Monday, October 23, 2006

Non-American Readers: Your 10/23/06 Spoilerific Prison Break Recap


We open with Sucre holding the gun on T-bag, Michael and C-Note. C-Note threatens as usual, T-bag looks like he'd like to eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice kiante and Michael looks hurt. Sucre walks off with the backpack. Cut to Sara who encounters one of the Governments' endless supply of hitmen in suits in her apartment and escapes by spraying him in the eyes with some bug spray. Cut back to Michael who has found Sucre at the rendezvous point as Sucre stealing the money was all a ploy to get the money away from the others. When they open the bag after laughing and celebrating, they find that the bag is filled with magazines...T-bag has the money and he's riding off into the sunset in an old pickup heading to see the woman who turned him in, presumably so he can torture her to death. Gotta love T-bag. Michael and Sucre decide to push on with the $5000 they do have but get held up in the river because Sucres' leg gets stuck under a huge tree trunk and this is where they spend most of the rest of the episode. Cut to L.J. who has been released and Linc who is watching from a hiding place since he knows this is all a trap. A guy comes up to L.J. and asks for money then beats him up which lands him in the hospital to get stiches. Just as the Government guys discover that the man who beat L.J. up was paid to do so by some mystery man, we see that sexy car screeching away with Linc and L.J. safely inside as they flee. Cut to Bellick and company where they are defeated looking in a bar talking about going home...That is before they see the news and discover the boys' whereabouts. They go have a talk with our favorite trampy housewife and discover that there were 2 bags and that T-bag left a hundred in her bra (which means they know he has the money). Cut to Sara who is understandably frantic after her almost murder and she is calling someone who she thinks is her friend (no one on this show has friends) and he of course sends someone to her location to kill her. It was not her at the payphone that got riddled with bullets however, it was some other poor lady who happened to look a little like her from the back and she dies. Sara is also finally figuring out the origami swan codes (which are deciphered with letters on a phone) except she left the last origami swan in her apt and guess who finds it? Kellerman, who has also cracked the code with the help of a code cracking computer program and the obligatory geekboy go between. He is also pulling Mahone's strings from behind the scenes and we find out that the plan is to kill every convict; No one is to get out of this alive. Mahone seems to have some sort of conscience since he doesn't see why he should have to kill them all and we get some insight into his sordid childhood and history. Sorry Mahone but you killed Tweener just when I was starting to like him, A LOT. Nothing will redeem you! Cut back to still-stuck-Sucre and Michael has come up with a wicked stunt to move the trunk involving another tree, some rope and a bike. Mmmm Went on a bike. They get free, take their 5 g's to the Used Car Lot to get a car, but end up getting 2 instead since Sucre finds out that Maricruz didn't marry Hector afterall and he is going to go get his girl. Oh happy day. Tune in next week my non-American friends. Have a lovely day.