Friday, March 02, 2007

Wentworth Miller's D Mag Outtakes

Looks like the outtakes from my favorite shoot have finally been released (although I'm drumming my fingers waiting to see them bigger and unwatermarked). Over on _prisonbreak's Live Journal, you can find thumbnails. Here is a sample:

I'm not sure I would have ever regained consciousness if they had gone with Mock Cock WHILE Went smirked at the camera. Holy Shit! And I do love close-ups of that gorgeous face and chest hair too? Sweet!

Look how cute he looks in this cover outtake photo! I just want to caress his face...And that man can lean a fucking hip like no one else can. Lord!

But my favs are these:

Look at him laugh! Oh how I love to see happy Wentworth. And Went spreading in black and white AND looking right at me...Mmmmmmmmmmm...Fuuuuuuuuck...

Maichan, you supersleuth you, thanks for the heads up.

UPDATE: And here they are bigger!

Thanks Stranger!

Also, Maichan worked her magic on this one:

Even his outtakes are fab. *sigh* For the rest go see Jared!


Here's another outtake I don't think I ever posted and the pic that's on the cover of the mag without all the words on it.

He is an Angel...