Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wentworth Miller on Jimmy Kimmel

This is just preliminary because I only just watched it but AWESOME INTERVIEW! A lot better than I expected. Went was more at ease than the last interview I saw of him and made way more jokes (and good ones) and of course he looked ridiculously cute and he's growing his hair!

Update: We got some slightly new info. I am pleased, but mostly because I was so happy to see him. The first clip is Went on the red carpet with Guillermo: The interview for which he received an F, lol. It's funny as hell. The second clip is the interview with Jimmy, and yes, he asked the tattoo question AGAIN. Sorry about the quality not being great. My ABC channel is pretty craptastic (even with digital cable) and video conversion always degrades the quality further. If someone Youtubes a better quality video I will link that one instead or if my google video that I didn't have to re-encode gets approval I'll link that, whichever comes first. For Now, Here you go: