Monday, December 04, 2006

Wentworth Miller's Evil Twin Arrested

While Wentworth Miller has been quietly going about his life filming, playing scrabble, eating "Reesie Cups" and drinking coffee drinks, some maniac who just so happens to be his doppelganger (real name: Wentcrazy), has been wreaking havoc: Screwing women on airplanes, taking them out to dinner and being a very, very bad boy. Over the weekend, Evil Went was apprehended on 1 count of impersonating perfection, 2 counts of assault with a deadly penis and multiple counts of attempted PR fraud. After he all but INSISTED that he was indeed Wentworth Miller, instead of being carted off to jail, he was shipped off to the loony bin. Sources say that he can be seen shuffling about muttering to himself that he has been the victim of a "conspiracy at the highest levels," how "it's hard out here for a black man," and how "it was that bitch WFW that ruined his life" by posting about his hijinks. We have obtained a picture of the sneaky little devil and while he is clearly not the Wentworth we all know and love: Crazy never looked so good.

The real Wentworth Miller could not be reached for comment. Seeing as HE never gets to have any sex, we think he's at home playing with himself...