Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

Went has left the land of Kangaroos and Boobs and should be safely back in the land of Plastic People. I for one am depressed at the prospect of no more daily Went updates, no more fans to hate on, and no more excitement. *sigh* So I'm going to drink myself into a stupor this weekend and I won't be posting (unless something exciting happens). That makes this the last time we'll "see" each other until 2007. While I'm away, feel free to chat it up in the chat box amongst yourselves (I might pop in) AND what could prove to be REALLY fun if you actually do it, leave Wentworth Miller a Happy New Year voicemail message, preferably drunk, but sober works too. If you'd like to leave one, go on over to my ImageShack profile and talk away. If for some reason it doesn't work in your browser then that means you must not be using Firefox. Download fucking Firefox and you won't have those problems. I'm not going to tell you that again. I've tried out the leave a message feature and it works fine. You can delete the message and start again if you screw up and you can also play it back so you can hear what it sounds like before you send it. Make sure you say who you are and where you're from in the message somewhere or if you want to remain anonymous, you can do that too. Maybe I'll even do one. I will listen to them and post some, if not all of them, next week. We can send our love out into cyberspace and maybe it will find its way to Went.

Oh and Went, You know what would really make a girl happy? A voicemail from you. I didn't get anything from you for Christmas so consider this my belated present.

Happy New Year Wentworth, you beautiful man and Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2007!

Awww Stacy! Now I feel better. This makes 2 of Stacy's pics on this post! Thank you! *sniff*

Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

This is the last Favorite Comments post of 2006 and with 5 Went fan pics in a week, you people did it up, yet again.

Krissie said...

Hey, photoshopping people, get this: WENTWORTH MILLER DOES NOT NEED YOUR "HELP"!!!!!!!!

I couldn't have said it better myself.


mink said...

I'm actually kinda nervous about this, WFW. I mean, I know it's a bit 'shopped' 'n' all, but still...this pic is fucking smoking hot! The cause of my nervousness is this: they usually display these posters by the sides of busy roads and next to the platforms of underground trains right by the rails. I have to be honest and say that the chances of me veering into oncoming traffic or finding myself under the wheels of a tube train due to unavoidable Went-gawking followed by inevitable Wentgasm are not slim. Still, it was nice knowing you, WFW. Remember me (and my all-consuming Wentcession) fondly.

I will miss you when you die in a horrible fiery crash or with your guts splattered all over the tracks due to Went's ridiculous hotness! I'll do a tribute post to you and everything...

Karen said...

Oh... my...

Thank you soooo much for making these last twelve days go out with a bang! ;-)

Have a very Merry Chrismahannukwanzastice!

LOL. Man the Holidays came and went REALLY fast. I didn't want Wentmas to end...


Anonymous said...

Okay, WFW, that was the most hilarious song ever(or maybe you should count Tenacious D in that too!)!!
You do have a great voice(fuck it!what don't you have?You have writing skills, humor, great voice, ... should I continue?) even when you don't try!!It gave me goosebumps listenin' to it(and not because of Went!)!!

Love you, and your crazy ideas, and the fact you're so giving to share with us!!(I am now oficially addicted to this blog!)


Thanks jailbait.

Karen said...

Dear Went,

Have a wonderful time in Australia with your sister and her way-too-lucky mates.

But please be careful and don't do anything silly like taunt a cassowary, trip over a taipan or bleed near a white shark.

Oh, and remember, Foster's is not Australian for beer (try VB instead).

Lookin' forward to seeing you on January 22nd,

Karen, being the smart girl she is, is one of what, 2 people that followed the directions on that post? You were supposed to send Holiday wishes to Went. *shaking head* Not only was this cute but Karen gets a gold star...the rest of you get detention.


notthedoctor said...

there is no word to discribe what this Went-card is doing to me and my nether region :)

and those Do-no-good David b. worshippers!!!! i'm calling cheat!

Yeah that card is nice isn't it? Those Churchies I tell you. And I use any opportunity it seems to tell you all to go vote b/c for some reason that is unknown to me, I am obsessed with Went winning. OBSESSED! So vote and vote and vote and vote. Thank You.

LN said...

WFW, you are unbelievable... with Xmas and all I didn't think you would be posting. But I checked just in case - yeah I needed my daily dose of Wentworth-related craziness - and there it was...

He looks even hotter than before... is THIS possible???? I shall call him The Hottness

When I don't post, I get wake up emails and messages so I really have no choice and yes he is THE HOTNESS.


Inspector said...

Krissie: you sound like a sick, twisted, but totally cool bitch..I like it..a lot

WFW: same


Ahh but not as sick and twisted as you or Krissie it seems (at least not all over the comments section, LOL) b/c this is followed by EIGHT of these:

Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

But thanks to that incident we now have the new chat box. Don't say I never did anything for you.

babe1973 said...

What a cutie....But I though it was summer is Australia??? Why is he wearing a jacket? That girl is so fucking lucky. I hate her.With love. Lol.

Yes we must always hate with love. You ARE paying attention.


Stacy said...

Ooops. PS: I hate you Starbucks girl. You have replaced Cake Woman.


Anonymous said...

It's the middle of Summer in Australia, so what the hell's the matter with Went he keep wearing a his winter outfit. I think he's lying.....he's hiding in Montana or somewhere in the States. OR just wants to draw attention to himself and the 1 outfit he packed in his backpack.


12/26/2006 8:48 AM

You really should change your name to Fashion Anon. LOL


Anonymous said...

I hope he's having a blast...from that glazed over look on his face, I bet he is! :)

Smiley face girl - you have EVERY reason to smile from ear to ear, er wait, you don't have ears. :)

12/26/2006 8:49 AM

Way to play along there Anon. Very cute.

buttercup said...

*tears welling*'s heaven in tweed.



notthedoctor said...

Oh yeah, i love the first one! what he does with his fingers and the LOOK in his eyes that shouts naughty things!
and the second is good too i love it when he puts his hands in his pockets, sooo classy, always a winning pose!
oh and the third, we can see him from heary head to shoed toes!
i think i'm gonna faint, too much Went increases my lust pressure, i'm gonna burst into flames!!!

know the expression "to be overcome with admiration"?
well i'm overCOME all right!!



Belgian said...

Help. Me. Please.

to which anon 2:33 replied

Anonymous said...

we can not help you belgian. we're in this shit together.

12/27/2006 2:33 PM

This one doesn't even need a comment. Nicely done.


soiled undies said...

*sigh* This man is so BEYOND perfect there are just no words anymore. (Never was really)

He is SO CUTE!

I wanna melt some sugar in a non-stick pan (Bauer) and pour it all over him - turn him into a toffee apple.

Better yet, just dip him in a vat of chocolate or something - candyfy him.

In that first pic he's PLAYING with his belt buckle! Someone's said it before and I agree, he is SUCH a fucking TEASE!
Just take it off already! Take it all off!

LOL, candyfy and yes Went, TAKE. IT. ALL. OFF.

Anonymous said...

WFW -))))))))))))))

I've been waiting for those comments for ages -)))))))))))))

from now on you are forbidden to go to sleep !!

love ya

12/27/2006 9:30 AM

I know. I will never sleep again.


dawn said...

WFW, it does look like they are all over him. Trying to be all cool about him, but yep, that lean in...just imagine them breathing in his scent, hearing his low, beautiful voice...touching him!!! Im usually a person who's all 'good for you' and that, but Im starting to get kind of over that when it comes to Wenty. I'm learning how to be jealous, and it isn't hard, lol.

dawn, seriously, are you trying to kill me?


soiled undies said...

Nevermind those lucky bitches!, what ya'll should be concentrating on is THAT SPACE BETWEEN HIS LEGS!

*SO sexy I'm melting*

That's where I wanna put my hand....before sliding it up and grabbing his...

Yes, yes, yes!

Anonymous said...

HAAAHAAAAHAAAA, LMAO WFW!!!!! I just loved this post:D blowing up Australia things... Boob-leans... Insert ass here:D:D:D I'm just going to read it again, take a breath and comment again!:D (you're genius girl)

12/27/2006 11:13 AM

LOL, yeah this is definitely on my favorite posts list.


soiled undies said...

He should come to Africa. Here the women don't even wear tops. Bare breasted is the way we like to roll.




The Gilded Moose said...

you have a lot of anger issues... you should shun this negativity and turn you blog into a beacon of POSITIVITY like mine...

(AHHHHHHHHH.... oh god, that was even hard to type with a straight face. Just kidding... i want pictures of you burning those aussie sluts at the stake.. show them how we treat witches here in America!)

Australia. Must. Go.

AND Boxergirl rubs it in...

Boxergirl said...

LMAO at all of you - please don't blow us up - we have skills to share...mwahahahaha

'Boob lean' - LMFAO WFW...

If ya got em,flaunt em baby!! ROFL

*evil stare* LOL

Anonymous said...

i think the story about the 11 yr. old is sweet too. my 4.5 yr. old boy and 2.5 yr. old girl know who went is because mommy and daddy lost this past weekend to the season one dvd. :) my daughter even thinks went is handsome and says so often...we found her kissing the tv screen when we had an episode on pause for a snack break. like mother, like daughter, i guess! ;) LOL! i wish i would've had a camera just then. :)

12/28/2006 8:59 AM


mbnd said...

the only person missing in that photo is me... sitting on top of him face to face with my legs wrapped tightly around him.
one can only wish.
damn it bg's u 2 are 2 very lucky gals but we love u anyway.
*deep breath*



The Gilded Moose said...

You should be encouraged... he obviously likes black box.

[im sorry. Im so so sorry]



lita said...

Everyone seems to love Went in person. Ah I guess he must be as perfect as everyone says he is.

The man is dreamy...

As always everyone, Thanks for your comments!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wet For Went as a Fanfic Character

Today I have a special treat. Thanks to Stacy for the heads up on this. What would this blog be without drama? This week anyway...

Apparently WFW the blog and the person has been included in a Fanfic story. I only have one question: Where's my cut? A snippet:

PAUL: Good morning, angels. Haha! I fucking love saying that. Wazzup, bitches?

MATT: Oh, good morning Mr. Scheuring. We’re working on the script, sir.

PAUL: Yeah? Raaaaaaad! I wanna join in!

MATT: Um, very well, sir. The title of the next episode is going to be Manhunt.

PAUL: That’s dope! The bomb! So original! Like!

SHARON: Whoever made that site stole the handle of the official Prison Break forums’ wetforwent, who, coincidentally, happens to be the author of this story. Her only request is that she is not associated with that stalker site or mistaken for the person who created that site. Ever.

PAUL: Whatever!

SHARON: How would YOU feel if somebody stole your idea--or identity, and went mainstream with it!?

PAUL: I never get any good ideas, which is fine by me! I'm too hot for good ideas, anyway. I've been spending my days lounging about and collecting Harajuku groupies.

SHARON: It's like, how Colombian Coke gets all the hype and attention when it’s really Peruvian Coke that’s the shit. Do you understand!?

PAUL: I don’t get it! I only like X and all the other gay drugs out there, like Clonazepam. But like I said, whatever! You guys are such creative geniuses! If you were born around the same time Einstein was—which was what, circa 1600’s in Italy, he probably wouldn’t have gained as much recognition because there would’ve been such tough competition! And I rhymed! That must make me a creative genius, too! Weeeeeeeee! I knew it was the bestest decision to hire you guys! LOVE YOU!

At this time I would like to share what probably isn't common knowledge and that is that the username wetforwent existed before I used it...Of course, this was not something I was aware of until after this blog had been in existence for over a month and by then what was I going to do change it? Hell no. I thought up the name on my own and just because I wasn't the first doesn't mean I didn't work the shit out of it. I stole nothing. Also, I like to think of myself as more of a cyber-stalker. In the words of Forest Gump "And that's all I need to say about that." Oh and the story was adequitely funny.

Click here for the entire Behind The Scenes Fanfic by Merrizzizzle AKA the other wetforwent.

In other blog related news, Wet For Went made the Top Ten Sources for Prison Break again, TWICE and one of highlights was of The 12 Days of Wentmas...Priceless...

Boxergirl in Lockdown with Wentworth Miller

OH. MY. GOD. Went, in jeans...Wenttorso...That peek of red shirt at JUST the right spot...Wentlap...A slight smirk...The gaze...I'm speechless and that doesn't fucking happen often. Nothing funny to say here. What I would not give to be kneeling in front of that lap...looking up at that gaze as I unzip those pants...MY GOD...Holy FUCK!

(Hours later)...Now that I have regained my composure I realize I did not post an account of the happenings.

So, we arrived at the radio station at 7.30am, and were fairly quickly ushered upstairs and into the boardroom where they had breakfast treats set up for us...

We were told Went would arrive at around 8am, meet and greet with us, we could chat with him, have pics etc, then he would do the interview with Zoe (DJ), and he would come back to spend more time with us..

There were probably just under 20 people in total, including the radio station staff - can you believe TWO of the winners didnt turn up?? WTF??

Anyhoo - at about 8.10 Went arrived, with Pam and a couple of other staffers from Fox, I assume..
He kind of sheepishly entered and waved Hi to us all and made his way to a spot right in front of me to do photos with everyone..

Outfit: New Balance's, jeans (totally rocked em), a red t-shirt with that grey sweater he always wears (I believe it may be the Saturday sweater..but Went, honey, its Thursday...)...
And the hair - still there - LMAO...looking slightly less combed to within an inch of its life like the day before though..and the greys were nowhere to be seen Ladies..

We had our pics, I introduced myself, told him I was upset I missed out on the Moet the evening before to which he replied "Oh, I'm so sorry, I should have bought two bottles!", then laughed a little..
Then I took pics of my friend with him, and we got out of the way to let others have their minute basking in the glow that is The Pretty....

After everyone had finished I asked the handlers if it was OK if we had one together with Went (my friend and I), as they were ushering him out for the interview. They said it was absolutely not a rpoblem so he sat on the couch and we cosied up next to him, he put his arms around us and the radio staffer snapped away for us...
Whilst on the couch I asked if the constant posing etc got old, and he smiled and said "no, I like it, its fun!"

Bless his heart, I told him he was very gracious about it all, and he thanked me as I got up..

He was whisked away into the studio and we listened to the interview...

So he does the interview - which ended up being OK, not much new stuff though, but the poor girl was SO nervous, she came out after he had gone and was still nervous and embarrased I think as she fluffed his name up...LMAO

After the interview he was shown into another room for a few minutes, then just outside the boardroom he signed a bunch of stuff for the station.

At that point the radio staffer came in and told us that he had run out of time and they had to get going - to which everyone groaned, as no-one had asked him anything much and he hadn't signed stuff for us yet..

So we gathered around the door and waited till he re-appeared, then a few people had him sign we ran and grabbed our stuff to sign, and were successful in getting him to sign for us!! YAY!

The handlers told him he had to get going and he said "No, it's alright, they have come along way", I laughed and said "No, YOU have come along way for us, we haven't come far at all!!" ;D
That got a smile!

So eventually everyone's stuff was signed and they were on their way.. :)

He was absolutely SO gracious, calm, gentle and friendly. He has this amazing kind of aura about him, just a kind of serenity thats really hard to explain.

Now - before you all ask - he smelt nice, like a faint cologne, or even spray on deodorant, nothing overpowering, just nice.
He has warm, soft hands (cos I know y'all will ask that too ;)), and makes you feel completely comfortable with having pics taken with him etc.

He actually looks right at you when he speaks, makes eye contact, and seems very grateful for the career he has, and the whole publicity thing doesn't seem to bother him at all, in fact, he really does seem to enjoy it, as he said to me..


I can hear the sighing and I am with you. *sigh*

pic courtesy of boxergirl from The Church. Thank you mink for the pic edit and now I'm going to need to be alone with this picture...again...for about an hour...Excuse me...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Liquid Sex

Can you handle even MORE Wentworth Miller? The time now where I am is 4:10 pm so in about 20 minutes he will be doing an interview for Nova 96.9 in Sydney. You can listen to it stream here or here or here. I apologize for the lateness with the info but I am still not even sure about the time difference going on. I think 20 minutes is right. Either way, start listening NOW!

Alright people, you can listen to it here if you missed it and if you want to keep it (which I know you do) hit Download File! Thanks Jared!

DAMMIT! Went is number 2 on again. VOTE PEOPLE VOTE!

Today in People I Hate: A Religious Experience

Australia is officially on my list of places to burn to the ground but not until Went leaves but as he flies out, I will be arriving with my blowing up Australia things...Until then, there's more hate to go around. A couple of Churchies seem to have met one Wentworth Miller and also received a bottle of Moet from him after he got off the boat. SO MUCH HATE...NOWHERE TO PUT IT ALL...HAVE A HEADACHE...The details from fickwalker:

As the wonderful bg has already explained, we saw OLP as he was boarding the boat for the Fox cruise. At the time that bg, and a dear friend of mine named Mary, were getting pictures with him, I declined the offer, saying he was already late and I didn't want to hold him up any longer. While the photogs were taking their pictures, his PA (I think her name is Pam? I've seen her in the pictures from Cannes) came up to me and slipped a little plastic baggie into my hand. I thanked her and didn't think much of it. When I looked at what was in the baggie, it was a set of Prison Break thumbcuffs! :-)

Once the boat had left for the cruise, we had a short dalliance to my house where we chatted and squeed, bg headed home and Mary, myself and another friend made our way back to where the boat has departed from. Lucky for us, about fifteen minutes after we arrived, the boat returned.

As the boat pulled in to dock, Mary began waving. When I hissed at her not to 'make a scene' she replied 'but he waved first'. :-) So we sat back and waited for him to get back onto dry land, but not before he'd shaken hands with every single crew member on the boat and thanked them for the cruise. Once he got onto the dock, he came straight for us. While I tried ever so hard to keep my composure and smiled up at him, he said "we have a present for you, but you have to have somewhere to stash it... ", then he revelead a bottle of Moet & Chandon under his jacket, which he handed to me. He dropped the bottle into the bag I was carrying and said "Enjoy!" (note: we demolished it the second we got home.).

I then asked if it would be alright to take the picture I declined earlier in the day and Pam (I think that's her name) was all - jokingly - "Oh, so *now* you want the picture!". There was some joking back and forth before I managed to finally get my picture with OLP. My very smart best friend pretended the camera wasn't working so she could snap some extra pictures. :-)

We took a moment to ask if he would be in Sydney for New Years and he replied "Sadly, no. I'll be back in LA". So we wished him a happy new year, thanked him for his time and wished him well for the rest of his stay. Then I floated home on a cloud. What an unbelievable day. :-)

I fear in my excitement (and mild drunken-ness!), I might do something stupid and post ridiculously large pictures to the board, so I'll play it safe instead... Follow the link to my album on Photobucket, where you can see a few candids of OLP getting onto the boat, a few (awful) pictures of me and him, and a photo or two of us nutcases with the bottle of Moet he gave me.

MOD EDIT: 'Photobucket' link removed. Pics now posted below.

This has turned out to be a *very* merry Christmas indeed! *continues to float*

Hey bg, you think I should take the empty bottle to Nova tomorrow and thank him for the party we had on him? :-)

Mind you, boxergirl (bg) is the SAME girl that won a spot in the damn lockdown with the man which is less than a day away. Why God? Why?

As I am incapacitated with rage, I have tapped into Went's very brain and he will spread the hate...or something. Take it away Wentworth...

Thanks WFW. I have to tell you, These Australia chicks are freaky...they have nice racks though. Seriously, First it was that weird smiley face girl and now this. I'm actually afraid to get too close to either one of them. I mean check out box face girl, her face is outlined in pink. Now I like pink and all but that's just disturbing. Hmmm boxgirl...boxergirl, I think that's her name so nevermind. I was warned. It's my own fault really. Boxergirl is doing the boob-lean, you know when they lean in and make sure to touch me with their boobs. I swear these women think I'm stupid but what they don't know is that it just gives me the oppportunity to cop a feel...without actually using my hands. Yeah I said it. Wentworth Miller likes boobs but if I keep running into these deformed broads, I'm going to go check out the boys. I mean, everyone thinks I'm into that anyway.

This second girl though (I think her name was fickwalker)...whoa. A face only a mother could love. You know, I'm not even sure she had a face...all I saw was hair, and boobs, hair and boobs. Man I love boobs. You know what though? This one didn't do the boob-lean, she went a step further. You know what she said to me? She held up her hand and said "Insert ass here," I kid you not. I was tempted but what would that do to my oh so sweet reputation? The sweet thing works. Women are all over me. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to cash in or the right setting; Maybe Baltimore will be the magic place. Yeah, I'll go see WFW and screw her brains out and the world will know what a stud I really am. OK now, forget everything you just read b/c I'll never admit to any of it anyway. Be Good.

Thanks Jared for blurring that last pic so I didn't have to.

Today in People I Hate: A Went Sandwich

You Aussie fans are showing the fuck off. We NEVER get this many pics of him at home. What the hell?


Is this a Went Sandwich? He agreed to this?!!! Good Fucking Lord I hate you people. I really really do...with a passion. The love is gone. It's gone! Girl in the skirt, is your boob touching his chest? Is it? *eyes crossing, madness setting in* Hey guy, you enjoying this? What is this a double date and Oh. My. Fucking. God. Girl in the striped shirt, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY MAN'S CROTCH! I see that lean in! AHHHHHHHHH! I'm going to buy a gun and shoot you all. That's right, I'm blowing up Australia. I can't take anymore of this shit! *has a heart attack and hits the floor*

source by way of tellyfan from The Church

Wentworth Miller Cruising in his Tweed Jacket

Hmmm, that jacket looks familiar but somehow, this time it works. I just LOVE him and his very recognizable fashion choices, LOL. He looks so CUTE! *sigh*


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today in People I Hate...

Or do I love you? I can't decide. On the one hand, Went is touching you which clearly makes you my enemy but on the other, how can ANYONE not love that face? So let's talk about that for a second. What foundation do you use to get that perfect shade of yellow? It's fantastic! I've never seen a face so yellow! Second, I don't know how I find you so incredibly adorable when you clearly have no teeth. How do you eat? I bet you give great head. Hey, Just where in the hell are your pupils young lady? How many fingers am I holding up? And your hair...It's like it grows BEHIND your face. Is that an optical illusion? Seriously, you should be in the circus or something because I am almost more fascinated with your face than Wents'. Oh well, Went is touching you, so I must plot your demise but it's really hard to hate someone who looks that damn happy.

Congratulations Smiley Face Girl!

source by way of Geniass and PrimulaBlue of The Church

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Few Things...

OK...While the cat's away the mouse will play is an understatement for what has been going on in here lately and while it did make me laugh and I also participate in some light off topic discussion in the comments section from time to time (although I can do what I damn well please cuz it's my blog, don't forget that), this shit is getting out of hand. I preface this by saying you know I love you people but some of you *cough*Krissie*cough* have decided you are going to turn my comments section (you know, where the comments on the posts go?) into a message board or a forum and ummm, no you're not. Never fear though, as you will notice a new chat box in the sidebar to your right. :) You don't have to register to post there but if you want to use the same username everytime you definitely should (enter your username of choice and click profile to password protect it so that only you can use that name). You can still remain anonymous if you wish just use anon with the time of your last comment on one of the posts on the blog (if you want to be recognizable) or identify what type of anon you are e.g. nice anon, wicked anon, shy anon, something like that. Everyone can not use anonymous as there is a feature that will recognize that the same username has already been used in the same session (at least that is way I understand it). Try it out and take all of your not specifically related to the post discussions over there and like su already said, spit or swallow has been covered and is not off limits, just not completely relevant to Went being spotted getting off a plane, lol. I'm sure you see my point here. Now if I start you off (which I've been known to do) please do respond in kind, but that post was purely informational. Let's not make it a habit to clutter up the Went sightings and info posts with our fantasies (and yes I take responsibility for my drunk comment, lol). Take your chatty asses over to the chat box and don't go off on wild tangents in my comments section please, Thanks.

  • The You Tube for The 12 Days of Wentmas song is up though the 3 of you who begged me to do it may not have seen it, lol, so I'm reposting it here. Enjoy!

  • The sample bracelet order has been placed so as soon as I get them, I will update those of you who have already paid and those of you that have expressed interest. I am looking into an alternative payment system for those of you that don't use Paypal but I haven't really finished investigating that yet so I'll keep you posted.

  • One last thing, over the past few days I have elected not to make new posts based on topics that have already been discussed in the last week so I just updated the old posts with new info. You might want to check back to see if there isn't something there that wasn't there the last time you looked! Alright, it's Christmas and I'm off to see my family. Use that fucking chat box to chat dammit and I will catch up with you guys later! Merry Christmas!

Today in People I Hate

Hey you in the apron! It's Christmas Day in The U.S. and what do I wake up to? Rain...Rain and you hugged up on Wentworth Miller. Where is your other hand you whipped cream frothing floosie? Huh? On his ass? And don't think I didn't notice that severe lean in of the face...trying to feel the material on his jacket...and smell him. You're not slick, not at all. Went at Starbucks? Yeah there's a shocker. He LIVES at Starbucks. *goes into a jealous rage* Merry Fucking Christmas Starbucks girl...*mumbling* Of all the Starbucks in all of Melbourne he had to pick yours...


source by way of Baaca from The Church

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Went Candids! Went Candids!

I had to freaking come up for air for this one. I go to sleep and all hell breaks loose. Thanks to brookeonline of The Church for scanning this! Wentworth Miller has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. I feel like I'm there! You Lucky Fucking Aussies! And an update on the only part of his schedule that we're sure of from ozziegirl:

Prison Break cutie pie Wentworth Miller will be the guest of honour on a harbour cruise on Wednesday to celebrate a long-term deal struck by Foxtel and 20th Century Fox Television Distribution. The cruise will be on board the luxury vessel, the AQA.

Oh boy...We've got color! Thanks Krissie for the RED ALERT and Wendy for posting it!

Awww Went! Red for the Holidays! Just for us! You didn't have to do that...but we're glad you did. Cute beanie! Have you been working out?

Here is the article where the pic came from:

TV heart-throb Wentworth Miller made a casual, fan-pleasing arrival at an extraordinarily busy Melbourne Airport yesterday.
He arrived from LA and chatted with fans as he queued with other holiday-makers for more than two hours before finally clearing a gridlocked Customs.

Miller's chiselled features, startling blue eyes, woollen beanie and T-shirt made him easy for fans to see in the crowd.

The Prison Break star, who is one of Hollywood's hottest young actors, is in town to spend Christmas with youngest sister Leigh, who moved to Melbourne a year ago.

"My sister's just come back from Uluru with tales of kangaroos and the beauty of the area . . . she has a number of day trips planned," Miller said.

"She and her friends have been very good about organising road trips and helping me explore what Australia has to offer."

Miller is heading to Sydney in early January to talk up a Prison Break marathon that will screen on Fox8 on Australia Day.

He said he jumped at the chance to come to Australia.

"It made sense to come here and catch up with my close family and I also get to check out a country I have heard so much about," he said.

Miller, 34, was born in England, but has lived most of his life in the US.

Miller plays engineering wizard Michael Scofield on the smash hit series. Schofield attempts to escape from a Chicago prison with his brother, played by Australian actor Dominic Purcell.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A Church Member just won the lockdown with Went that is being advertised on Nova 96.9 in Sydney (sponsored by Fox8). CONGRATULATIONS BG! I want details! I am so excited (like it's me)! AHHHHHHH!

You all may want to just camp out in Starbucks (be sure to be there at 8 am, he likes that time it seems) as he has been seen there twice in the last two days!

The Second Encounter even included an actual location:

It was the City Square one on Collins, the first on you encounter when you walk down Swanston Street from Flinders Station. I have a feeling he's staying at the Grand Hyatt or the Regent, cuz they're really close to that Starbucks.

If I find out anything else, you'll be the first to know!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hannukah! And for you non-celebratory folk, Bah Humbug! And most of all: Merry Wentmas, everyone! Enjoy this lovely Wentmas card! I know that the 12 Days of Wentmas have come to an end but remember: Wentmas is every day of the year in our hearts...

Now that we're all in the Holiday spirit, you may have noticed a DONATE button to your right, in the sidebar, under the Biography. If you REALLY love me, here are your instructions:

1. Click that button
2. Send me the gift that keeps on giving...Cold hard cash

OK OK, you have another option: You can just go ahead and continue exchanging Happy Holiday wishes with me and yourselves in the comments section of The 12 Days of Wentmas.

Since Went is probably on break now and lurking on this site jotting down information for the restraining order, he will be able to see your holiday wishes so let's wish him a Happy Holidays in the comments section!

Happy Holidays Went! Too bad I'm not there with you; You could be my candy cane.

Don't forget to Vote For Went!

A note from babe1973 (updated by me):

We really need to act fast for the votes. Somehow, [that guy whose name I refuse to display] is becoming unbeatable. I have been voting for the last hour and his votes are high 10,000 over our Pretty (I believe there is some major cheating going on, like a hitbot or something). Here is a technique for faster voting for IE users:

1 Go to tools-internet options-privacy-then block all cookies (drag the bar to the top).
2 Go to tools-internet options-advanced- under multimedia uncheck the box next to "show pictures."
***Remember to change these settings back when you finish voting.***
After this all you have to do is click the vote button and F5 to refresh the page.
I voted 300 times just now. We all need to support our man. Let's go for it.

Although I plan on taking a short break, when I'm online I will be hanging out here so if you want to tell me how your time with your family is slowly killing you inside, feel free to share there. Oh and one more thing: I know how much you guys love audio so here is my very favorite Christmas song. Enjoy your Holiday!

pic source

Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

You people are really lucky I'm off today b/c you showed your asses AGAIN.

lita said...
Omgosh I love this post. I love this site! And I think you, WFW, are the funniest thing that ever happened to the internet.
Thanks for visiting Lita. You rock.

Krissie said...
Sitting No5... I don't know if he could spread those legs any wider...but I know I could.
Ahhh Krissie, we'll be seeing a lot of you on this post. The whore is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...
What the F*** (bleep)

12/17/2006 4:31 PM
Firstly, we don't do that bleeping shit around here. You wanna say fuck, you go right ahead and say fuck. In fact, I love to say fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...see? What the fuck indeed. Turns out it wasn't him after all but the freak out in the comments section made my week, lol.

Anonymous said...
I'm not voting for his married ass!!...his wife can do that.

12/17/2006 4:03 PM
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you the same anon? Oh man that had me rollin. Oh and that was the initial post telling you to go vote for Went so he can win Hottest Actor of 2006 in's poll. Last I checked he was #1! Good job people, but it's not over. You have to keep voting everyday or that Bones guy is totally going to win.

Anonymous said...
is that an Us Weekly magazine in his hand? I think we just answered that whole gay or not question

12/18/2006 3:03 PM
I said it before and I will say it again: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You anons really need to get names so you can take credit for this hilariousness. Some of you are funny as shit.


soiled undies said...
If Went was my man he wouldn't have any laundry to do because I'd be ripping his clothes off him 24/7. (Therefore he would cease to possess and wear clothes. stacy; your hope will be fulfilled and beyond.)

krissie: Is there something about Addidas slip ons I do not know about? Are they a symbol of masculinity perhaps?

I'm not one for open, toe exposing, footware but the sight of Went's feet send me into a toe-sucking frenzy fantasy.

PS. How sexy is his arm?!
Naked Went, Toe-sucking, and Arm love. What is there not to love about this comment?

Krissie said...
I don't know if I would have eaten that W-cake either.
I do know I wouldn't mind W eating me though.
And here she is again...Yes yes and more yes. I definitely agree.
There was also mad drama on that post this week and I had to take the fan pic down. Overzealous haters are going to make sure we don't get fan pics; I'm just sayin.

Inspector said...
Can I handle your weapon? Is this a trick question?? Absolute torture..Thankyou xx
Oh I could handle the weapon, in fact, I've been known to cause a misfire or two, and yes not being given the opportunity to try IS torture.

dawn said...
Yes! Thats it, the contradictions are completely and totally mesmerizingly sexy. That and the whole 'I'm not really even trying at all to look so incredibly hot right now but I look so incredibly hot no matter what I do.' thing that he has...

buttercup said...
what a tease tucking the shirt in at the back!..however, i thank him for it :)
Went is such a tease...but butt shots are ALWAYS a good thing.

linds said...
I'll put his ass down under....down under ME!!!!


buttercup said...

sorry..i'll shuttup now..

i lied..

melanzanie: i think it's about time he 'came' anywhere long as i'm there ;)
Again, perfect.

stacey (not to be confused with stacy) said...
How i wish i was her. Just listening to him pull her in and kiss her makes my stomach twirly and my knees weak. Yes i said listening. Why couldn't it be me??? oh wentworth please!!!!
Favorite part: That last sentence, LOL.

Anonymous said...
Went looks completely fucked..just how I'd imagine him after giving him the workout of his life..

12/20/2006 9:09 AM

Stacy said...
Oh I bet he has mad rhymes. But I bet it would be hard to find rhyming words for his vocabulary. For example -

Well, my name is Went, I'm heaven sent, but I ain't no philanderer that's certain. When you see me disembark, the unmentionables plummet. I may come off as uneffusive, but wait until the Cristal is devoured. Then the soiree commence! Yo, I'm fittin' to abscond. Farewell, I'm out.

I imagine that he would probably attempt to rap like I imagine Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would rap. That would be priceless. Especially if he would do the "Carlon" dance
LOL. Anyone who didn't check the post after this doesn't know that I actually wrote Went a rhyme based on Stacy's and added some stuff of my own.

mink said...
Well, I guess that's one way to get sales of goldfish rocketing! LMAO.


Karen said...
Uh ... yeah ... I am SOOOO getting a goldfish. Of course, I'm not sure how I'll keep the Feline Trio from eviscerating it. What if I get a koi, will it turn into an extra large Went? :-)
And they're both right. This Wentmas, get everyone you know a goldfish.

Krissie said...
I want to write a coherent comment but my mind refuses to cooperate.
Posing #10... Am I the only one staring at his crotch? There's something going on there...
And those long fingers... Someone once referred to them as "little pieces of heaven". Well, I have a little piece of heaven they would fit just heavenly into
You really showed off this week. That's the 3rd comment on this list. I love it.

tia said...
Great Bellicks gone, now how about that damn Sara she is so boring,we got our sex scene, and boy what a seen it was but now bitch gotta go !!!!!!
Oh believe me I've pondered it. She fucked Michael and now she must die!

As always everyone, thank you for your comments and Have a Very Merry Wentmas!

The 12 Days of Wentmas

On the Twelfth day of Wentmas my true love gave to me:

Twelve Wentys Cumming

Eleven Wentys Posing

Ten Wents a-sweating

Nine Wentys teasing

Eight Wents a-walking

Seven Wents a-sitting

Six Wents a-laying






Four butt shots

Three big guns

Two prison suits

and A Prison Break DVD

And now for a special...well I don't really know what to call it. I had a date with Bombay Sapphire last night and the bright idea occured to me to try and sing the whole song and record it and so I did. It starts off OK enough, with me singing badly and then gets all shot to hell around number 8 or 9 when I get tired of singing, start slurring words and asking questions that sound like they're one word "WhatnumbermmmImmmon?" and then get really happy with myself when I get it right. It starts off medium volume and then gets progressively louder as I get more excited...I. am. insane. Anyway here it is b/c it was too ridiculous not to share.

As if that wasn't enough, by request, here it is as a slideshow on You Tube.

And in the words of Karen: Have a very Merry Chrismahannukwanzastice!

Alright now it's credit time for the pics (if I know where they came from). All pictures that have have yellow borders, as always, came from Just Jared.

Butt shot #1 came from tellyfan
Butt shot #2 came from Baaca
Butt shot #3 came from iotlp
all of The Church

The Wet Blue Steels came from TeleChimp

Wents-a-laying #2 came from deadbeatnymph of The Church

The Candids of Went walking around (that don't have a yellow border and well the one of him in the pink shirt came from The Gilded Moose) and The Sweaty Human Stain Training pics came from MichaelandSara.Org.

The Hour Gifs (the ones of Went making out with Josie Maran) came from Soul4Poetry of The Church and were made from this Youtube video.

The Other Gifs came from Hikki

The rest are all over the net and who knows where I did the old right click and save.