what you get for being arrogant!!!! god - wasn't went so good last night? I can totally imagine him calming down a crazy person!!

That power struggle was HOT. Went was good and HOT. Don't forget HOT.


noone said...

*crying eyes out*
What's the use of eyes anyway when I can't watch new PB?

I haven't taken it out for a test drive, but I uploaded the ep here. Dry your tears noone.


mink said...

Great recap, WFW. Although I had to take issue with the PB writers for apparently not considering that Steadman's DNA could be compared to his sister's! Still, looking forward to seeing how they get out of this particular jam.

Yes! The sister! Where's your brain Agent Kujan? Went's hotness fried it. They could have compared Steadman's DNA to his sisters' and that would have been that. I think they should put you in the show. Linc, Kellerman, Michael and Mink, the one with the REAL brains.


redlightmind said...

"The brothers hop on"

My thoughts exactly!Have you been reading my journal?

Yeah it was right after that part about the licking...bad girl.

Stranger said...

That report from E! News is such a slut! Always trying to grab him.
You better take your hands off, you slut! :´(

* really pissed, 'cause he's heaven on earth and i'm not the one being hugged *

Ohhhh, you haven't heard of K.W. apparently. I fucking hate her but she's a legend.

As always everyone, thanks for your comments!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wentworth Miller Clips

Here are some Wentclips for your enjoyment while I slave away at work all day.

Wentworth Miller on E! News Live courtesy of chunkymonkey

Wentworth Miller on Access Hollywood courtesy of maichan

Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet (also below)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prison Break John Doe Live Blogging Recap 1/22


Here it is. Your first Prison Break recap for 2007.

Whoa there! Sexy, sexy Wentworth Miller...Must get back in Prison Break mode...So hard...So...Hard...OK, Michael Scofield...God he looks hot.

We begin with Kellerman, Linc and Michael running out of The Killing Box (why do I love that term so much). Wents' running form is much improved. VERY NICE WENT! And there's Mahone laying in the stairwell and his phone conveniently rings as a cop walks by. The cop finds him. "Get a Medic!" I knew they were not going to kill Mahone. The random cop answers the phone, It's Mr. Kim. He tells Kim that his boy is shot.

Kellerman, Linc and Michael are speeding away in a truck and as usual Michael, the brains of the operation, is asking all the questions "Why are you helping us?" A very good question Scofield but as he is questioning our torture-loving friend, Linc recalls being almost murdered by the guy (way way back when he is intentionally set free in Season 1) and hits him WHILE THEY ARE STILL DRIVING! Damn Linc, you trying to kill everyone? They pull over, get out and Linc pulls Kellermans' own gun on him and threatens to kill him but Kellerman knows where Terrence Steadman is: Can't kill him yet!

Credits rolling...Oh how I missed those credits. Commercial for 300 which is going to be mother fucking awesome. Comes out 2 days before my birthday, sweet. Midnight movie anyone?

Linc is still waiving the gun. That man is an animal. Kellerman says "You wanna keep running fine. You wanna be free, get in the car." Some sanity. They all get in.

HUGE black dude is threatening Bellick. Dessert for protection. I know he's a bastard and I even killed him off in a fake PB ep, but I am feeling sorry for him already. At least he's someone's dessert bitch and not their real one...Yet.

T-bag tells SusieQ he forgives her, how nice. Oh T-bag, come for me. We can have a family together. She tries to get him to leave with her but he says "There's not a white man's chance in Harlem you'd leave your children behind." LOL I love you T-bag. Susie never told the children about him being a murdering rapist lunatic. I wonder how long it will take them to get home...

Kellerman gets a call from Kim and lies his ass off. He doesn't seem pleased that Mahone is still alive but he moves on to the Michael and Linc are dead lie and that he is on his way to bury them. He's just biding his time to try and get to Steadman. Mike is cracking smart remarks while Linc is going all Incredible Hulk. Kellerman says "There's that winning personality. The one we knew would win over a jury." LOL, Ouch. Kellerman is a smart ass and...It's kind of hot. Why is everyone so hot this episode?

C-Note is still lying to his kid about how Mommy is fine and calls to check the status of her hearing. Things are not looking good. Poor Kacee.

Kellerman has arranged a plane ride for them to Montana. The brothers hop on, they have no choice.

Mahone is in the hospital recuperating. If the bullet entered 6 inches to the right, he'd be dead. Uh huh. It's threat time again. Mahone finish what you started or we'll tell everyone about Shales. Well Mahone gives them the (proverbial) finger and says he's quitting! He said he'll go to jail for it, he's out. It's about damn time.

Steadman may not be able to call anyone but he can sure as hell watch TV on that lovely LCD and run around insulting the agents guarding him when he's the one walking around in that ugly bathrobe wearing fake teeth.

It's time for Bellick to pay up and he brings the big black man the brownie for some protection like a good little boy but of course now the fee is 5 brownies and he needs 4 more. Bellick takes out a sock full of rocks (or something) and wails on him. LOL Nice going Bellick.

T-bag looks through the family photo album and discovers he's not there. Color him disappointed. Here come the children home from school, LOL, excellent. "Uncle Teddy!" AHAHAHAHA! Poor clueless children and powerless Susie. T-bag is here to stay.

Kim has been double crossed and now it's time to evacuate half-dressed Steadman before Kellerman can get to him but the boys have already landed and are already enroute. I think it's too late for you Kim. Car is pulling up...Supposed to be transport, but nope, It's Kellerman and the boys ready to kick some ass and kidnap Terrence. That Kellerman is a bad mutha...Shut yo mouth. He dropped those agents quick.

Mahone doesn't want to play ball? Well they'll make him play ball. Guess who's kid just got hit by a car and has a leg broken in 2 places? 3 guesses as to who's responsible for that...Here comes Kim's lackey to re-threaten Mahone and claim responsibility for the accident. I don't see this dude living past the end of the episode. Mahone don't play that.

Michael, Linc, Kellerman and Terrence are held up in a motel planning strategy. Now this is where it gets impressive. To make him disappear they took out Steadman's teeth, burned off his fingerprints, destroyed all of his DNA samples, raised his cheekbones and lowered his ears so that facial comparisons would prove he is a look-a-like...Now that's what I call thorough. Hole-in-one PB writers. One question though, if they can't prove it's him, what good is he to them? Kellerman's big idea is to wait out the road blocks and go to DC in a couple of days once everyone thinks they are far far away.

Meanwhile T-bag and family are watching cartoons. LOL Oh T-bag. Susan knocks over her water in an attempt to go get a rag but come back with her gun. Turns out T-bag already has it. What did she think that she was smarter than him? The son has a trick up his sleeve though and hears T-bag getting loud with his mother eventhough he's whispering and when T-bag turns around, he catches a skateboard in the face. That is not enough to stop him though dear boy, sorry.

Looks like the dude Bellick beat down, has night guard connections. The night guards apparently aren't too fond of Bellick so someone's going to get hurt. Bradley is getting cat called under cover of night and hallucinating. "I ain't scared of you," he yells as his cell door opens automatically and Avacado tells him to start praying....Poor Bellick.

Mac and PC commercial. I like these. Yay Macs!

Linc is going ape shit again, this time on Steadman. Veronica bit the dust and he thinks Terrence should die for that. *nodding head* Oh Linc, I agree. Too bad he's your ticket to freedom. Only his brother Michael can calm him down. He's not heavy, he's my brother.

No bail for Kacee. Dammit, dammit, dammit! C-Note is crying again. I HATE it when he does that! *tears*

T-bag is nailing wood boards across the door talking about carpentry. "We will be a family if it kills us." I think he means if it kills YOU.

The Steadman party is ready to leave but Michael has other plans. He calls the news stations...Presumably to get to tell Steadman's story without them all getting killed. "Hello My name is Michael Scofield and I want to turn myself in." *note to self: must get audio of this...So sexy*

Mahone calls Kim to tell him he's back to work and opens the trunk of his car to reveal the dead agent inside that threatened his son. I have a feeling Mahone is going rogue.

Steadman is freaking out about getting found out and he's got a gun. Oh boy. I see it coming....Here it comes...He blew his brains out all over the pretty motel picture. How in the hell are they going to clear their name now? GREAT FUCKING BREAK DOWN BY THE WAY THERE WENT! Lights are flashing, Kellerman's yelling, there they go running, and the chase is on again.

Watch Prison Break Episode John Doe

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies Interview Marathon

I'll be updating this post as I get new links.

Good Day Dallas

Good Day Boston

Good Day Detroit

Good Day Birmingham

Good Day St. Louis

I don't have time to watch them right now (still at work) but enjoy!


Thanks mink and geniass!

Wentworth Miller talks to Woman's Day

Wentworth Miller talks to Woman's Day about his family life, his recent Christmas down under, and how playing a jailbird on Prison Break has changed his opinion of criminals.

We hear you spent Christmas in Australia …
I have a younger sister, Leigh, who's down here in Melbourne for a year. Her boyfriend has a scholarship. As a result, the whole family came here for the holidays.

Did your Aussie co-star on Prison Break, Dominic Purcell, give you any tips?
Dominic is a surf fiend, so everything he says about Australia comes down to the surfing. That's useless to me because I grew up in Brooklyn [New York] and it wasn't part of our culture — and I'm terrified of sharks!

What do you do when you're away from the set in Texas?
I like to go to the movies; I like to hang out with my friends from the cast. We're really close-knit. We're lucky in that we don't have the drama or alleged drama that seems to go on in other TV shows. We tend not to go to bars or clubs en masse, because it's like having a blinking neon sign over your head.

Has playing an inmate changed your opinion of jail?
My appreciation of who the men and women are behind bars has changed significantly. People would like to believe there's a world of difference between us and them and that the line is thick and distinct and clear. But the truth is, it's not … you could wind up in prison, I could wind up in prison. I see signs driving down the highway in the States and you pass a construction zone and see a sign that says if you hit a construction worker on the highway, it's 10 years in prison. So if you sneeze the wrong time, suddenly, you're behind bars.

If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be and who would you share it with? It would have to be of course with my family — my two sisters, my mother, my father. They're the core of who I am and what I am. They're the backbone of my support system, which has been invaluable as my life has transformed in the past year and a half. As far as what we'd all be eating, my mum makes a great shepherd's pie. Our version is a layer of mashed potatoes, then meat in between, then green beans and like, a tomato sauce. Then I'd wash it down with a little mint chocolate-chip ice cream, the green kind.

Your lawyer father, Wentworth, and teacher mother, Roxann, initially weren't supportive of you being an actor. Has that changed now you're famous?
All they knew is that I was off in California, I didn't have a job, I wasn't getting out of bed in the morning at a respectful hour and I didn't have a steady pay. So they were fearful on my behalf. We do talk about the show, usually in the context of me calling up Mom and telling her it's okay for her to watch tonight's episode because I won't be losing any more toes. She gets very upset about these things.

Can you say new information? He always gives JUST A LITTLE to keep us wanting more. So cute that he is tight with his family. So am I. He hangs out with the cast. Awww! I can just see him and Amaury hitting a bar at Amaury's urging. I would love to be a fly on that wall...

For more click here

I believe he was called Stinky at Princeton, not in high school. He had to sell his CDs? Which ones? I would love to see his CD collection. Oh and um, Wentworth, Where are all these STUPID women who want Michael Scofield? I want YOU!

[rant] Now calling an article or even a collection of snippets My Childhood Hell is BEYOND misleading. Wentworth is a nice guy, stop trying to pimp him for info and then make him seem like a whiner. This is starting to piss me off. [/rant]

Oh and I changed the picture b/c I REFUSE to use Neon Madness. Just...No.

Thanks mink for posting it, pbobsessed (for the link) and kimberleighrae (for the scan)!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wentworth Miller Candids

Candid Wentworth makes me happy. Went is that a new coat? Maybe this should be a High Fashion post? The beanie matches the coat Went and jeans go with everything! Ah but no, the shoes...*crickets* You know, at least they're new. Bravo my love. That's right SHOP!

Thanks Baaca!

Wentworth Miller FOX 8 Interview and Promo in Australia

No video yet but when I get it, you shall have it. In the meantime, who needs video?

"Nice boobs you got there."

*thinking* I can't believe I just said that.

*still thinking* So conflicted...I want them.

*more thinking* I must have them. I'm going for it.


"When I get out of here, I am going to do things to you that will make you scream."

"I can't wait that long...Bend over."

Thanks Krissie and Marianne!

UPDATE: OK so here's the interview

Thanks Julie!

UPDATE #2: And here is the promo

Thanks geniass!

Wentworth Miller at the TCAs

And on the Sixth day, Wentworth Miller put on a suit and was photographed...And it was good.

*singing* You are so beautiful to me, Can't you see? You're everything I hope for, you're everything I NEED! You are so beautiful...*whispering now* me...*happy tears*

Look at my TV Show men together in one pic. This pic makes me so happy it's ridiculous. Oh Wentworth you look HOT. As always, more pics at Just Jared. Thank you Jared!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wentworth Miller's D Magazine Interview

Here is the translation for the D Magazine article courtesy of junglegirl from The Church. Is this just another reason to re-post one of those sexy pics? Maybe, but I also wanted to let you all know something surprising: That Magazine also had WORDS! It's amazing. I had no idea. But now a warning:

Junglegirl: The long introduction is full of wrong information. Maybe the journalist does not watch the show. There’s no season two in Italy. The gang is not being hunted by warden Pope. And Robin Tunney is obviously not Michael Scofield’s girlfriend…

(D-La Repubblica, Saturday, Jan 13th, 2007)

PEOPLE. His white mother and his black father are both professors at Yale. Yet he likes tattoos better: he has a tattoo drawn all over his body. Raised in Brooklyn, now he’s one of those talented actors you can bet on.
By Silvia Bizio

He spends four hours a day on the make-up chair in order to have the neck-to-wrists tattoo applied on his body: for Wentworth Miller, star of the TV show Prison Break, whose second season is airing both in Italy and US, (the first has already been released on DVD), this is a necessary bother to play the character that made him famous. The tattoo actually depicts the map of a maximum security prison from which Michael Scofield (Miller) has to arrange a risky escape. He has one goal, saving his brother who is locked up in the death row for a murder that he claims not guilty of.
On Prison Break, whose first season gained several nominations at the Golden Globes (with one for Miller as Best Male Actor in a Drama Series), Michael’s brother, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is found guilty of the murder of the U.S. Vice President’s brother. Then they find out that the Vice President herself faked her brother’s death with a sleight of hand in order do a coup d’état and become President. Michael plans a bank robbery to end up in jail with his brother and he involves other convicts in his escape plan (some mob bosses, too) as well as his girlfriend Robin Tunney. The daring and extremely complex escape closes the first season of the show. But soon the gang find out that the escape is only the prelude to worse problems. Being haunted by both FBI and the sadistic warden, longing for revenge because of the loss, they must get over the dangers of a life on the run. And they must also figure out what lies behind the fake murder. So, the action-packed Prison Break is like a cocktail of The Sopranos and 24. How does his leading actor see it? “Michael is a good man, an honest man. He borders on the hero-type, but he has to get his hands dirty to achieve his goals,” says the 34 year old actor, whose mother is white and whose father is black, both professors at Yale. Born in London, but raised in Brooklyn, Miller (but his friends call him Went) majored in English Literature at Princeton before moving to Los Angeles to make his dream come true: acting. After small roles in a few episodes of many TV shows, from Buffy to Joan Of Arcadia, Wentworth performed his task egregiously on the big screen in The Human Stain, playing the young self of Antony Hopkins’ character, Underworld and The Confession. Until he got the leading role on Prison Break, the show previously shot in Chicago and now relocated to Dallas, Texas. Miller says he has little time for his private life, when he is not on the set. We met him during one of his rare visits to Los Angeles, the city where he is already based.

Wentworth, what was your first reaction to a story about a man who’s willing to sacrifice everything he as to save his brother?
I was curious to see how they (the writers) would manage to do it, because at first, I admit it, I thought the idea was absurd. We dealt with this story as if it were a real story, but the universe they built around it, it’s like the universe from comic books, it allows you to do everything you want. Great part of the success of this show, I guess, is actually the fact that it is not afraid to seem absurd. It’s like a puzzle that the audience enjoys solving, piece by piece, episode after episode.

In real life how far you’d go, instead, to save someone you love?
Michael is the extreme example of devotion and loyalty. If one of my loved ones ended up in jail, maybe I wouldn’t stop writing petitions, making phone-calls. Maybe I’d hire the best lawyers on earth . But I couldn’t go further. I care a lot about my freedom, expecially after I spent six months in a real prison to shoot the first season of Prison Break.

What must we expect in the next season?
I worked hard on Michael’s psychology. The audience must believe that he’s capable to do the impossible. But you need to give yourself up to the world of comics, you must believe that an ordinary man can get himself locked up in a maximum security prison, with all the terror that it strikes, and that he is determined to get out of it with his brother. Michael is somewhat like Steve McQueen, maybe a little arrogant, too. But in season two we can also see Michael’s life and the deep relationship that ties him to his brother through flashbacks. So we can understand him better.

What can you tell us about the giant tattoo that covers a large part of your body?
It’s the most ambitious fake tattoo in television history! This certainly makes all the long hours spent in the make-up room more bearable. Luckily we need to do the entire tattoo only once per episode. But you usually see only an arm, the torso or the neck, so the hours needed for those applications are considerably reduced. And once you have it on, you need to shoot as fast as you can, because it melts in 24 hours.

Did it make you want a real tattoo?
No. Actually, after this experience, I have no desire to get my own.

Is it true that lots of real inmates worked as extras in the first season of Prison Break?
Yes, it is. We shot in the Joilet Penitentiary, which was shut down in 2002. Everyday we had 150 former inmates and guards from that prison working on the set as extras. One of them once approached me and told me: “I spent six years here as a prisoner and working on this show is the best thing that had happened to me since 1984, when I was arrested.”

What about your private life? What do you do when you’re not working?
I don’t even have time to breathe. The show takes up all my time and energy. We are on the set from 12 to 17 hours a day, five days a week. On the weekend the only thing I want to do is sit on the couch and stare at the wall. The only thing I can think about is eating, sleeping and “recharging my batteries”. I’m not a party-loving person. I don’t feel at ease in clubs, or in nightclubs. I’d like better staying at home and play Scrabble or having dinner with friends. At most I can “enjoy” myself watching the entire season 14 of Law & Order or The Simpsons.

You dreamt to be a movie star. Does television satisfy you?
When I moved to Los Angeles, like many other actors, I thought that being successful meant becoming a Tom Hanks or a Julia Roberts. Today, I think that we tend not to appreciate the skills and talent of actors who work, day by day, in TV shows. I was not sure that I would enjoy playing the same character for months, but now I get to like it. And with all the unemployed actors around, if you manage to do what you love and you get paid for it, you can really say that you’ve made it.
No, there's no new info but my favorite bit:

"On the weekend the only thing I want to do is sit on the couch and stare at the wall."

As long as there is a pic of you on it baby, I'm in. Speaking of pics:

OK maybe one more

Make that two more

Oh Wentworth...

FYI, if one wanted to see these REALLY REALLY big, one might check my Imageshack. They are breathtaking. *sigh*

Friday, January 19, 2007

Prison Break is BACK!

You know it's time for Prison Break when...Jared has preview caps. And so it begins...
I. can. not. wait.

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell Voted TV Guide's Hottest Brothers

Prison Break has TV's hottest brothers and with a body like that (Dom) and a brood like that (Went), we all know why. My favorite accessory Went has ever worn is hanging around his waist. Mmmmm restraints...

I'm glad someone understands how ones retina would get damaged if they stared at Went too long. I will admit something now that the rest of you may not be aware of. After excessive staring at the D Mag pics, I am now blind.

Here lie my eyes: They were good eyes. They saw things. They laughed. They cried. They died. Donations can be sent by clicking the Paypal donate button to the right...

Thanks mickeydrewme!

MiSa Madness: Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies on Good Day LA

The scene is coming...

Thank you kelly, maichan and brooke!

Favorite Comment(s) of the Week x 2

Twice the fun this week since I didn't do these last week.

ln said...
Football is fun and all, but compared to Wentworth.... pleeeeeeease!
Went running around in those tight pants, however....mmmmmm..... *just fell off my chair*

I am STILL waiting on this special for my Tivo. *shaking head* Went in tight football spandex...Hello!

Pen said...

You know, I've been trying to work out why I love Wentworth so much, and I've decided it's because he makes me smile.

I see him - my eyes smile
I hear him speak - my lips smile
I read and listen to his eloquence and insight - my brain smiles
I learn about his kindness and courtesy - my heart smiles

I smile and smile
While my g-spot gently weeps...

This my friend is truly beautiful...*g spot commiting suicide b/c Went will never find it*

Anonymous said...

so if he said he wasn't gay but didn't say he was straight can we assume he's bi?

1/10/2007 3:33 PM

Why yes my anonymous friend, we can. *smiling* I know, WFW is a bad bad girl...


mama bear said...

You know, upon second glance, I must say...even Went's chest hair seems classy. Not too out there, not too crazy...revealing just enough to keep us tantalized by the thought of what it leads down to. *Sigh*

I now declare his chest hair, A STAR!


nicbeast said...

mmmmm...Treasure Precious....

My love, my own, my...Precious...*stroking the Precious*

geniass said...

Good freaking lord. He just oozes sex, just oozing! I'd just to join you on Went's other leg, er lap.

You're on.


mink said...

This simply cannot be legal. That is all.

I can think of 5 states off the top of my head where what I want to do with these pictures is in fact illegal.


Patty said...

WFW, I noticed that hand by the goods too and thought it was just me being dirty. Now I know you are there with me? Someone needs to photoshop those pants off.

Damn photoshop, I could do it with my teeth.


Karen said...

Italians have such an appreciation for fine art...

First David ... now, Went...

Cosi bello!



linds said...



Fashion Police said...

Couldn't they just throw a wig on that poor girl....Sara!Sara!Sara!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one seeing that divine glory and glow around him? He is a saint.

1/16/2007 2:51 PM

Anon, no you are not the only one. I also hear the monks singing as well "AHAHAHAHAHLAYLOOOYAH!" *crying and worshipping*


cocot13 said...

Perez and his followers have definitely infiltrated this site

The hell they have!

AND said...

Is it possible to have an orgasm from hearing Went's sexxxxy voice? If so, then that explains a lot...

Why yes it is and it happens to me all the time. Welcome to my hell...or is it heaven?


notthedoctor said...

OH Australia!!!! How many more surprises you have for us!
i think that country is as in love with Went as we are!
Gotta love it. I don't regret He went there now.

I know and the interviews are STILL coming. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Anonymous said...

Ok, if that was the real Wentworth Miller, and he really talks like that to his female fans-SIGN ME THE F*CK UP TO CHATBOX!!!

1/18/2007 11:42 PM

If the real Went ever showed up in the chatbox, I would ban each and every one of you and talk to him myself. WFW <=== selfish


Krissie said...

There's a HUGE difference between believing and knowing, right?
Knowing takes the fun out of stuff.
Believing makes the impossible possible!
(Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Went in chat box... same category, people! lol)

If only everyone were as smart, talented and lovely as you Krissie, this would be a better world.


tia said...

just ignore the haters WFW I know that was him lol

I love a believer. I will tell Went you said hello when he comes back.

As always everyone, thank you for your comments even those of you with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever. Your obtuseness amuses me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wentworth Miller Enters the Chatbox

You never know who is going to show up in the chatbox. Yesterday, Wentworth Miller himself showed up to talk to us and in true fangirl fashion, we lost our fucking minds

WFW: damn you Wentworth and your brain cell killing sexiness
WFW: damn you to hell
WFW: now come fuck me...
Krissie: Can you not curse Went?
nicbeast: *shakes fist in air*
WFW: he is walking evil Krissie, walking torturous evil
nicbeast: i have soooooooooooo much work to dooooooooo i dont know where to start i dont want to start!
WFW: *shaking fist at pictures*
nicbeast: the devil incarnate
WFW: God I want to suck him til he can't stand it
Fever: u can doooo it, nic
WFW: Goddess help me
su: Don't start nic! Just write!
nicbeast: *pleading at the top of voice to sky* Why, God, why!!!!!!
Fever: w, stop! u're gettin' me hot
nicbeast: i would much rather do that
WFW: I'm getting myself hot. Must stop and do some work.
nicbeast: but fever by the nature of your name u r already hot
WFW: lmao nic
Fever: lol, clever girl
WFW: and you cause others to be as well
Wentworth Miller: Stop cursing me!
su: No, I meant you should watch the Terminal because it is a fountain of useless info and product placement.
su: OMG!!!!
nicbeast: that will be it for the day
Fever: it's my power, not my existence
WFW: really su? never seen it
su: WENT!!!
nicbeast: i should quit now while i am ahead
Fever: must - join - in
nicbeast: i downloaded the interview where he says my name to my ipod
Fever: LMAO su
WFW: For Goddess sake, I must lick him. I must.
WFW: Damn this sexy photoshoot
WFW: damn it damn it damn it
nicbeast: the italians really understand beauty
Fever: jealous, nic, with love, but jealous
nicbeast: i may have to change my desktop image
WFW: *shaking fist at beautiful man gods* They mock me...
su: WTF!!! WENT!!!!
Wentworth Miller: I'm still here.
WFW: WENTWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wentworth Miller: SU, you can fuck me any time.
su: YAY!!!!!!
WFW: Marry me Went.
WFW: and I will give you many sons
WFW: and blowjobs
WFW: for the rest of your life Went
WFW: No Went, I'm yours...TAKE ME!
notthedoctor: LMAO Went juniors, just what he wants!
WFW: take me god damn it!
Wentworth Miller: Girls, there's enough of me for all of you.
Wentworth Miller: Just don't tell my GF.
WFW: *bows at Wents' feet*
WFW: I love you Went
su: GF!!!!
su: WTF!!!!
notthedoctor: HA HA HA HHAHHA HAHAH
Wentworth Miller: You don't believe I have a girlfriend?
WFW: Wentworth, you're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you...10 points for naming that TV show reference
Wentworth Miller: And WFW, I am willing to make all of your wentasies come true.
su: So Went, What's your fave sexual position? How many times a day do you jerk off? Does it hang to the left or to the right?!
nicbeast: step out for a minute and all hell breaks loose
Wentworth Miller: And I'd be proud to wear a bracelet saying WFW.
WFW: Good cuz I'm sending you one
su: BRACELET!!!!
WFW: with just the letters of course and a pic of your face, which now that I think about it will be beyond creepy but guess what? I'm still sending it
nicbeast: i will get it in time for my birthday!
notthedoctor: YAY WfW send him one!!!!
Fever: su, u're brilliant
Wentworth Miller: I think I'd rather show you than tell you, Su.
WFW: Oh Wentworth...*dreamy eyes*
WFW: You are so...wonderful
WFW: Hey Wentworth...I might swallow for you...but don't tell anyone can put it anywhere...
nicbeast: *shaking head*
notthedoctor: LMAO!
Wentworth Miller: Even if you don't swallow, I'm sure I couldn't forget you.
WFW: Awww Went...
notthedoctor: LMFAO
WFW: so sweet even when I force words like swallow to come out of your polite Princeton mouth
Wentworth Miller: You too, SU.
Wentworth Miller: I like 18 year old girls.
WFW: LOLOLOLOL careful there Went
nicbeast: *waiting in the background quietly for turn*
Wentworth Miller: I can't believe I said that.
WFW: If you like em that young I may have to rethink my crush
Wentworth Miller: It's your influence, WFW.
WFW: lol
su: I bet you have a real dirty mouth Wenty!!!
Wentworth Miller: I lurk here too often.
notthedoctor: *waiting with nic, admiring the beauty of Went*
su: Okay so I'll take that as a you're not interested anymore WFW?
Wentworth Miller: Nic, hi there, babe.
su: LURK!!!
WFW: I'm sure Went I'm sure. So when you comin to Baltimore?
su: SOUTH AFRICA WENT!!!!!!!!!!
WFW: My door is always open for you.
nicbeast: Hello, Wentworth.
nicbeast: May I call you that?
Wentworth Miller: I know, WFW. As soon as we're done with shooting the rest of the 2nd season, I'll pay you a little visit.
WFW: Maybe we should address him as Mr. Miller
WFW: oh Went...*giggling*
Wentworth Miller: Went is just fine. My friends call me Went.
su: I'm coming to BAL - TI- MORE!!!!!! You like 3somes Went?
su: Well what do your lovers call you hunny?
Wentworth Miller: SU, I'd rather have you just for myself, if that's ok with you.
nicbeast: Thank you, Went.
notthedoctor: that Went is such a tease *shaking head*
Wentworth Miller: Doc, is there anything you'd like to share with me before I'm back to lurking?
su: But I'm a Christian Went I was taught the value of sharing....besides I still have to hit that shit!!! Right WFW?!!!!
nicbeast: I woudl like to extend and open invitaton anytime you would like to escape LA LA land. Might I suggest the wine country.
Fever: is there any room 4 me, went?
notthedoctor: well, Went i apreciate that you keep our love affair secret not to hurt those poor desperate to be fucked girls.
Wentworth Miller: Fever, where have you been? Hi, beautiful.
su: Have you heard about the PLAN Went?
Wentworth Miller: Sure, Doc, we can keep it private.
su: THE PLAN!!!
notthedoctor: the plan!!!
Wentworth Miller: I've heard about it. i was wondering if I could be the president of the Sorority?
notthedoctor: did u see that?
WFW: Went do you know how beautiful you are? Do you have any movie projects on your plate that you are seriously considering?
notthedoctor: you are the president of my heart!!!
Wentworth Miller: Didn't you hear I'm writing a movie for myself?
WFW: Well as I didn't start the sorority I can't make that call...doc, take it away.
notthedoctor: make some porn movies!
su: Want a LYNCH!!! Went? LYNCH!!!! And here's a WHIP!!! too, and let's not forget about POLE!!!!!
Fever: hi went ;)
Wentworth Miller: Is anyone interested in playing in it?
WFW: I did hear that Went but has anyone asked you to be IN anything that you liked was my question and I would like to be your love interest yes
notthedoctor: I wanna play you fuck buddy in the movie
WFW: oh yes indeed
Wentworth Miller: Su, i'm not all that into the whipping. I hope I'm not bursting any bubbles here.
notthedoctor: i have feathers if you like Went!
nicbeast: I'd be interested in the movie
su: Awww....but I even polished it and everything for you Went!!!
Fever: go doc!
su: HOT WAX!!!
Wentworth Miller: I have to go now, my lovelies.
su: Okay but you do like POLES right Went?
notthedoctor: LMAO SU
nicbeast: have a nice day, Went
WFW: lol, bye Wentworth. Lovely chat.
Wentworth Miller: But remember, I'm here more often than you think.
su: I'm no lady....
notthedoctor: WEEEEEENT!!
Wentworth Miller: Be good.
WFW: We'll just carry on as if you weren't here. Hope you don't mind. See you soon.
notthedoctor: i know Went, see you later at home Lover!
su: More often? Than I will just continue with FUCK ME WENTWORTH MILLER FUCK ME!!!!
WFW: you be good too babe
Fever: yum
su: I'm never good....
su: Awwww....Went went bye bye!
notthedoctor: LOL su
su: My 18 year old heart is now broken.
su: Who wants to mend it?
su: I think I have a tube of superglue around here somewhere...
Fever: i still love ur whip, su
Fever: u can take it out on me
su: YAY!!!!! WHIP!!!!
Krissie: WTF??? Did I miss Went??? Noooooo!!!
notthedoctor: i have band aids su
Krissie: Is he gonna be back?
WFW: lol Kris
notthedoctor: He was Perfect Kris, such a gentleman!
su: As you wish Fever. WHIP WHIP WHIP!!!!
notthedoctor: *sigh*
Krissie: Did anyone say I said HI!??
Fever: kersmack, su - i luv it
notthedoctor: *oops Kris* totally forgot about you!
nicbeast: sorry kris they all lost their damn minds
Krissie: Dammit! And you call yourself my Sistahs!
Krissie: *pouts*


Wentworth Miller: Hello, ladies.
WFW: I think I have that one too mb, Jennifer Connelly?
mama bear: heck ya!
mama bear: yep
WFW: Wentworth, you're back!
mama bear: LOL...went!
mama bear: i'm panting
notthedoctor: WEEEEEEEEENT
mama bear: and my hands are sweating
Wentworth Miller: I couldn't stay away for long. This is one addictive chat box.
WFW: Do you like 80's movies too Went?
mama bear: dammit...i don't know how much longer i can type
notthedoctor: don't we know it!? you're addictive too Honey!
WFW: Oh and Krissie says hello and that she wants to bear you children also but I'm hoping you will only have kids with me...
Wentworth Miller: I love 80s movies. But I love you girls more.
notthedoctor: and meeeeeeee
notthedoctor: awwww Went!
mama bear: do you like harems, went?
notthedoctor: we love you more than anything!!!
notthedoctor: 1001 nights with us!
Wentworth Miller: Krissie? The depressed girl?
mama bear: where is nic, she'd love this?
notthedoctor: *doing belly dance*
WFW : Wentworth you are so sweet...too bad Krissie isn't here to talk to you!
mama bear: LOL
WFW: Krissie is only kidding. She's a very happy person.
notthedoctor: lol Kris is 12 and depressed already! poor sister
Wentworth Miller: I don't want children with her. You, WFW, on the other hand, sound great for a mother of my child.
mama bear: you make her happy, went
WFW: who lives in the middle of nowhere Croatia. Maybe you could go see her?
WFW: awww Went, don't be hard on poor Krissie, no Starbucks, no Gap, what do you expect?
WFW: even I'd be depressed then...
notthedoctor: *dancing with colorfull veils*
mama bear:'re too much!
mama bear: :)
Krissie: Went? You're finally here! I want your baby!
WFW: nic spoke with Went earlier and doc you are totally distracting me
notthedoctor *trying to catch his attention mb*
mama bear: try the thumb cymbals
mama bear: works every time
notthedoctor: *albino python around neck and dancing*
Wentworth Miller: You got my attention, Doc. You always have it.
notthedoctor: awwww *blushing*
Wentworth Miller: Krissie, no babies for you, sorry.
mama bear: "im a slave for you..."
Wentworth Miller: Really, MB? I'm honoured.
notthedoctor: no BRITNEY MB!!! i was more like Salma Hayek's Satanico Pandemonium
WFW: LMAO hey Went don't you go picking on my Krissie
mama bear: *blush*
mama bear: and i'm not a blusher
WFW: Wentworth we love you so
mama bear: oh, doc, sorry
Wentworth Miller: I'm not picking on her. I only pick who I share my little ones with.
WFW: *sigh*
notthedoctor: share with me Went!!!
Wentworth Miller: I love you too. Would I talk to you if I didn't love you?
mama bear: went, may i ask a personal question?
Wentworth Miller: Sure, MB.
Wentworth Miller: But I might not answer.
Fever: hey went, krissie says hello
mama bear: what were you doing in pic #4?
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Fever. Thank you, so I've heard.
mama bear: of the italia spread?
WFW: we told him Fever
Wentworth Miller: Thinking of this chat box, MB.
notthedoctor: LMAO mb
Fever: sorry - delayed
WFW : lol
mama bear: *momentary lapse of consciousness*
WFW: and all of our "saucy" talk
mama bear: you must be went because you're typing using correct grammar
Wentworth Miller: Yes, you amuse me. And much more.
notthedoctor: *THUD*
mama bear: lol
WFW: You know I mean every word don't you Wentworth? *stops smiling and starts looking intense*
WFW: Wentworth you type as well as you speak. I'm impressed.
Wentworth Miller: I know, WFW, I know. And if I didn't know, I would hope you meant it.
Fever: what fun, can i play too?
Wentworth Miller: Fever, please, step in any time.
notthedoctor: mb are you still conscious!?
mama bear: such class
mama bear: such grace
WFW: *sigh*
notthedoctor: such sex appeal
WFW: I know mb. What a wonderful man...
mama bear: i'm breathing at least...heavily, thanks for checking, doc
Fever: yum
mama bear: another question went?
notthedoctor: no, thx mb, it's my job!
Krissie: Wentworth, can I play? Even if I can't have your baby?
WFW: Went are you familiar with The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice?
Fever: yay, krissie!
Wentworth Miller: No, WFW, what is that?
WFW: Krissie and I like that song. I think about you when I sing "I can't take my eyes off of you," b/c I really can't Went. You are beautiful beyond words...
WFW: Want me to send you a CD w/ your bracelet?
Wentworth Miller: You're too sweet, WFW.
Wentworth Miller: Please do. If you say it's a good song, then I want to hear it.
notthedoctor: i'm big fan of Damien Rice wfw and Krissie... lol the bracelet!
notthedoctor: you'll love it Went!
mama bear: goodness...
Wentworth Miller: Krissie, you can play just stop asking for my baby.
WFW: It's in my Jukebox also Went. If you ever get the time, just press play.
notthedoctor: are you ok mb?
mama bear: lol
notthedoctor: LOL
Wentworth Miller: I want to stay focused on you, ladies. I'll listen to it later.
mama bear: jukebox? is that code for something, wfw?
WFW: oh my...
Fever: focus, focus, babyboy
notthedoctor: that's so thoughtful of you Went
WFW: no I think I would have used playpen if I was referring to that and Went we'll be doing alot of playing there when you come visit
Wentworth Miller: Thank you, Doc. How are you, beautiful? Still busy?
notthedoctor: LMAO!!! you've been keeping tabs on me!!! i'm sooo flattered
mama bear: oh doc, a direct wonderful!
WFW: *blushing for doc*
notthedoctor: *he called me beautiful*
WFW: he did he did!
mama bear: *blushing too for doc*
notthedoctor: i'm busy if you have something in mind Went!
Wentworth Miller: I said I lurk a lot. I feel like I know you. And it's only fair, you seem to know a lot about me.
notthedoctor: i'm NOT busy Went NOT NOT
WFW: you mean NOT busy doc
notthedoctor: NOT NOT
notthedoctor: NOT NOT
mama bear: *and scaring everyong around me cuz i'm laughing so loud*
notthedoctor: WENT I'M NOT BUSY!!!!!!
WFW: very true Went, very true
Wentworth Miller: I knew what you meant, Doc.
mama bear: LMAO
mama bear: damn typos...
notthedoctor: soooo Went, what do you say?
notthedoctor: you
notthedoctor: me
Fever: so often do u visit us, went?
notthedoctor: together
WFW: Hey Went, Journey just came on...I'd be Faithful you.
Wentworth Miller: Unfortunately, I am quite busy so I can't visit each and every one of you. I would really like that though.
WFW: Oh Went!
mama bear: u should put journey in your jukebox, wfw
notthedoctor Come to Paris, you will LOVE it, it's so rrrromantic!
WFW: *blushing again*
WFW: it is there mb
notthedoctor: and I AM THERE
mama bear: it is?
WFW: doc! LOL
Wentworth Miller: I will come to Paris some day, I promise.
WFW: yes mb it is, maybe you never got that far
notthedoctor: yes it is mb *glaring at mb*
mama bear: LOL
mama bear: sorry
notthedoctor: *fainting and falling hard on floor*
WFW: Went, would you say my name for me when we meet?
Wentworth Miller: Doc? Wake up, beautiful. Don't faint because of me!
WFW: and can I record it so I can play it over and over?
WFW: *looking hopeful*
Wentworth Miller: WFW, I will roll it over my tongue very slowly...
notthedoctor: *waking up at Went's demand*
WFW: Oh shit now Went don't start that b/c I WILL DIE
WFW: *fanning self*
WFW: *eyes rolling into the back of my head*
Wentworth Miller: I cause trouble, I see. I should leave.
notthedoctor: hello Pretty... when you come to me, to Paris, i mean, i'll take you... to any place you want, monunents, museums, my bedroom... anywhere
WFW: No Went NO
WFW: Don't go!
WFW: *reaching out*
Wentworth Miller: When I come to Paris, I'll be there to se you, Doc. Not museums.
notthedoctor: WEEEEENTTTTTT
notthedoctor: *falling unconscious*
WFW: oh my....*blushing for doc again*
mama bear: what do you smell like, went?
Wentworth Miller: Typos. I apologize.
notthedoctor: ME Went??? ME??!!!!
Wentworth Miller: Cookies, they say.
WFW: Oh Went!
mama bear: yummy
WFW: *squeeing*
notthedoctor: don't apologize my Pretty, God of my heart and cunt!!!
mama bear LOL
WFW: so sorry, I never thought I would do this in your presence. Apparently I was wrong.
Wentworth Miller: Doc! You make me blush.
Wentworth Miller: I like squeeing.
notthedoctor: you, Went, make me ache from wanton!
WFW: Went you're like a rockstar! You could sell out an arena and just stand around! I like that idea actually...
notthedoctor: i ache like a bitch in heat just hearing your voice!
WFW: *squeeing again*
mama bear: LOL, wfw
mama bear: i agree
Wentworth Miller: Stop, please. I'm embarassed with all the flattering.
notthedoctor: or you could read a book out loud and sell it, or sit on a chair and film for hours!
mama bear: went, do you play scrabble naked?
notthedoctor: NAKED SCRABBLE YAY!!!
WFW: But it's all true Went! You're so beautiful and talented and intelligent and perfect...*loud squeeing*
notthedoctor: *hyperventilating*
Wentworth Miller: Scrabble naked? Never thought of it. Until now.
notthedoctor: you are in my every dreams!!
WFW: *reaching out and crying like a crazy Michael Jackson fan...well before he was a crazy fucking freak*
Wentworth Miller: I will have to give it a try.
notthedoctor: LOL WFW
mama bear: yes, please
notthedoctor: i could play with you Went, i'm good at it
notthedoctor: and teach you french too
mama bear: and tell us all about it
mama bear: or better, take a picture
notthedoctor: did you know the French invented the blowjob?
mama bear: wait, tell us about the naked scrabble playing
WFW: *pulling at hair and looking like a lunatic*
Wentworth Miller: If I'm not mistaken, there was a plan that included playing scrabble.
mama bear: just wanted to clarify
WFW: Maybe the french invented it but I perfected it...I'm waiting for you Went. Bring me The Precious...
notthedoctor: *squeeeeee*
notthedoctor: THAT's one of our PLANS!
mama bear: LOL
Wentworth Miller: I know, I watched you plot it.
notthedoctor: World Championship of Scrabble, i'm sure you'd win Went!
Wentworth Miller: I'm willing to go with that plan.
mama bear: wfw, look at how many people are in here?
mama bear: the word is out!
amy: hey loves
WFW: Would you be opposed to being kidnapped Went?
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Amy.
WFW: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Amy he said your name!
Wentworth Miller: Not at all, WFW. If you do it gently.
notthedoctor: kidnapped and held hostage
WFW: well he typed it...
mama bear: *sigh*
WFW: Oh I can be gentle Went.
Wentworth Miller: I would say your name too, WFW, if I knew it.
WFW: God I love you so
notthedoctor: and have sex, all the time!
amy: what is going on here??!?! Wentworth, wow...
mama bear: went, do you menage?
amy: sorry im speechless
WFW: *trying to squee but lost voice*
notthedoctor: *squeeeee for wfw*
Wentworth Miller: MB, I like to focus on the lady I am with completely, give her all of my attention.
WFW: I'll tell you my name Went...When you are inside of me...
notthedoctor: are you with me Wentworth?
mama bear: very nice
notthedoctor: baby, we should be togetheeeeeer
WFW: and then you can say it over and over again for me in my ear...
notthedoctor: we belong together
amy: ahah
amy: i agree you should give us all a house call
amy: :-)
mama bear: it's like that, ya'll
Wentworth Miller: Doc, don't remind me of Mariah Carey, please.
notthedoctor: better give me your number baby, and i'll call, saving you the overseas fee
mama bear: went, what do you do when you're alone in your trailer?
notthedoctor: put in mariah's place and you'll love it
amy: what do you in general
notthedoctor: put me
Wentworth Miller: I share a trailer with Dom, remember?
amy: besides work
mama bear: yes, i do...but you have to be alone sometimes...
notthedoctor: want a threesome Went?
Wentworth Miller: I read, watch The Simpsons, play scrabble, Amy. Didn't you know that?
WFW: OMG Wentworth I can't believe you're here *trying to squee again*
amy: and write?
Wentworth Miller: I work on my script.
Wentworth Miller: It's coming along nicely.
WFW: You never answered me Went. Can I be your love interest in the movie?
amy: can i be in it?
mama bear: and lurk? and fantasize...about this chat box?
amy: LMAO
Wentworth Miller: WFW, do you have to ask?
Wentworth Miller: Yes, MB, that too.
mama bear: pls. just promise me no afros and
mama bear: sorry, earlier conversation
notthedoctor: i wanna play in it too? what role would you give me Went?
WFW: *covering face and turning red*
Wentworth Miller: I like it when you blush. I reckon it doesn't happen often.
WFW: lololololol
mama bear: LMAO
amy: hahaahahaha
notthedoctor: LMAO@wfw
mama bear: i'm cackling like a whore on crack over here
mama bear: went, you are driving us crazy
WFW: Wentworth, when do you guys wrap up PB for the season? Shooting I mean
notthedoctor: me too mb me too
WFW: I need to know when you expect you...
notthedoctor: so i can prepare for your visit too
Wentworth Miller: I was thinking I could visit you during summer.
notthedoctor: you'll love Paris in the summer, and me too!
WFW: That sounds like a lovely idea Went. Will you be driving again or flying this time? I live near the airport...
Wentworth Miller: When it's hot and the possibilities are endless.
Wentworth Miller: Driving. I love my Toyota.
WFW: Oh Wentworth! *blushing again, cheeks hurt from smiling*
notthedoctor: and Paris can be really really hot, as can i!
mama bear: LMAO
mama bear: and does it back a large back seat?
Wentworth Miller: Doc, I will be flying to you, I think.
mama bear: doc, you're nothing if you're not relentless! :)
WFW: lol Went
WFW: you're so funny
notthedoctor: or swim, i know you love that, and we'll make love on the beach of Deauville
Wentworth Miller: Thank you, you're so sweet for saying that.
notthedoctor: topless beach
amy: how long are you signed on for PB?
WFW: *blushing again...wait is it possible for a black girl to blush? How would you tell? Stops overthinking blushing and continues to do it*
amy: LMAO... ur so cute wfw
Wentworth Miller: I can't really talk about work, ladies.
nicbeast: hello everyone
notthedoctor: *feeling really hot*
amy: nic, LOVE!
amy: hey
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Nic. I missed you.
mama bear: nic!
WFW: You're right Went.
nicbeast: hello darlin
notthedoctor: i don't wanna talk about work Went,let's talk about sex
WFW: Nic!!!!!! He said your name!!!!!!!!!
nicbeast: Hello, Went. I missed you too. Give any thought to a vacation in the wine country?
amy: tsk tsk tsk
nicbeast: yes he did, but he has before
Wentworth Miller: Doc, I'm sure we'll talk (and more) about sex plenty when we're alone.
amy: what kind of women do you like
notthedoctor: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
Wentworth Miller: Brunettes, confident brunettes.
WFW: LOL doc
notthedoctor: Went come to me now, and lay your hand over me!
amy: im brunette
amy: YES!
Wentworth Miller: Preferably not actresses.
WFW: does that include black girls Went? Cuz someone said you don't like us! Is that true?
mama bear: i'm a confident brunette
WFW: I would just die if that were true *cries*
nicbeast: WFW who said that?
Wentworth Miller: Where did you get that nonsense, WFW?
notthedoctor: i'm brunette Went confident intelligent and funny and sex driven!!!
mama bear: some lame-o anon said it
Wentworth Miller: I am black too.
WFW: *stops crying* Someone posted that here! And they made me cry!
nicbeast: yes, baby, you are.
WFW: Oh Wentworth I LOVE YOU!
Wentworth Miller: Don't let ignorant people upset you, sexy.
WFW: *heart stops from happiness, WFW is dead*
mama bear: that's why i love you, went
mama bear: you're so...succinct
amy: look what you did to her went,,, wow ur so amazing
notthedoctor: and truthful, and trustworthy
WFW: and intelligent and well spoken
Wentworth Miller: Stop, you're embarassing me.
WFW: *WFW came back to life, it was just a heart atatck*
WFW: a mild one
amy: and sexy and amazingly good looking
amy: i heard you don't like Arab women
WFW: Went called me sexy *having another heart attack*
amy: from
notthedoctor: don't worry Went i'll reanimate her when we're finished
Wentworth Miller: Amy, you make me blush. I'm too old to blush.
amy: you are sexy!
WFW: Starts to cry again for the Arab women
amy: *breaking down*
Wentworth Miller: IMDB? Don't get me started on that!
mama bear: angry went?
notthedoctor: i'm arabic and Went loves me sooo, don't listen to those jealous bitches
mama bear: jesus went, even your exclamation point is HOT!
nicbeast: Went, who are M.L.B, L.J.A., L.E.P. AND A.E.S.?
notthedoctor: LOL mb LOL LOL LOL
mama bear: *snickers*
WFW: Yes your exclamation point is so...powerful Went
Wentworth Miller: Excuse me, ladies, they're calling me. Time to go back to work. Be good.
notthedoctor: would you like to visit Morocco with me Went, you'll love it, we'll be perfect together!
mama bear: aloha, went
nicbeast: GOOD BYE
WFW: bye Wentworth
notthedoctor: WEEEEEEEENT don't leave me, i'm down on my knees begging you
mama bear: whew...that was HOT
amy: bye wenty
WFW: See you next time!
WFW: *holding heart and staring with tears in my eyes*
mama bear: does he cum, i mean come here often?
notthedoctor: *crying hard-*
WFW: Come back anytime. We love having you.
notthedoctor: *crying crying crying*
WFW: *sobbing gently*
notthedoctor: *banging head on the wall*
Melody: Hey every1 I'm kinda ease dropping, but was that really Wentworth Miller?
amy: of course
amy: it was melody
mama bear: oh to dream
WFW : Of course it was Melody!
notthedoctor: *falling from seat *
Krissie: What's with the tears? My mom made me turn comp down.
WFW: Who else would it be!
WFW: Went was here Kris! You missed him!
notthedoctor: *punching the floor and crying WHYYY*
WFW: *still smiling*
mama bear: bad girl
amy: come on krissie
WFW: AHAHAHAHAHA doc, don't hurt yourself
amy: you gotta be faster next time
notthedoctor: *tearing hair*
mama bear: doc, you were addressed directly by went himself
Krissie: I didn't miss him, he said I can't have his baby, I started sobbing and mom made me turn comp down.
notthedoctor: *sobs subsiding*
WFW: I can't take any more of this
notthedoctor: *fetal position*
mama bear: think on that and be assured. *smoothing hair*
WFW: That's right Krissie! He said I could bear him children. I. am. so. happy.
amy: doc he is personally COMING to paris
Krissie: Doc, what's wrong?
mama bear: krissie, at least went has standards...i mean impregnating a 12 yr. old!
mama bear: c'mon...THINK!
WFW: that's right doc, settle down now, he's coming for you
mama bear :)
Krissie: Wow, WFW! And lmao MB.
Krissie: *must mature quickly*
notthedoctor: *trying to sit on chair, hardly have the strength to type*
WFW: Yeah apparently 18 is as low as he will go. The man is definitely a keeper.
mama bear: and dye your head if you're blonde
Julie: What the heck?Went was here?
WFW: Oh Wentworth
mama bear: also, get rid of the pre-teen angst cuz he likes confidence
Krissie: Julie!
WFW: *crying out*
amy: i guess i made that cut
Melody: So WFW r u 2 gonna hook up finally or wut
notthedoctor: WEEEEEEEEEENT
WFW: Jailbait!
amy: hi julie
WFW: totally Melody. He's coming to see me this summer
Julie: Hello people!!
WFW: Man I wish this was a fucking post.
Julie: We are so many tonight!!
mama bear: and doc too
WFW: I think I might copy and paste it
notthedoctor: and flying to see me too!
Melody: i no sum 1 is xxxcited
mama bear: totally, wfw
WFW: he is doc!
WFW: he's coming to see you!
notthedoctor: *ecstatic*
Krissie: You're gonna post it, wfw? Hurry. I wanna read it too. What did he say after I left?
Melody: did he say he was going 2 come back
Julie: So Went was here??And I missed it?Next time tell him I say 'hi' okay?
notthedoctor: i cant' beleive it!!!
Melody: 2 chat sum more
WFW: I am totally posting this shit when I get home. Went is so polite...even on the internet. Only one typo the entire time!
mama bear: he was so eloquent
WFW: He is so great
Krissie: lmao wfw
Julie: Haha!
notthedoctor: He is DIVINE
mama bear: yeah, he used freakin' caps to start sentences!
Julie: Okay WFW post every word he said!!
Krissie: It's gonna disappear unil you come home.
WFW: I will I will
Julie: :nuts: Am I going nuts here or what?
WFW: so happy
notthedoctor: a living God sent to Earth for us, poor sinners! He wants to save us, by having sex with us, one sinner at a time
WFW: Kris I have backdoor access. I can go a lot further back than you can.
Melody: so where did he go on set or sumthin
mama bear: lol
mama bear: yeah, melody
Krissie: Oh, thank God!
mama bear: and he didn't want to talk about work
mama bear: he teased us too
Julie: WOW I really ain't following yall
WFW: and periods mb, periods and commas in the correct place!
notthedoctor: great wfw, we want his every word saved!!!
mama bear: didn't he, ladies?
Julie: I didn't know he was such a teaser/bad boy!!
Julie: or maybe I did!lol
WFW: and he called us ladies and he was sexy without being dirty and he actually made me squee
mama bear: yeah, it was SO him
WFW: he was wonderful....*stars in eyes*
WFW: It was totally him
Julie: LMFAO
WFW: *dies*
notthedoctor: he made me half mad from wanting him
Krissie: It had to be him.
Julie: No but wait, what if it really was him?
mama bear: and he wants YOU, wfw and doc!
amy: giddy up wfw
mama bear: julie, it WAS him
amy: we have many chats left with him!
WFW: he does!
Julie: He would have never signed in as Wentworth Miller
notthedoctor: He has such great taste in women
WFW: doesn't he?
Julie: No way MB
Julie: Proof it!
mama bear: my computer screen lit up and my speakers sang out "hallelujia" when he came into the chatbox
notthedoctor: LMAO mb, mine too!!
Krissie: lol mb
Melody: how positive r u that it wuz him i mean it could've been sum physco like his myspace page
notthedoctor: and i heard monks singing too
Julie: Oh but wait until I speak to him, me being 17 years old, and virgin he's gonna lust after me!!
WFW: me too doc
notthedoctor: and angels flying
mama bear: and my hands were sweating
amy: im 100% sure
mama bear: proof is in the freakin' pudding
WFW: They were all "ah ah ah ah ah ahleyloooyaah
mama bear: my hands don't sweat for just some old poseur
nicbeast: HA! I thought you were going to say some pshyco like one of us!
amy: like a church choir came to my door
Melody: lol
amy: *nic
WFW: and I think...I think I even saw the light
mama bear: he said he lurks in here a lot
WFW: all the way from here
WFW: I saw his lighting!
notthedoctor: and screen was glowing where his words were written
WFW: his halo
WFW: *cries happy tears*
mama bear: there was definitely light around his name
WFW: I can die now
amy: weve seen him searching blogs before
WFW: right this minute
amy: so there you go
Julie: Okay now wait I know I'm being ignorant and naive here but it wasn't him, right?
Julie: Laugh all you want now!
notthedoctor: no don't die wfw, before he comes to baltimore
amy: no it was really him
mama bear: it was
WFW: you're right
WFW: I can't die yet
Julie: How'd you know?
Julie: (please don't tell me his name!)
nicbeast: *slowly nodding head in disbelief*
mama bear: i've never seen anyone type straight grammar in here
Krissie: Julie, believe or leave.
WFW: lol
notthedoctor: believe or be lynched!
mama bear: LOL
WFW: LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!
mama bear: BELIEVE!
Krissie: good
notthedoctor: LYNCH! LYNCH! LYNCH!
WFW: All must believe. All will love him and despair. Wentworth!!!!!!!!!
notthedoctor: link

Oh Wentworth! I had no idea you hung out in the chatbox! Come back and see us again REAL soon. I love you!