Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wentworth Miller You've Been Slashed Again

And. it. is. hot.

I have spent my morning reading Slash (apparently my job is to goof off) as I really can't concentrate on anything other than Paley. Not only is it approaching fast, it's actually about to smack me in the face and the thought of that makes me...well...horny, as does the thought of most things. Who says men think about sex more? That statistic needs to be revisited....Anyway on to the Almighty Slash.


Wentworth Miller

Jensen Ackles

and Jared Padalecki

Oh no wait, we need to see Jared's fingers:

Ah, There we go... *grin*

NC-17 kiddies. Drug Use. If you're not into Slash, don't click. If you are, enjoy this Finger Porn.