Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pick One

OK since Wenty-Poo won't do it himself (and since he's all dressed up with nowhere to go), I have composed a list of 10 people he has my permission to hook up with (but not get serious with), because they are so deliciously yummy.

1. Juliette Marquis - I can't find many pictures of her but I have had a girl crush on this chick ever since I saw her in This Girls Life and not just because she has sex for most of the movie and she has one of the best orgasm facial expressions (and sounds) I've ever seen or heard (Don't ask. I even scrutinize porn this way, by facial expression and sound. Get it wrong and it's crap. I can not stress enough how important these two factors are to a good, even if it is fake, portrayal of an on-screen sexual experience. I told you not to ask and now I'm telling you. I'm really going to stop talking about this now). She has a unique look and a cute little body (I believe from her being a former ballerina). The girl is hot.

2. Speaking of This Girls Life, Ioan Gruffud would do nicely also. Fantastic looking, Welsh and about the same age as Went. Scrumptiously hot and He and Went even favor a little.

3. Monica Bellucci - She is the sexiest woman alive in my opinion and a fantastic model. I've never seen anyone nail every pose the way she does. She takes fabulous pics. For her, I would switch teams.

4. Christian Bale - Christian is hot and his body is to DIE for. Although I would be extremely afraid that he might kill Went, I guess I'd take my chances because of all the hotness involved.

5. Thandie Newton - Here is a beautiful woman (with an almost regal air) who is also mixed so they have something in common and most importantly, she's got great cheekbones.

6. Boris Kodjoe - Remember him? Yeah I know that his 15 minutes are kind of up, but he's still hot so he made my list.

7. Angie Harmon - This spot was actually reserved for Sanaa Lathan but since Went said he had a crush on Angie Harmon and I'm a fan of his who actually wishes him well...Miller, here's your, well, wish.


8. Aishwarya Rai - She is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. I've never seen her act but I've seen plenty of pictures of her and I saw her segment on 60 Minutes and let me tell you, the masses are definitely on to something. She is absolutely gorgeous and radiates this inner beauty that is almost blinding. I can't even think dirty thoughts when I look at her. She belongs behind some glass or something so no one can taint her. You know, I'm not sure she's human...

9. Ziyi Zhang - I think that she is so pretty and she is the Asian movie queen as far as I'm concerned (though I am American so there may be some other Asian actress who is even better, but right now I'm going to talk about the one I like, cuz it's MY blog). She was born the same year I was and she can kiss you (strangely) and then kick your ass. I like her.

10. Jake Gyllenhaal - Last but not least...Jake G. And we don't call him The Sex for nothing. Jake has the most universal appeal of any actor I have ever seen. I know he has Austin and/or Natalie, but a little Went would do him good. It would do them both good and it would be so much pretty in one place it may just bring about world peace and end world hunger when they touch. *shiver* And now for the good part! Thanks to Dany at Waiting For Toothy, I have photos of what their children would look like because after all, Jake is the only one on this list who really matters right? Meet the Millenhaals (and go to Waiting For Toothy to read more about them). I can't decide between J.W. and Jent...

Did I miss anyone?