Friday, March 30, 2007

Prison Break Season 2 Finale Spoilers

They're here and they are oh so spoilery so only click if you REALLY want to know.

UPDATE: Since this is already at the top, let's discuss Sona here. I'll go first:

I have to say I didn't really like this episode though Went did well. After he bargained with the dealer my girl called me and said "Uh oh! Went got Gangsta!" LOL, She and her mom were impressed with him so good on you Went, you're converting them all, one at a time. And now a moment of silence.



Kim finally went down, yes!

I'm not getting the whole experiment aspect. "That's exactly what we want him to do." Huh?

Last week was so much better than the finale but I'm glad they're back in jail.

That new prison looks FUCKED and I love it. Bellick shivering on the floor? Trannies gawking? Mike walking out onto what looks like a football field at the end? (In my head I was yelling "Throw him the ball!") This new place looks promising. Now just bring me T-bag and I'll be happy.

UPDATE #2: Go see Jared for some awesome screencaps!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Two Martinis

Continued from The Fellowship of the Pretty

Security screamed out "Alright, this is the last picture folks!" and with that, WFW and Nic took the very last picture of the night. After everyone left the stage, they hung around for a bit in the lobby to take pictures and to make sure WFW didn't see any more of her new boyfriend Amaury. Mmmmm Amaury. Their fellow parishioners hit the bathroom while they noticed Rockmond still there but they didn't get to see him. After the excitement was over, they realized once again that Went did not show up and they knew what they must do...Go out and get very, very drunk.

Of course, one also needs food when one gets drunk or they'll end up with a keyboard that no longer works (Don't. Ask.) and so they went to Canter's Deli (where they give you pickles as snacks) so they could get both.

The sadness sunk in for Nic and she looked miserable. WFW couldn't look at her. They needed to be comforted and so they ordered comfort food, macaroni and cheese and an ice cream sundae, and shared. Along with the Apple Martini's WFW had, and Nic's Diet Coke it helped things alot. Not one to be defeated, WFW knew what must be done, they must go somewhere where the music is loud, the drinks are expensive and the men are gay. The maichans suggested: The Abbey.

The Abbey was actually, well, an abbey. The gate, the archway, the men...The maichans dropped WFW and Nic off but didn't come in b/c they don't club. Just out of the car, a cute little blond boy walked up to WFW and said "I love your hair!" *happy sigh* WFW was home. They walked over to the pretty boy ID checker (so many pretty boys EVERYWHERE) and gained entrance. Once inside Nic saw her Georgia (if you've read her story, this makes sense to you), but didn't talk to him b/c he was making time with another cute boy. Nic and WFW went straight to the bar, getting smashed was necessary b/c Went did not show up. They tried to forget and ordered the biggest, most expensive Apple Martinis ever known to man (Nic would like to know how in a bar full of gay men she found the one straight one who proceeded to hit on her) and with their two Martini's,

they danced their way to a booth to have a seat.

On their way there, Nic got delayed by two pretty gay boys who complimented her on her top and boobs; Nic was happy. WFW sat first, sipping her drink and scoping out the place. She hadn't been seated for more than a few seconds before a girl came up to her and started dancing in her lap. "OK," WFW said and accepted the lap dance and danced back while seated. Not 10 seconds behind WFW, Nic walked up to the booth to find some random woman giving WFW a lap dance. Nic quickly searched her memory banks to see if she recognized the woman. Once she was sure she did not, Nic, impressed with WFW's speed at settling in, sat down and watched the show. When it was over, the girl got up and said "That was hot!" Well, WFW is kind of hot so...Time for more drinks!

At some point that WFW does not remember b/c she was getting drunker by the minute sipping on her Vodka and cranberry (who even knows what number she was on by now), their fellow parishioners arrived, ordered drinks and took their seats. Nearby Nic noticed a cute little Latin boy dancing alone and smiled at him. He walked over to them and started dancing like his life depended on it and so WFW got her second lap dance of the evening. Fabulous! This one however didn't just dance and run like the girl did, he stuck around to make sure everybody got some. Redlightmind got her groove on, Mickeydrewme wasn't having it and said "If he is gay, what is the point?" Tuckoo gave Nic her very strong rum and coke after tasting it and deciding she wanted to keep her liver. Kellythern sipped her Pina Colada, head bobbing back and forth to the music, watching the Latin Lothario (LL) give them all lap dances. And then, it was her turn. As she had gone commando, just for Went (see Went, you missed a pretty blond girl with a cute southern accent and no panties, for shame), she spent the entire time making sure her dress stayed firmly in place. LL did such a good job entertaining everyone that when he came back to WFW for more (Nic: WFW was dancing with LL up against the booth wall, bent over the table, sitting down…Impressive), not only did she mock fuck him but she put some money in his underwear. "Go buy yourself something nice," she said, or at least it sounds like something she would say. She doesn't remember...DRUUUUUUUUUUUNK.

Caption: Gerardo of Rico Suave fame will be playing the part of LL for visual purposes only. There are no pics from The Abbey b/c what happens in L.A. stays in L.A.

When the bar closed (yes, they closed it down) they were on their way out when Nic got felt up by LL who said "I love your boobs and your junk in the trunk. You are so beautiful!" Nic was pleased. At this time, Nic and WFW remembered they didn't have a ride home. In their infinite drunkness they followed their fellow parishioners to their cars even though they were going to take a cab. They were very drunk. They walked back across the street where two of the cutest boys ever hailed them a cab (Nic: I don't care what you say; I choose to believe the one with the prettiest brown eyes was straight and batting his pretty little eyelashes at me because he was interested. You have your fantasies, I have mine..). During the cab ride home, Nic asked why she is not a fag hag when she is so obviously meant to be one. WFW laughed, sat back in the seat and enjoyed the way the cabbie whipped his turns and speedily got them back to the hotel.

Once in bed, one minute WFW was typing and the next she was passed out. Morning came and they got dressed and ready to head back up the coast to Nic's place. Every time they saw a sign that said San Jose, they pointed and yelled. They're geeks, very big geeks. They magically found the Denny's and Burger King they searched for very easily, as well as free wireless in Santa Barbara (where they spent like 20 minutes held up in a parking lot on their laptops checking email, posting on message boards and chatting) and the beach.

While there they waded in the water,

took pictures,

and made their mark (Nic was the artist).

And then, they remembered that Went did not show up and they wondered, "Where is Went?"

A very important question, They decided that they should find out.

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wentkorea: It Ain't Over

You thought it was, but it is NOT my friends. Click Here and then click on the blue TV at the bottom of the picture to watch! Why is he so cute? Why?

Thanks Joey!

Click Here to download the video above.

Thanks mickeydrewme!


UPDATE: ANOTHER VIDEO! Click Here to watch Went work it some more! This link only works in IE and yes it hurt me physically to say those words.

Thanks baaca!

Click Here to download the video above.

Once again, Thanks mickeydrewme!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Prison Break Fin Del Camino 3/26 Live-blogging Recap

The return of Went Skywalker, or Wentakin, take your pick. Yes!

We begin with Linc shouting "Michael!" because as you may or may not know, they were on their own private boat to freedom and Michael's silly ass got off to go find T-bag and set things right, bless his do-gooding heart but...Dammit Michael! Linc checks Michael's Treo/Blackberry/doohickey and sees a message from Sucre telling Michael that T-bag is in Panama City at the Fin Del Camino hotel and asking if he wants to help him put T-bag away for good. How could Michael refuse a message like that from his one true love? MiSu baby!

At the hotel, old one hand McGee is throwing playing cards into his straw hat, licking out that tongue and looking at a crumpled up piece of paper with an address on it looking like he's waiting for something, but for what? T-bag walks out on to the balcony and then...We see him. Wentakin, hooded and sexy, looking up and reminiscing about the horror that is T-bag. I forgot he killed some of those people. Nice Montage. Went Skywalker notices T-bag looking over at a couple of men seated at a table at a nearby outdoor cafe. Michael eyes the men, some boys playing soccer, the trash can nearby and baby boy has a plan. Michael is so smart.

Mahone is in a cab riding down the Panama coast calling Pam again. Didn't they break up? Dude, stop stalking your ex-wife cuz it is so over! Well...maybe it isn't. He's telling her that all he has to do is just one more thing and he'll be out. He's asking if she'll still be there for him and she says "I'm not saying No..." Awww he looks so happy I almost want to root for him but wait! He's hunting Michael so screw him! Mahone radios to ask if his people are in position and it's the guys outside of T-bag's hotel. WTF is going on here? All of a sudden firecrackers go off in the trash can that Michael was watching earlier and the Feds reach for their guns. Michael observes but does nothing.

Later, a little kid comes up to him and asks him if that was good (setting off the firecrackers) and Michael pays him. Ummm but all of this was in Spanish. WENTWORTH MILLER WAS SPEAKING SPANISH AND IT WAS HOT. Wait, son tuyos? It's yours? OH MY FUCKING GOD HE SAID "IT'S YOURS." Let's rewind that. AGAIN! and AGAIN! and AGAIN! OK I have to stop doing that or I will never finish this. OK wait, just once more. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *fangirl sigh, melting inside, falling to the floor, slowly dying* And just when I think I can take no more, Sucre pops out...JACKPOT! Yes Amaury, you too Papi, get over here. And then out comes Bellick making me laugh. "Que pasa Scofield." AHAHAHAHA I love you Wade. Bellick accuses Michael of being in Panama City to try and get the money but Michael tells him all he wants is to see T-bag locked up again. "Dudley Freakin' Doright," AHAHAHA Bellick! Sucre tells Michael he didn't know he would be there and Michael tells him that he got the message he left for him. Sucre says he sent no message and asks for Michael's help getting the money so Bellick will release Maricruz. OK let's watch Went speak Spanish again, and again, and again...

This is as far as I got with the recap. I think it was the Spanish. I'll try again tomorrow. Goodnight!

pic source

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wentcrazy Goes to Korea

You know, after the high of Wentkorea wore off I asked myself, self, who was that man in Korea? That wasn't Wentworth Miller! Singing? Tears? Flirting? Kisses? Hugs? I love you? Picture snapping at the airport? Welcomed stalking? A plethory of ass shots? Surely you jest! I mean, the Went I know wants to be left alone right? He wants to be like Edward Norton and Billy Crudup where you never hear about them unless they have a project coming up. So why in the world would a man who normally seems so uncomfortable with attention suddenly seem to be so absolutely giddy about it? Because my friends, that was NOT Wentworth Miller at all, oh no, THAT was Wentcrazy. I haven't been keeping up with the news so I totally missed it but apparently we were warned of Wentcrazy's return. Obviously, the authorities were not able to hold him and he is the one who went to Korea and was so happy to be out of the psych ward, that he did all the things that the Wentworth Miller we know would never do for the rest of us. Why didn't I see this before? More on this developing story later. I'll see if I can't get Went on the horn again for an explanation...

Thanks SavMed for helping me see the light!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ad

[Bean Pole Jeans Ad]


Thanks Baaca!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wentworth Miller Has Left the Building

2 weeks ago today, a girl flew across the country to see Wentworth Miller and he didn't show up. Today, Wentworth Miller is flying back to L.A. after seeing many, many, many OTHER girls...hugging them, blowing them kisses, flirting with them, talking to them, smiling and laughing with them, god damn crying for them, motherfucking singing to them and in another country even...

Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. *sigh*

The operative word here is leaving. Wentkorea is over! He'll come back to La La Land where no one will take pics of him and we won't see him again for months and even then pics will be few and far between...Enjoy your day!

UPDATE: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that I didn't thank during the madness. Chelle, thanks for the alert. I don't know what the hell I was doing. Meng, thanks for the singing alert and please, don't be afraid of how much I freaked out and how desperately I begged for the link. I'm completely sane, really. Maichan, thanks for collecting all the pics and putting them into a lovely Flickr album. That really helped my eyes. I can't read Korean. Mink, thanks for bitching with me, eventhough it's 2 weeks later. I love you. Deadbeatnymph, thanks for the secret spectacular Slash. Say that three times fast. Thanks Chunkymonkey and Wentbreak, you guys were on the pic and vid situation and you rock. Goodgirl, you were a very good girl. Jared, as always, thanks for getting us the pics we can't get ourselves and for your Wentblogging. Primulablue and Phouse1964, thanks for thinking of me; You know how I love Went's ass! Thanks Brookeonline for the package shot. CROTCH WATCH (Thanks Nic for coining the term, lol, I love it)! Thanks Stranger for Youtubing the Happy Birthday song. I could barely hear it on the original vid for some reason. (Can anyone get me audio only for this? I have a feeling it will be played quite a bit as I fall asleep at night...Especially since my birthday was 2 days after Paley, you know, where Went didn't show up). Thanks Baaca for the first vid and for alerting us to his leaving. I think that's everyone. I'm going to go do some 5 hours when I get off work.

UPDATE #2: Went at the airport and some HQ images from Jared!

This pic REALLY does it for me:

Korea, this is how much he loves you!


I pledge allegiance to Korea...The pics are pouring in. My favs so far:

Ass shots first because really, what else matters?

Oh baby...


Yup, he's eye-fucking YOU. Yeah YOU in front! Be grateful!

The way his lips are wrapped around that bottle. OH GOD HELP ME!

Crotch Watch 2007. It leans to the right. You heard it here first.

What Watch Went?


*laughing with Wentworth*

Biker Wentworth

I love it when he talks with his hands.

Wentworth Miller, what are you up to? *grin*

Michael Scofield action figure?

Look at how he cradles her in his arms...YOU LUCKY FUCKING BITCH!

He's ready for his close up...

Have you ever noticed how Liquid Sex comes out of that perfectly shaped head? And look! STUBBLE!

Work it baby!

Awww look how happy he is!

By request:

Went with gifts!

More happy Wentworth!

He blew kisses!

And are those tears I see in his eyes. *tearing up* That's it! Consider this a marriage proposal. That's right, I'm really doing it.

*kneeling and taking a deep breath*

Wentworth Miller, Will you marry me?

*looking up into those eyes*

One last look...Oh Wentworth, I love you! *sniff*


UPDATE: The videos are pouring in now and HE SANG! OMG, HE SANG! He sang and I yelled at the top of my lungs at 3 in the morning.

Went describes what he likes in a woman

31 minute video!

Went in Korea: The Highlights

Went on Korean TV. Best part: "Bad Girl." Bad girl? Oh Went, you have NO idea...

Wentworth Miller shouts I love you in Korean to the crowd. Should I be jealous yet?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wentworth Miller's Bean Pole Jeans Ad

What can I say? It deserved its own post. Lord help me...

[First Bean Pole Jeans ad]

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wentworth Miller has arrived in Korea

And our very own Joey is on the case! She sends this for your enjoyment....

*HUGE GRIN* He looks beautiful! Why is Wentworth Miller in Korea you ask? Why to look pretty of course! God he's hot...

Thanks Joey!


UPDATE #2: Seok Ho Feel from the comments on Just Jared posted a link to another one.

So sweet!

UPDATE #3 (tee hee): Went in fitted clothes! Did you hear me FITTED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There fucking better be a shot of that fantastic ass somewhere in this ad, but Holy Shit his clothes are fitted. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! For More Pics go here!

UPDATE #4: And now I'm dead. OH. MY. GOD.

chunkymonkey and deadbeatnymph! *dying again*

I have risen from the dead for Update #5: But damn if that woman didn't fuck up my ass shot

Butt wait!

Oooooo, there we go. Look at him smiling at fans across the street who have come to see him. Why is he so sweet? More here. Jared is ON IT!

Update #6 (Did I mention I loved Korea? Wentkorea! Wooooooooo!):

Wentworth Miller enjoying the squeeing. I'll squee for you baby...

Once again chunkymonkey I thank you!

Update #7 (I wonder how long I can keep this post going):

Went says Hello. :)

Prison Break Renewed for Third Season

And finally here it is! Official Word! You won't have to give up your Weekly Went yet...

Fox has picked up the action drama "Prison Break" for a third season.


But while stars Miller and Purcell will return next season, don't consider them safe, Scheuring said, hinting that one of them might not survive beyond the first couple of episodes.


One may be gone within the first couple of episodes next year? Interesting...Well we know all we need to know. It's back and so is he. YES!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prison Break Panama Recap

I didn't do a recap of this one yet as the episode didn't have my full attention but what did catch my eye was this:

That's all the tat I get? Seriously? Excuse me while I throw things...

My face right now:

Thanks mink!

Jared has something for you!