Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Perfect Ones' Siren Song

Welcome to Wet For Went Radio where we will bring you such classics as "Blues in the Night" and "That Cat is High" with solos performed by none other than Wentworth Miller. It's so cute that he can actually sing and this picture is just adorkable. What can't he do? I'll tell you. He can't seem to remember my damn phone number. I know I included it on that fan letter. Hey that'll be fun! Maybe I'll post the letter I sent him this summer. He even sent me an autographed picture back eventhough I didn't include a self-addressed stamped envelope. That certainly made an impression...*begins fangirl voice* "Like OMG he wrote my NAAAAAAAAME! SQUEEEE!" It's the first and only fan letter I've ever sent anyone, EVER, but then again, he did ask so what was a girl to do? This obsession is truly sick. And now back to the smooth sounds of Miller and The Princeton Tigertones. Enjoy!