Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Cry Heard Round the World

I'm sure you all know by now that Wentworth Miller was not at Paley. He and Bill Fitchner (who also wasn't there and I was looking forward to meeting) must still be shooting and since they're down to the wire, I can't get mad about that. I mean, we want our Prison Break right? Don't cry for us though, we still had an an awesome time. Turns out second row of the front left orchestra was FRONT ROW and in my Wet For Went tank, let's just say I was noticed (I may even end up on the some website somewhere as multiple photographers took my picture, lol). Everyone was funny and entertaining and we got definite confirmation that there WILL be a Season 3 (YAY!). Amaury was looking DAMN HOT, Sara looked absolutely beautiful, Robert was super nice as was Wade, Rockmond was fine as hell and Dom was well, Dom; It was still a really good night and we got pictures and we have tales but we'll save that for when I have more time. For now, enjoy this lovely pic Nic took (she was the photographer), I have to shower and check out of the Best Western Hollywood Hills so we can head back up the coast for Part Two of my California adventure. It's amazing what a few Apple Martini's, an ice cream sundae and a a few lap dances from both men and women can cure. Gay Bars make life worth living. More later. Wentworth Miller: We still love you!