Friday, December 22, 2006

Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

You people are really lucky I'm off today b/c you showed your asses AGAIN.

lita said...
Omgosh I love this post. I love this site! And I think you, WFW, are the funniest thing that ever happened to the internet.
Thanks for visiting Lita. You rock.

Krissie said...
Sitting No5... I don't know if he could spread those legs any wider...but I know I could.
Ahhh Krissie, we'll be seeing a lot of you on this post. The whore is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...
What the F*** (bleep)

12/17/2006 4:31 PM
Firstly, we don't do that bleeping shit around here. You wanna say fuck, you go right ahead and say fuck. In fact, I love to say fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...see? What the fuck indeed. Turns out it wasn't him after all but the freak out in the comments section made my week, lol.

Anonymous said...
I'm not voting for his married ass!!...his wife can do that.

12/17/2006 4:03 PM
AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you the same anon? Oh man that had me rollin. Oh and that was the initial post telling you to go vote for Went so he can win Hottest Actor of 2006 in's poll. Last I checked he was #1! Good job people, but it's not over. You have to keep voting everyday or that Bones guy is totally going to win.

Anonymous said...
is that an Us Weekly magazine in his hand? I think we just answered that whole gay or not question

12/18/2006 3:03 PM
I said it before and I will say it again: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You anons really need to get names so you can take credit for this hilariousness. Some of you are funny as shit.


soiled undies said...
If Went was my man he wouldn't have any laundry to do because I'd be ripping his clothes off him 24/7. (Therefore he would cease to possess and wear clothes. stacy; your hope will be fulfilled and beyond.)

krissie: Is there something about Addidas slip ons I do not know about? Are they a symbol of masculinity perhaps?

I'm not one for open, toe exposing, footware but the sight of Went's feet send me into a toe-sucking frenzy fantasy.

PS. How sexy is his arm?!
Naked Went, Toe-sucking, and Arm love. What is there not to love about this comment?

Krissie said...
I don't know if I would have eaten that W-cake either.
I do know I wouldn't mind W eating me though.
And here she is again...Yes yes and more yes. I definitely agree.
There was also mad drama on that post this week and I had to take the fan pic down. Overzealous haters are going to make sure we don't get fan pics; I'm just sayin.

Inspector said...
Can I handle your weapon? Is this a trick question?? Absolute torture..Thankyou xx
Oh I could handle the weapon, in fact, I've been known to cause a misfire or two, and yes not being given the opportunity to try IS torture.

dawn said...
Yes! Thats it, the contradictions are completely and totally mesmerizingly sexy. That and the whole 'I'm not really even trying at all to look so incredibly hot right now but I look so incredibly hot no matter what I do.' thing that he has...

buttercup said...
what a tease tucking the shirt in at the back!..however, i thank him for it :)
Went is such a tease...but butt shots are ALWAYS a good thing.

linds said...
I'll put his ass down under....down under ME!!!!


buttercup said...

sorry..i'll shuttup now..

i lied..

melanzanie: i think it's about time he 'came' anywhere long as i'm there ;)
Again, perfect.

stacey (not to be confused with stacy) said...
How i wish i was her. Just listening to him pull her in and kiss her makes my stomach twirly and my knees weak. Yes i said listening. Why couldn't it be me??? oh wentworth please!!!!
Favorite part: That last sentence, LOL.

Anonymous said...
Went looks completely fucked..just how I'd imagine him after giving him the workout of his life..

12/20/2006 9:09 AM

Stacy said...
Oh I bet he has mad rhymes. But I bet it would be hard to find rhyming words for his vocabulary. For example -

Well, my name is Went, I'm heaven sent, but I ain't no philanderer that's certain. When you see me disembark, the unmentionables plummet. I may come off as uneffusive, but wait until the Cristal is devoured. Then the soiree commence! Yo, I'm fittin' to abscond. Farewell, I'm out.

I imagine that he would probably attempt to rap like I imagine Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would rap. That would be priceless. Especially if he would do the "Carlon" dance
LOL. Anyone who didn't check the post after this doesn't know that I actually wrote Went a rhyme based on Stacy's and added some stuff of my own.

mink said...
Well, I guess that's one way to get sales of goldfish rocketing! LMAO.


Karen said...
Uh ... yeah ... I am SOOOO getting a goldfish. Of course, I'm not sure how I'll keep the Feline Trio from eviscerating it. What if I get a koi, will it turn into an extra large Went? :-)
And they're both right. This Wentmas, get everyone you know a goldfish.

Krissie said...
I want to write a coherent comment but my mind refuses to cooperate.
Posing #10... Am I the only one staring at his crotch? There's something going on there...
And those long fingers... Someone once referred to them as "little pieces of heaven". Well, I have a little piece of heaven they would fit just heavenly into
You really showed off this week. That's the 3rd comment on this list. I love it.

tia said...
Great Bellicks gone, now how about that damn Sara she is so boring,we got our sex scene, and boy what a seen it was but now bitch gotta go !!!!!!
Oh believe me I've pondered it. She fucked Michael and now she must die!

As always everyone, thank you for your comments and Have a Very Merry Wentmas!