Monday, March 26, 2007

Prison Break Fin Del Camino 3/26 Live-blogging Recap

The return of Went Skywalker, or Wentakin, take your pick. Yes!

We begin with Linc shouting "Michael!" because as you may or may not know, they were on their own private boat to freedom and Michael's silly ass got off to go find T-bag and set things right, bless his do-gooding heart but...Dammit Michael! Linc checks Michael's Treo/Blackberry/doohickey and sees a message from Sucre telling Michael that T-bag is in Panama City at the Fin Del Camino hotel and asking if he wants to help him put T-bag away for good. How could Michael refuse a message like that from his one true love? MiSu baby!

At the hotel, old one hand McGee is throwing playing cards into his straw hat, licking out that tongue and looking at a crumpled up piece of paper with an address on it looking like he's waiting for something, but for what? T-bag walks out on to the balcony and then...We see him. Wentakin, hooded and sexy, looking up and reminiscing about the horror that is T-bag. I forgot he killed some of those people. Nice Montage. Went Skywalker notices T-bag looking over at a couple of men seated at a table at a nearby outdoor cafe. Michael eyes the men, some boys playing soccer, the trash can nearby and baby boy has a plan. Michael is so smart.

Mahone is in a cab riding down the Panama coast calling Pam again. Didn't they break up? Dude, stop stalking your ex-wife cuz it is so over! Well...maybe it isn't. He's telling her that all he has to do is just one more thing and he'll be out. He's asking if she'll still be there for him and she says "I'm not saying No..." Awww he looks so happy I almost want to root for him but wait! He's hunting Michael so screw him! Mahone radios to ask if his people are in position and it's the guys outside of T-bag's hotel. WTF is going on here? All of a sudden firecrackers go off in the trash can that Michael was watching earlier and the Feds reach for their guns. Michael observes but does nothing.

Later, a little kid comes up to him and asks him if that was good (setting off the firecrackers) and Michael pays him. Ummm but all of this was in Spanish. WENTWORTH MILLER WAS SPEAKING SPANISH AND IT WAS HOT. Wait, son tuyos? It's yours? OH MY FUCKING GOD HE SAID "IT'S YOURS." Let's rewind that. AGAIN! and AGAIN! and AGAIN! OK I have to stop doing that or I will never finish this. OK wait, just once more. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *fangirl sigh, melting inside, falling to the floor, slowly dying* And just when I think I can take no more, Sucre pops out...JACKPOT! Yes Amaury, you too Papi, get over here. And then out comes Bellick making me laugh. "Que pasa Scofield." AHAHAHAHA I love you Wade. Bellick accuses Michael of being in Panama City to try and get the money but Michael tells him all he wants is to see T-bag locked up again. "Dudley Freakin' Doright," AHAHAHA Bellick! Sucre tells Michael he didn't know he would be there and Michael tells him that he got the message he left for him. Sucre says he sent no message and asks for Michael's help getting the money so Bellick will release Maricruz. OK let's watch Went speak Spanish again, and again, and again...

This is as far as I got with the recap. I think it was the Spanish. I'll try again tomorrow. Goodnight!

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