Saturday, December 02, 2006

Prison Break Season 2 Recap Video

Thanks amyy for calling my attention to this VERY AWESOME Prison Break Season 2 recap video set to Chris Daughtry's It's Not Over (I was rooting for him on AI eventhough I admittedly only watch AI at the beginning for the laughs and at the end for the big finale show so he was only 1 of 4 left by the time I got around to hearing him sing, but he was my fave). I suspect the maker of this video is on the MiSa ship but that just means we get to see plenty of Wentworth Miller! :) I can not stress enough how truly awesome this video is. And now, after I watch it one more time (GREAT SONG), I am going to go see the family I have been neglecting for Went and for you. Later y'all!