Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wentworth Miller on Ellen

I know it's old as hell, but I was watching it earlier comparing it to the Jimmy Kimmel interview and I decided to post it. Enjoy!


Ooooo, Went Fingers...

"I am an FBI Agent!"

"My Name is Agent I'm Too Sexy For This Suit."

Went has Phone Sex.

Went Loves to Ride.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Because I Live in America and You Don't

Here's your 10/30 Spoilerific Prison Break recap


We begin with Michael at Blanding Botanical Gardens trying to find something he left there on one of his many hiding things for when they get out excursions. Unfortunately for him, Mahone has men there already and he doesn't get what he came for as he has to run to get away. Michael stops in a diner after he gets away and watches the news. He's just finding out Tweener died and now we have to re-live it all over again through that really hurt look he's so good at making (see above). Then a reporter asks Mahone about the hard drive they found and he says no comment. Michael now knows how it is they seem to know where he's going and what he's doing and he decides to do a little digging of his own. They find out what's in the box Michael wanted (nitroglycerine) just as Mahone walks into the office to ream everyone out for leaking information to the press. Cut to Michael at the library researching the hell out of Mahones' evil ass. Michael finds out where Mahones' ex-wife lives and then goes shopping. Cut back to Mahone and company, today is the day C-Note is supposed to meet his wife and they are going to stop it. They catch up with the wife and tell her to cooperate with them to recapture C-Note of they will take her daughter. She agrees. Meanwhile C-Note has caught up with his homies and he recruits them to help him get his wife and child. They're down. Cut to Bellick and company who know where T-bag went (to kill a certain lady who put him in jail) and they are hot on the trail. Linc and L.J. are still on the run in that sexy ass car and stop for food when a waitress who brings the change to the car that L.J. forgot recognizes them and they peel out. Cut to Michael in a suit and glasses posing as an FBI agent knocking on Mahones' ex wife's door. He questions her and we find out from clues the ex-wife gives (that she doesn't even know she's giving) why it is earlier in the season Mahone was standing next to that bird feeder in the backyard looking all crazy: Oscar Shales didn't get away: Mahone killed him and buried him in the backyard under that bird feeder. Cut to Sara who is still trying to figure out what Sunrise Hot means...Add el to it and it's a hotel. She calls information for all Sunrise Hotels. There are 3 and she figures it must be the one in Gila, New Mexico. She books a flight using the name of the woman who got killed last week who's wallet and ID she still has. Cut to T-Bag who is locking up his locker with key number 804 and putting the bag of money in. He puts the key in his sock. He is also buying flowers to take with him to see his lady love as well as a pair of scissors he steals...Probably to slit her throat. Kellerman is tipped off that the lady who was killed last week just bought an airline ticket and landed already in NM. They had been watching the name for activity apparently. Kellerman tips off Mahone and company who are trying to figure out the one origami swan they have. Mahone tells everyone only to look at the combinations that include NM and he lands on one combination that spells out ELGILANM63. Cut to C-Note and company and the wife who is standing at the rendezvous point. One of C-Notes' homies walks up to the wife and tells her to run to the Black Cherokee in 15 seconds, she does but is worried about the daughter who is still in school. His other homies are already there to get her but the school is stalling them waiting for the FBI so C-Note takes matters into his own hands and races to the school, goes to his daughters' classroom to get her and when she asks where they're going he says "Disneyland." Cute. Cut to Linc and L.J. who are now walking because they had to ditch the car and they are considering taking a train and having a father and son moment. Cut back to T-bag who has found an empty house and a lawn sign to the face since Bellick and company have caught up with him finally. They ask him to tell them the location of the money, he refuses and Bellick begins to cut open the stitches on his gimp hand...ewwww. Cut back to Mahone who is feeling smug again because he figured out another part of the puzzle. He knows Michael will be in Gila, NM on 6-3 (in Prison Break time, looks like that's tomorrow) and just as he feels like it's all coming together, his ex wife rings him...Only it's Michael because he has her phone. Michael tells him that he knows what happened to Oscar Shales and that if he and his family are allowed to leave the country without incident, he will keep that info to himself. Mahone puts up a good front but he's shitting his pants. He goes and digs up the body...I have no idea why. Cut back to L.J. and Linc and someone at the train station recognized them and...THEY GET CAUGHT AND HANDCUFFED! OMG THEY GOT CAUGHT! The End.

Wentworth Related Blog Post Highlight

Google Alerts got a revamping last week to include not only news items and web items but blog posts and even torrents. So now I get like 50 Wentworth Miller alerts a day and I skim them to see if any of them interest me. This morning I saw this one:


Straight to the point...My kind of girl...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Film Review: Stealth

You know I'm obsessed when I'm watching a movie for Wentworth Millers' voice alone. No Wentface, only Millervoice because that is reason enough right? WRONG! I don't even think I can devote a whole paragraph to the craptasticness that was Stealth. Wents' voice was the best thing about the movie and for Sci-Fi that is a damn shame. Jamie Foxx being Jamie Foxx? Check. Jessica Biel being butch? Check. Cute guy with the nice eyes from Sweet Home Alabama whose name I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look up being all cute and being a hero and stuff? Check. Explosions? Check. A.I.? Check. It was way too long and the action wasn't even exciting but Wentworths' computer voice was wonderful. He gets an A. The movie gets an F.

That Kristin Whore

After returning from the disappointing Saw III, I immediately checked my email. Other than a couple comments from Squallcloud (Hey Chica!) and my google alerts all was quiet except for this Kristin whore or K.W. as she will hereafter be called. K.W. just can't seem to keep her hands off my man! Not only does she proclaim her public love for him (damn tramp) but she also manhandled him away from his date at the Emmys (I won't discuss that fact that I did not approve of him having a date JUST because I couldn't make it, besides, I already let him have it). This shameless hussy gives demanding bitch a new meaning. Yet again, this slut finds some reason to hunt down, interview and the most offensive...Touch MY Wentworth. You know, If I didn't hate her so much, she might just be my hero.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Favorite Comment of the Week

On: Interview Recap & The Interview Went SHOULD Have Had

fanboy said: A wooodchuck would chuck as much as he could chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood.

pic source

Wentworth Miller, You've been slashed...

(and fabulously I might add) with none other than Jensen Ackles. I forgot about Jensen...that sexy boy should have been on the list (I might have to make another one just so I can include him). Oh fuck it, let's look at a pic:

Niiiiiice right? Now back to the Almighty Slash. NC-17 kiddies, rough sex, click at your own risk...Open up for me

The Night of the Emmys: Our First Fight

Went, I ask you, Who in the FUCK is this? I mean, I know we're doing the long distance thing and all but you are NOT allowed to take other women to red carpet events! You are not allowed to take other women ANYWHERE! Maybe I didn't make that clear enough to you?! I mean afterall when we're together most of the sounds we're making are not real words, but obviously, we need to have a conversation because clearly you have lost. your. mind. Don't think your face is too pretty for me to smack! See, Now I need a drink...

Wentworth Miller Filmography Through Pictures

Romeo and Juliet (2000)

Popular (2000)

Time of Your Life (2000)

ER (2000)

Room 302 (2001)

Dinotopia (2002)

Underworld (2003)

Stealth (2005)

Wentworth Miller Biography

He was born Wentworth Earl Miller III in the summer of 1972 in the small English town of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire – also the birthplace of actress Rachel Ward – to mother Roxann and father Wentworth Earl Miller II, who was a studying in England.

When he was still young, Miller’s family – including younger sisters Gillian and Leigh – moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn. The product of a black father and white mother, Miller has said he struggled to fit in to the community.

After spending a few years at Brooklyn’s Midwood High School, where his nickname was Stinky, Miller transferred to Quaker Valley High School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a town of only a few thousand people less than 20 miles from Pittsburgh.

Miller was active in the school’s judo and track clubs and worked on the senior yearbook, a student literary magazine and the Quaker Quill newspaper. He was also a member of the chorus in the school’s production of Lil’ Abner.

His interest in performing grew at Princeton University, where he sang in the Tigertones a capella ensemble.

After graduating in 1995 with a degree in English Literature, Miller headed west to Hollywood and worked both for a company that developed TV movies and a bookstore. After years of auditions, he landed a part on Buffy The Vampire Slayer – a role that caught the eye of producers at The WB.

Soon, Miller found himself with parts on series like Popular, Time of Your Life and ER. He co-starred in the ABC miniseries Dinotopia before showing up on the big screen in 2003’s The Human Stain, in which he played the younger version of Anthony Hopkins’ character.He lost the lead in Superman Returns to Brandon Routh but had a string of small parts (he was the voice of EDI in the box office bomb Stealth, appeared in two Mariah Carey videos, and had guest spots in The Ghost Whisperer and Joan of Arcadia).

Eventually, Miller was awarded the part of structural engineer Michael Scofield in Prison Break. In addition to making him a bonafide star, Prison Break earned Miller a Golden Globe nomination in 2006 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series.


Went is Home Alone and He's Afraid

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Just in time for Halloween, Went speaks on scary movies:

"Helter Skelter," No. 23 -- "Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller confesses, "When I was 12, my parents ... let me stay home by myself. I spent the entire night with the covers pulled up to my chin, waiting for some hippie to jump out of the shadows and slash my throat."

Just tell me when and where Went and I will jump under those covers with you...

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mmmmmm WentMouth

Wentworth demonstrating how he eats...Twizzlers.

Haiku for Went

Went does things to me
in dreams I should not repeat
wet for Went is right

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Photoshop Fun

Because photoshopping foreign heads on bodies is so much fun.


In His Own Words

"I'm kind of a dork. I don't have much game. I'm not particularly comfortable in bars or clubs. I much prefer being home playing Scrabble, having dinner with a couple friends, going to see a movie, or losing a whole weekend to Season 14 of Law and Order or The Simpsons."

Went is the kind of guy in the bar I target. First, he's hot and second the extrovert in me is attracted to the introverted or uncomfortable. I'd insinuate myself into his personal space somehow...Maybe I'd pick the spot right next to him to order a drink if it was crowded and standing room only. Maybe I'd say "You don't look like you're having any fun," or ask what he was drinking or tell him he was hot or find some other way to strike up a conversation. My mother always taught me that the worst thing that anyone can say is no so if you want something, you ask-you try and then let the chips fall where they may. Dinner and a movie is the perfect date and he likes the Simpsons? A man after my own heart! I go all Homer Simpson every time I see him and drool and he would actually appreciate my rendition of the Stonecutters' song. Wentworth can do no wrong...Not even in that hat...

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Prison Break: A True Story?

Once again my nifty Wentworth Miller google alert has alerted me to a story that was not about Went at all (though a pic of him is included and his name is mentioned) but that I found interesting nonetheless. Check it out at The Washington Posts' website. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh Wentworth...

How I love you and your awful shoes. I just want to take you to the store and pick out your clothes. Maybe it's because my ex had a pair of shoes like those that he loved so much and that I hated with a passion. I threw them away. But I would NEVER do that to you. You wear whatever you want OK? You look great. Love you!

pic source

Wentcap: Wentworth Screencap Recap

RED ALERT: Went in Water.

I repeat, Went gets Wet.

He climbs

and pushes

and wields a big stick.

He mounts

then dives in

and takes a ride.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Non-American Readers: Your 10/23/06 Spoilerific Prison Break Recap


We open with Sucre holding the gun on T-bag, Michael and C-Note. C-Note threatens as usual, T-bag looks like he'd like to eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice kiante and Michael looks hurt. Sucre walks off with the backpack. Cut to Sara who encounters one of the Governments' endless supply of hitmen in suits in her apartment and escapes by spraying him in the eyes with some bug spray. Cut back to Michael who has found Sucre at the rendezvous point as Sucre stealing the money was all a ploy to get the money away from the others. When they open the bag after laughing and celebrating, they find that the bag is filled with magazines...T-bag has the money and he's riding off into the sunset in an old pickup heading to see the woman who turned him in, presumably so he can torture her to death. Gotta love T-bag. Michael and Sucre decide to push on with the $5000 they do have but get held up in the river because Sucres' leg gets stuck under a huge tree trunk and this is where they spend most of the rest of the episode. Cut to L.J. who has been released and Linc who is watching from a hiding place since he knows this is all a trap. A guy comes up to L.J. and asks for money then beats him up which lands him in the hospital to get stiches. Just as the Government guys discover that the man who beat L.J. up was paid to do so by some mystery man, we see that sexy car screeching away with Linc and L.J. safely inside as they flee. Cut to Bellick and company where they are defeated looking in a bar talking about going home...That is before they see the news and discover the boys' whereabouts. They go have a talk with our favorite trampy housewife and discover that there were 2 bags and that T-bag left a hundred in her bra (which means they know he has the money). Cut to Sara who is understandably frantic after her almost murder and she is calling someone who she thinks is her friend (no one on this show has friends) and he of course sends someone to her location to kill her. It was not her at the payphone that got riddled with bullets however, it was some other poor lady who happened to look a little like her from the back and she dies. Sara is also finally figuring out the origami swan codes (which are deciphered with letters on a phone) except she left the last origami swan in her apt and guess who finds it? Kellerman, who has also cracked the code with the help of a code cracking computer program and the obligatory geekboy go between. He is also pulling Mahone's strings from behind the scenes and we find out that the plan is to kill every convict; No one is to get out of this alive. Mahone seems to have some sort of conscience since he doesn't see why he should have to kill them all and we get some insight into his sordid childhood and history. Sorry Mahone but you killed Tweener just when I was starting to like him, A LOT. Nothing will redeem you! Cut back to still-stuck-Sucre and Michael has come up with a wicked stunt to move the trunk involving another tree, some rope and a bike. Mmmm Went on a bike. They get free, take their 5 g's to the Used Car Lot to get a car, but end up getting 2 instead since Sucre finds out that Maricruz didn't marry Hector afterall and he is going to go get his girl. Oh happy day. Tune in next week my non-American friends. Have a lovely day.

Wentworth in High School

I was just saying that if we were teens together, I would have deflowered him...and I meant it. This is too cute and exactly my type as a teenage girl. Now the pic with the glasses? Maybe not so much, but he wouldn't have needed them for what we would have been doing anyway...

pic source

Prison Break Tonight!

Tonight Tonight Tonight! It's back! Weekly Went! Woo hoo! And just in case you forgot what the hell is going on (it has been 3 weeks and in A.D.D. time that's like a year):

"Prison Break," 8 p.m., FOX. Michael (Wentworth Miller) finds he has his hands full when Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) turns traitor and escapes - with the newly found $5 million, of course. Meanwhile, Mahone (William Fichtner) is investigated by Internal Affairs regarding Tweener's death, and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is determined to reunite with LJ (Marshall Allman) but may be walking into the "Company's" trap instead. In other news, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) fights for her life when history begins to repeat itself.


Interview Recap & The Interview Went SHOULD Have Had

OK so we got some new info on His Royal Hotness (or at least some info I didn't know) and Went made some great jokes. To recap, I addressed everyone involved in the interviewing process of one Wentworth Earl Miller III. To begin, I start with some of you who were in the audience.

To the girls in the audience: You just didn't try hard enough. I don't even think he heard you. Next time have your game face on. A nice yell DURING the interview may have even gotten him to look at you for a split second which I know would have been the best split second of your life. If I was there, I would have yelled "I love you Went!" at the top of my lungs during a nice quiet moment when I knew I would be heard. I'm disappointed in all of you and your classy restraint.


To Guillermo: I'm very happy to see you too.

To Wentworth: Your entrance was so charming. I loved the mock "I'm gonna kick your ass"posturing, the gallop down the stairs, the hug and the hair rub all done in the name of redeeming yourself with Guillermo, but don't think I didn't see you rub your hand on your pants on the way to your seat...3 times. I wonder what kind of product Guillermo had in his hair that you were trying to wipe off. I would have given your red carpet interview an A. I wouldn't let anyone touch my hair or touch theirs either: Not even to whore myself out for a late night show that no one watches. Congratulations Went, you are not a whore. Besides, you are allergic to air, I would just start cussing people out if I were you and they kept asking me to touch foreign things that might make me breakout. So, in high school it was the A/V club, Newspaper, Swim Team, Chorus...? You were such a busy and cute little geekboy. Did you ever get laid? If we were teens at the same time, I would have totally deflowered you. By the way, I'm not naming our kid Jimmy Wentworth Miller and I don't care how much you beg me.

To Jimmy: While I had never seen your show before this interview I have to say I did like seeing you interview Went. Now it may just have been your proximity to Wentworth that made you interesting to me or it may be that I was so happy your Aunt and Uncle were not still on my screen doing that horrible skit which made me lose precious moments of my life that I will never get back. That skit sir, sucked balls, and not in a positive life affirming way.

Being in the Princeton Tigertones: It's kinda like the Crips

The tattoo adds some definition apparently

And now for the fun part. 25 questions I'd ask if I ever got to interview Went.

1. Let's start with the most important: What is your favorite sexual position?

2. What is one thing in your life that you would go back and change if you could?

3. What the fuck? Yes, that is the real question.

4. What time is it in Hot as Hell Land where you live?

5. How many times a day do you masturbate?

6. Name a hero who does nothing to contribute to society but is your hero anyway and then tell me why. Just so you get the hang of this, I'll start. My hero is Paris Hilton. She's rich and famous and does absolutely nothing all day but shop and party. For those reasons, she's my hero. Now you try.

7. Like you, I had strict parents and my answer to that was full on-out of control-I should have been put out of my house-rebellion. What do you think would have happened if you had bucked the system and gone your own way? Do you think you'd be better off or worse?

8. Aren't you tired of the tattoo question? I don't even have to answer it and I'm sick to death of it.

9. If you found out you were going to die in a week, what would you make sure to try and fit into the time you had left?

10. Is there anything that you would die for?

11. Can I have a naked picture of you? I won't post it. I promise.

12. What do you spend most of your leisure time doing?

13. What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

14. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

15. Describe in detail what your ideal mate would be like (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). Have you ever met anyone that comes close?

16. How good are you at keeping secrets?

17. When you lay in bed at night between being awake and going to sleep and just think, what do you think about?

18. What possession of yours holds the most sentimental value and why?

19. What are your top five movies of all time and why?

20. Is there a piece of technology that you rely so heavily on that you could hardly live without it? If so, what is it?

21. Can you do a movie where we get to see your ass? Jake did and look how his career is turning out. You really should try it. Do it for the fans.

22. What do you do to let loose and party and when was the last time you had a really wild time?

23. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

24. Do you ever wish you could be someone else for a day? If so who?

25. Before you go, can I just lick some part of you? Yes I'm completely serious.

What would you ask him?

Dear USA Today

When my Wentworth Miller google alert sent me an email that his name was mentioned in a news story, I expected to read something about him...not just his name. Somehow, and for some reason that is a crime against humanity and a personal insult to me, you managed to write an entire article about Prison Break where you don't talk about Went at all. I think you got the wrong memo. The rule is more Went good, less Went bad. It's simple really. Think of it as no Went, no read. It's been an adventure...

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wentworth Miller on Jimmy Kimmel

This is just preliminary because I only just watched it but AWESOME INTERVIEW! A lot better than I expected. Went was more at ease than the last interview I saw of him and made way more jokes (and good ones) and of course he looked ridiculously cute and he's growing his hair!

Update: We got some slightly new info. I am pleased, but mostly because I was so happy to see him. The first clip is Went on the red carpet with Guillermo: The interview for which he received an F, lol. It's funny as hell. The second clip is the interview with Jimmy, and yes, he asked the tattoo question AGAIN. Sorry about the quality not being great. My ABC channel is pretty craptastic (even with digital cable) and video conversion always degrades the quality further. If someone Youtubes a better quality video I will link that one instead or if my google video that I didn't have to re-encode gets approval I'll link that, whichever comes first. For Now, Here you go:

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Friday!

OK so the week is winding down and for once I have actual work to do. Homecoming for one of the colleges I attended but didn't graduate from is this weekend and I intend to be very, very drunk. I will come up with some kind of weekend project to post if something comes to me and if I'm not still praying to the porcelain god. I may get the Jimmy Kimmel clip up in the wee hours of the morning if I am still awake. I would not however leave you without a "Be Back Soon" gift...

Enjoy Your Day!

Favorite Comment of the Week

On: Pick One

the gilded moose said: Thandie Newton goes to my Starbucks, therefore she is stalking me. She's a little 'beloved' in person if you know what I mean.

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