Friday, March 23, 2007


I pledge allegiance to Korea...The pics are pouring in. My favs so far:

Ass shots first because really, what else matters?

Oh baby...


Yup, he's eye-fucking YOU. Yeah YOU in front! Be grateful!

The way his lips are wrapped around that bottle. OH GOD HELP ME!

Crotch Watch 2007. It leans to the right. You heard it here first.

What Watch Went?


*laughing with Wentworth*

Biker Wentworth

I love it when he talks with his hands.

Wentworth Miller, what are you up to? *grin*

Michael Scofield action figure?

Look at how he cradles her in his arms...YOU LUCKY FUCKING BITCH!

He's ready for his close up...

Have you ever noticed how Liquid Sex comes out of that perfectly shaped head? And look! STUBBLE!

Work it baby!

Awww look how happy he is!

By request:

Went with gifts!

More happy Wentworth!

He blew kisses!

And are those tears I see in his eyes. *tearing up* That's it! Consider this a marriage proposal. That's right, I'm really doing it.

*kneeling and taking a deep breath*

Wentworth Miller, Will you marry me?

*looking up into those eyes*

One last look...Oh Wentworth, I love you! *sniff*


UPDATE: The videos are pouring in now and HE SANG! OMG, HE SANG! He sang and I yelled at the top of my lungs at 3 in the morning.

Went describes what he likes in a woman

31 minute video!

Went in Korea: The Highlights

Went on Korean TV. Best part: "Bad Girl." Bad girl? Oh Went, you have NO idea...

Wentworth Miller shouts I love you in Korean to the crowd. Should I be jealous yet?