Friday, March 23, 2007

Wentworth Miller Has Left the Building

2 weeks ago today, a girl flew across the country to see Wentworth Miller and he didn't show up. Today, Wentworth Miller is flying back to L.A. after seeing many, many, many OTHER girls...hugging them, blowing them kisses, flirting with them, talking to them, smiling and laughing with them, god damn crying for them, motherfucking singing to them and in another country even...

Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. *sigh*

The operative word here is leaving. Wentkorea is over! He'll come back to La La Land where no one will take pics of him and we won't see him again for months and even then pics will be few and far between...Enjoy your day!

UPDATE: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that I didn't thank during the madness. Chelle, thanks for the alert. I don't know what the hell I was doing. Meng, thanks for the singing alert and please, don't be afraid of how much I freaked out and how desperately I begged for the link. I'm completely sane, really. Maichan, thanks for collecting all the pics and putting them into a lovely Flickr album. That really helped my eyes. I can't read Korean. Mink, thanks for bitching with me, eventhough it's 2 weeks later. I love you. Deadbeatnymph, thanks for the secret spectacular Slash. Say that three times fast. Thanks Chunkymonkey and Wentbreak, you guys were on the pic and vid situation and you rock. Goodgirl, you were a very good girl. Jared, as always, thanks for getting us the pics we can't get ourselves and for your Wentblogging. Primulablue and Phouse1964, thanks for thinking of me; You know how I love Went's ass! Thanks Brookeonline for the package shot. CROTCH WATCH (Thanks Nic for coining the term, lol, I love it)! Thanks Stranger for Youtubing the Happy Birthday song. I could barely hear it on the original vid for some reason. (Can anyone get me audio only for this? I have a feeling it will be played quite a bit as I fall asleep at night...Especially since my birthday was 2 days after Paley, you know, where Went didn't show up). Thanks Baaca for the first vid and for alerting us to his leaving. I think that's everyone. I'm going to go do some 5 hours when I get off work.

UPDATE #2: Went at the airport and some HQ images from Jared!

This pic REALLY does it for me:

Korea, this is how much he loves you!