Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Australia, When will the Wentworth Miller goodies end?

As if we haven't seen enough Aussie goodness, Melanzanie just found more in her New Weekly March 5th issue. Most of the info is old news but oh how we love to read the same shit over and over again right?

Page 1

Page 2

Wentworth Miller on ET Canada

Oops! I didn't post this did I? Maybe it's the fact that Paley is NEXT FREAKING WEEK that is short circuiting my brains...

Weekly Went Update: Prison Break Wash

I didn't do a recap last night but never fear, Jared and geniass have the Good, the Bad and the Pretty along with some lovely screencaps for you as usual. I may do a recap later but in the meantime, enjoy!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Favorite Comment(s) of the...Month?

Has it really been a month since I did these? Whoa! Well they're back! And you thought you'd never see them again...

Anonymous said...

one word.. wow

how are you so updated with all the pics? are you like wents secret agent or something?

I am not his secret agent, but I'll be his secret lover. *singing* Secret Lovers, yeah, that's what we ar-rah!


nicbeast said...

OH MY DEAR FUCKING GOD! I'll see you all later, I'm going to LA. Call you from jail.


Oh Nicky, I'll meet you there. *grin*

Krissie said...

This is the first time that I'm unable to decide which one I like the most!
I wanna kneel in front of him, I wanna sit in his lap, I wanna lick his neck... I WANT TO TOUCH HIM IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!

Ah the Krissie we know and love. I'd like to suck him in every possible position.
SavMed said...

Is it just me or is IT a little on the left? I'd like to make it hard and find out for sure....

Note to Went: for a blow job, please contact SavMed. Luv ya!

Splendid! *clapping*
mama bear said...

I'm such an idiot...I thought the title of this mag was "Official Hommies."

*must stop drinking boxed wine*

Went is as beautiful as ever...he looks as if he's found the "Fountain of Youth."

LOL and it will from now on be known as the Official Hommies shoot. The man gets younger everyday instead of older. I think someone needs to open an X File on him.

After doc took pics of her mag for us, she died from Went overload. I'd like to say a few words if you don't...

notthedoctor said...


Nevermind. She's back!
Anonymous said...


While you're at it Went, take me too would ya?

Karen said... The thought your pic inspired in my twisted mind:

Oh, Went... it really is...impressive. I hope my mouth is big enough...


Oh Karen, I'm so proud of you. You have made me truly happy. Oh how I wish you never left...*tearing up*

redlightmind said...

He said "quantifiable"...damn thats hot.


All of them. Just, all of them...but for the sake of picking one, I choose this:

soiled undies said...



Now I can't scream BAL - TI -MORE!!! anymore but LOS ANGE -LUS!!!!!!

So condoms, whips, hancuffs, a feather and maybe some hot wax was all promised to Went if he ever visited Baltimore, so what will he be getting in L.A. should you make it past security?

Actually that shouldn't be "should" it should be WHEN you make it past security because I know you will lover!!! (was that a tongue twister? sorry overuse of "should")




Oh BTW linds, those are some polite questions - I'm so surprised! I though the gal of "baby factory" fame would be a little less reserved!

Of course I wanna know about "smell" but I'm thinking the other four senses need more attention...say TOUCH AND TASTE in particular lover!!



Excitement over now!!! Hate (with love of course) and envy are taking it's place! Sure you do run the coolest blog ever and yes you totally deserve it and you are my Mistress and I WORSHIP but I still wish I could be there *pout* (however you never know, it's still a possibility). I would hold him down for you and wait my turn coughyeahrightcough* You know I would TAKE OVER! Be glad I'm not in America! LOL

Seriously though babe, I wish you all the best, all the luck in the world! I'm not even a bit jealous...okay maybe a little bit...maybe a lot...maybe I'm so FUCKING JEALOUS I WANNA SLIT YOUR FUCKING THROAT WHILE YOU SLEEP! *takes several deep breathes, eyes rolling in back of head*
but I won't because I do want you to meet him and tell us all about the GLORIOUS, HOLY EXPERIENCE!!!!!




MWAH!!!!! LOVE!!!! AND C YA!!!!

Where are you su?

Anonymous said...

ohh would like to have those fingers up my ......

Up your...nose?
the.red.head said...

Not only is he fucking with us, now he's teasing himself! I swear, do you see him fingering his forearm?! I really..really..can't take much more of this!

Oh believe me, I understand. Raise your hand if you're flying across the country just to watch him talk...*raising hand*

tia said...

holy crap they were so gonna do it why oh why didn't they do it damn it!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I'd see the day! This coming from someone who wanted me to kill off Sara in the short lived fake Prison Break episodes, lol. Oh yeah, I remember that tia!
Belgian said...

This show has made me a whore. I want to be pushed around by two brothers, two FBI agents waving their guns, and a Puerto Rican ex-convict. At. the. same. time.

This comment deserves an award or something but comes up JUST short of perfection: You forgot about T-bag. You can NOT leave out my man...*thinking of him licking that tongue out and rolling it*

Mama Bear said...

It's like he's saying with his eyes, "Yeah, you know I'm going to fuck you sideways." *swoon*

Sideways? *crossing*

Dani said...

SHOCK HORROR - STOP THE PRESS! Wet, dont worry about Lady Beige, she's just moved up in the wardrobe world...

This will be the DEATH of WFW now...

Wentworth you're a wanker!

Aww Dani...
Anonymous said...

Every time I am reminded that Went has a life different from the perfect life I imagine him to have(with me as the object of his affection), I die a little.

I'm a sad, sad person.

*holding up lighter*
redlightmind said...

Don't let me catch her on the street...

I agree with MINK, I don't see it but whatever, she's probably a nice person or he wouldn't be hanging out with her. Personally, I think they're just friends. Friends who wear ugly shoes...together.

I can't believe mink could actually form words. I was in the fetal position crying. *sniff* Oh and if this is you sober, I can't wait until we start drinking, lol.
Anonymous said...

Whooooaaa! You took it WAY back with the Mokenstef, WFW! Excuse me while I grab my Cross Colors outfit and Jodeci boots :o)

I have no words for Went or his "girlfriend" except...



mink said...

Well, let me just say that if you really realised that was Went's voice before the minute mark, ie. from the tiniest sample and before he actually spoke (and BTW, that line she used just brought my 'RIP Westie' sniffles back *sniff*), then 1) I take my hat off to you, and 2) I need you to tell me exactly how worried I should be. ;)

Oh mink, listen to this a few...hundred times and you'll understand, lol.

Dani said...

This stuff is fucking GOLD!

Ha ha ha ha...

Not one but TWO imposters now ! Fighting over the title in here... hehe.


Actually there are three, maybe four. Did I forget to post them? LOL
Belgian said...

Okay, I'll just go kill myself now. Both Went and Amaury were here? WHY, tell me, WHY? My life has no purpose anymore now.

*has visions of a particular sandwich*
*cries out loud*
*falls to knees*


Aww Bel, maybe they will come back!
the.red.head said...

I love how Dom keeps plugging the show. Fucking hilarious.

To which
Mama Bear said... I wish Dom would "plug" me.


tee tee said...

look at his skin,God you just want to lick it and those veins makes you think what else of his is that veiny, veiny is that a word? anyway,mmmmmmmmmm.......... veins


Anonymous said...

im going [to Paley Fest] too and i soooo can't wait!!! :D the happiest day ever.

See you there baby!

Krissie said...

*raises a glass*
Here's to the most addictive blog in the whole world and to you, WFW!
May your love for The Pretty and your craving of The Precious entertain us for a long long time!
Thank you for laughing and crossing!
I fucking love you! xox

Melanzanie said...

have we really been here for four months? I thought that I had been here all my life!

*more tears*

Anonymous said...

Man you guys are gonna hate me! I took the test and got a 120 on love, 100 on friendship, 130 on sex and 100 on partners. Commitment was strong, Intimacy was strong, Passion was powerful with him being dominant towards me. I never thought we would be that compatible. (I can hear the cursing now)

To which
Lily said...

DAAAYYYYMMM anonymous! That is a NICE score! Yikes! Quickly reassure us that you're married and live deep in the jungles of North Korea...

Mama Bear said...

OK, let me be the first of many ladies who are going to say this:

"He can put his dick in MY box any day!"

mink said...

You know that pic of the fallen cupid you posted at the top there, WFW? That's how I feel about Valentine's Day. 'Nuff said.

I didn't take that test, 'cos as soon as I read this...

"Family relationships and attachments are not as important to him as they are to most people and Miller often considers his friends closer to him than his blood relatives."

...I knew that the 'profiles' on that site are complete and utter bullshit. And it went on, characteristic after characteristic that was completely wrong. So, never fear WFW, you and The Perfect One would undoubtedly have Hot Monkey Sex. Although you knew that already, didn't you? ;)

mink, always the voice of reason. Thank you. *nodding with solemn facial expression*

Anonymous said...

WFW, I don't know you but I really like you... and so does Went.
I'm sure that he is addicted to this blog and to your humor.
Know that he is just as excited as your are to meet you on the promised day.
So make yourself very visible!
But don't expect too much he is very shy and very conscious of the media and of the image he has to project.
Take care, you are one special lady!

Oh Anon do you promise? Do you really promise? *crossing fingers*


Anonymous said...

WFW I love your blog fucking much, you are amazing and hilarious at the same time!!

Thank you so much! Flattery, it works everytime.

Geisha said...

Wow. That second pic did it for me. I swear I saw his lips move and he called my name.

*approving nod* You have done it correctly then.

Mama Bear said...

LMAO!!! Only you, WFW, could show us the LOTR correlation. Love it!

All things can be traced back to Lord of The Rings. All shall love me and despair. *completely serious face*
Stacy said...

That was abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. It totally made my day.

Oh Stacy how I miss you.

sammie.pie said...

"The gun sexiness..."--- Michael/Went may point his gun @ me anytime, anywhere... Yes in deed He may!! *LICK 3x*

Yes! Not only can he point it at me, but he can shoot...anywhere he likes...

Alberty said...

Can I be invited to your next chat with Wentworth. I can also tell my readers about it!!! I am dying to find out who the real went is! lol

American Urge

OMG! OMG! Is this my first male comment ever? (Sorry I can't tell if you anonymous people are male or female) *dancing* ALL of the beautiful boys are over on American Urge so you guys should totally check it out.
As always, thank you for your comments; I love you all!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Why place bets when you can buy stuff?

I'm sure by now you've heard about this and if not, Nikki from prisonbreakbuff.com writes:

I’m not sure I like this… Over at Bodog.com:

Bet On: Will Wentworth Miller, star of Fox’s hit TV series “Prison Break”, come out of the closet in 2007?

Any wagers placed after outcome becomes public knowledge will be graded as No Action. No refunds. No over limit wagers. Wentworth Miller must publicly announce, in 2007, that he is Homosexual, for all Yes wagers to be graded a Win. Max $50.

Not only do I find this hilarious, but it inspired me. Why place bets when you can buy stuff?

UPDATE: There's a new store with different merchandise. Have fun!

Also, I only have 10 Wet For Went bracelets left (with the site name spelled out completely) and once they're gone, they're gone! See, wasting money can be fun! And now back to your regularly scheduled program:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wentworth Miller really going to France?

EDIT: Here's a better translation than what babelfish came up with.

Next week, Virginie Efira and Bernard de la Villardière are filming the special « The 20 Events that the French Will Never Forget », which will be aired Tuesday, March 6 at 8:50 pm on M6 on the occasion of the network's twentieth anniversary.

The evening will be a prestigious event: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher or maybe others ? For its 20th anniversary, some of the stars of « Prison Break » or « Desperate Housewives » are expected to appear onstage. Other surprises, which M6 is guarding jealously, await you.

The special will be recorded Monday, February 26 from 6:00 to 11:00 pm at the La Plaine Saint-Denis studios. If you would like to be part of the audience, call now on behalf of coulisses-tv.fr without delay to reserve your spot. Public Acces number

Hmmmm...Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of the French squeeing...

Thanks Mumu and DBN!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, He's not coming. *handing out tissues*

Maybe I should pass out torches instead? From doc:

So regarding those fuckers at M6 network, it seems that, finally, they have filmed Dom & Went wishing greetings in LA or Dallas, whatever, to air the night of Anniversary show... And they plastered everywhere in France posters that say :
"7.5 million French have spent a night in Prison. Whose fault is it?"

Fuckers!!! LYNCH!!!

Lynch indeed...

Prison Break Bad Blood Screencaps

Oh the beauty that was Went tonight! That's right, own the sexy baby...
Go re-live it all over again or see it for the first time at Just Jared. Aw hell, this deserves pic spam...

The sexy entrance:

The gun sexiness:

Random sexiness:

And that wasn't even the half of it! SWOOOOOOOOON!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Prison Break Bad Blood 2/19 Live-Blogging Recap


Alrighty, here we go...

Sara and Michael are in the cigar club now. Sara opens the door to the room with the lock boxes and the manager stops her just as she is about to open the box. "Ms. Tancredi..." DAMMIT! Sara starts to walk away fast and Michael joins her as he sensed danger. Apparently Michael is the new Legolas. They dart through the kitchen and out the back just as the cops pull up. Good save but alas, they didn't get into the box.

Mahone is flying into Minnesota since some jackasses from the diner have turned C-Note in, BITCHES! Mahone has a cute convo with his kid who is still in the hospital and then his other line rings in. It's the FBI briefing him on C-Note's daughter being sick. They're going to alert the hospitals. Looks like C-Note's time on the run is almost up. Mahone buys a Get Well bear at the gift shop.

Michael and Sara get back into the car to tell Kellerman and Linc that they failed but Michael snagged some sort of roster of members before they ran out. The old Warden, Pope, is a member and they're going to go try and get his help. Sara knocks on the door. "Sir, Please I just need 5 minutes. After that if you want us to, we'll leave."
Pope: "Who's us?"
And now it's happening: That has got the be, THE SEXIEST ENTRANCE EVER FILMED. Wentworth, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME? WHY?!!!!!!! Holy Fucking Shit he looks hot and that Blue Fucking Steel could melt fire...yes MELT FIRE. I know that made no sense but FUCK!

Pope is angry and Mike is looking sexy. I'm sorry, that's all I can see is sexy sexy Wentworth.

T-bag and fam are still driving and Susan is inquiring about their destination when they finally pull up to a house that has been graffitied within an inch of its life. Turns out it's where T-bag grew up. I can totally picture it.

Sucre is still driving down the road in that vintage blue buggy and of course, it breaks down on him. Along comes a car...He's saved! Where you goin Sucre, the airport? Me too! Hop in! OK! Just say all that in Spanish and you get the idea. The guy that picked him up starts talking into a walkie talkie, turns out he's airport security on his way to help apprehend the American fugitive who is flying in today. Sucre puts on his hat and pulls it down. AHAHAHAHAHA!

C-Note is trying to get seen at a hospital but with no insurance card or license, the bitchy little secretary is refusing him. C-Note wants to see the supervisor. Off in the distance a security cam records the whole argument.

Pope is not being cooperative. He's chewing Mike out for lying to him, using him and ruining his life. Mike is trying to explain but Pope is not having it. He's gonna call the cops! Mike says, "I'm sorry but I can't let you do that." Holy fucking shit Went has a gun in his hand again. Wentworth Miller looks SO FUCKING SEXY with a gun. I'm only 13 minutes into this episode and I've already creamed my panties twice...You know who I blame this on? Mama Bear and her damn fiction.

Oooo! 300 commercial. Man, this movie is going to fucking ROCK and I'll see it while I'm in L.A. stalking Went...Hey Wentworth, Wanna see a movie with me? *grin*

Mike is still pointing the gun. "I'm not the man you think I am." God Went looks hot. Sara is being helpful, telling Pope that he's telling the truth. Pope puts down the phone but is not convinced until Mike puts down the gun. Awww Michael.

C-Note is arguing with the Supervisor now and she tells him "This is a hospital, not a homeless shelter." C-Note is hurt but he is leaving and just as he does, Mahone is pulling up. C-Note picks Dede up and runs while Mahone pursues him like the monster in a horror movie, walking at a snails pace and still he catches him just as he steps onto the back door of a bus. C-Note tries to tell Dede to let him go but she won't and the doors close. Mahone will not shoot with the girl in his arms. Mahone is a good guy. Awww Mahone.

Pope and Mike still talking. Pope still not budging. Mike offers him a deal but we don't know what it is.

Back at the house of horrors, T-bag is walking the family into a dump and surveying the house he grew up in, in disgust. The inside is full of graffiti too. He finds an old dictionary and starts to have flashbacks from his childhood. I have a feeling this isn't going to be good. Susan is trying to talk to him but he is in a trance, recalling his father and friends sitting around the living room. T-Bag's Dad is getting joked for being dumb. "It runs in the genes," the friend says. His dad tells the friend to pick a word and young Teddy will give 10 synonyms for the word and he does it! On command! He's smart! "My boy's gonna be President." OK now that we know something good about T-bag, now how did it go so horribly wrong...I don't have to wait long for my answer. I will not describe this scene as it gave me the creeps in only the way that someone who still has nightmares about Sleepers can get the creeps. Suffice it to say that T-bag was sexually abused. I had to cover my eyes...

Kellerman and Linc are on the roof of the building across the street watching the club. Linc is a little pissed off about Paul trying to kill him but he's being civil and wow does Dom look hot. Kellerman said he was just following orders and is making sense about how he sees this ending badly for all of them and even implying that Linc never should have involved his brother the way he has. Linc teases Kellerman about his love for the President and Kellerman tells him he could never understand and goes on about how if he's going down, the company and the Prez are going down. Linc says "She must have really broken your heart Paul," with a smirk on his face. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dammit, Mr. Kim is getting word that Sara was at the club in Chicago and he tells them to fire up the jet! FUCKING KIM!

Sucre got to the airport OK and is parting ways with the security guy and right after he walks away, security guy gets the memo with Sucre's face on it. "He's here!" He says in Spanish. DAMMIT!

Oooo! Commercial for new Jim Carey movie. That looks good too. Must go see.
New Mac and PC commercial making fun of Vista...LMAO

Maricruz and sis are at the terminal. Maricruz thinks Sucre's gonna show, the sis does not...and here he comes! AHHHHHHH Reunion! They kiss! Awwww! I love them! But now they have to run. They run to a taxi and jet out of there and then they kiss some more. Awwww!

Pope is gonna do it. He's going to help. Yay! And then: Oh shit, MiSa is squeeing again.

Linc calls Mike to say Pope just walked in. Pope gets in, gets the thumb drive out of the box and pulls it all off without a hitch! NICE! He even borrows the laptop of a member to check out the drive.

T-bag is cleaning up the house. The children are terrified and Susan tells him to look at them. He puts them in a room so he can talk to Susan alone and makes a heartfelt speech about how he just wants her to understand him and try to love him. I swear a transcript could not do this scene justice. I ache for T-bag, truly. This is so sad. She tells him she can not love him and he gets that homicidal look in his eye...Cut to Susan pleading from the inside of some sort of cellar looking place and T-bag staring at an axe. Oh fuck...

C-Note walks into a clinic that looks like it's full of crackheads and has to physically go find and bribe the doctor who himself looks skeevy. Oh no please, I don't want my Dede treated here C-Note! But he's desperate. She's getting sicker.

Linc, Michael and Sara are getting worried. Pope has been in there too long and just then here he comes but as he walks out, up walks Kim. GOD DAMMIT!

Kim is threatening Pope and wants whatever it is he took from the club. Kellerman recognizes him from the roof and he and Linc run down to intervene. A henchman gets out of Kim's car and opens the door for Pope to get in...Mike starts up the car. AHAHAHAHA! He's gonna run him down! Boom! Mike slams into Kim but he only knocks him out of the way. Kim reaches for his gun just as Linc walks up and kicks it out of his hand. The henchman trains the gun on Michael JUST as Kellerman shoots him in the back of the head. Meanwhile, Linc is kicking Kim's ass. AHAHAHA! Dom is so good at kicking ass. OK time to go, Linc gets into the car and Kellerman reaches for the handle but Sara locks the door! AHAHAHAHA! Kellerman can't get in! Michael pulls off since sirens are approaching and Kellerman is on his own once again and runs away.

At the house of horrors, the cellar door is opening and Susan and her kids are bracing themselves for what's coming but it's the cops. Susan says "But no one knew we were here..." and the cop tells her they got a call of a hostage situation. Cut to a cellphone on the ground and the sound of crying...It's T-bag. Oh man fuck, he just wanted to be loved...*tears*

Back at the crackhead hospital, the psycho doctor is going to stick something in Dede's neck...NOOOOO don't let him do it C-Note! Yes! C-Note says no to the Dr. and they leave.

Michael is dropping Pope off and now it's time to hold up his end of the deal. HE TOLD POPE HE WOULD TURN HIMSELF IN! Linc is pissed, Sara didn't know but she should totally look more broken up about this. Pope tells them he listened to what was on the drive and that Michael can go. Awww Pope, you still love Michael like a son.

C-Note is carrying Dede now and she's getting worse. Oh no, now he's crying. No C-Note I hate it when you cry! *tears* There's a payphone nearby. He calls Mahone to turn himself in. He wants to make a deal. He wants his wife out of jail to take care of Dede but Mahone doesn't see why he should deal. C-Note tells him he has something he needs. Cut to the hospital, Mahone is putting the get well bear under Dede's arm as she sleeps...Awww Mahone. He tells C-note that his wife was released an hour ago. C-Note promises him Scofield. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!

Mike, Linc and Sara are all huddled around a laptop. Michael inserts the thumb drive aaaaaaaand...Fade to Black. THE END.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wentcap: John Doe

Here it is, a month late, but here nonetheless. There weren't very many good Went shots this episode but what I did get seemed to have a theme so I just went with it.

The Lord of the Rings Extravaganza: SmeaWent and Wentlum

We wants it. We neeeeeeeds it. Must...have...The Precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked! Tricksy! False!

No, Not master!

Yes Precious, false. They will cheat you, hurt you, lie...

Master's my friend.

You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you.

I'm not listening. I'm not listening.

You're a liar and a thief.



Go Away.

Go Away? *mad cackling*

I hate you. I hate you.

And the Emmy goes to:

Best Imitation of Samwise Gamgee just after Frodo says: The ring is mine.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Wet For Went's Wentworth Miller Masturbation Workout

I figure, everyone is all into this fitness thing these days so I said to myself, self, you should release a workout tape or DVD or something and make some quick cash...when I remembered that no one who looked at me would believe I worked out I said to myself, fat ass, why don't you release an instructional step by step guide combining your two favorite things: Cumming and Wentworth Miller, and then I said back to myself, YES! That's it! And so I present to you: Wet For Went's Wentworth Miller Masturbation Workout or WFWWMMW; A way to get you through your workday and your miserably horny and Went-less existence.

Warm up:

Drink some water. In fact, drink a lot of water. 48 oz. is good and don't go to the bathroom for a while. Yes this will be important later, so do it. Trust me. *grin*

Step 1

Learn to masturbate without using your hands. I know that this a tall order for some of you so I will say, skip this if you weren't born with the obscenely pleasant and ridiculously convenient talent I was born with. Sometimes, I fucking love my life.

Step 2

Make sure no one else is around, unless you're into that sort of thing. I leave my office door open but I can hear someone coming and sometimes, it's kind of hot to be almost caught. I wonder what the people at work would think if they saw my head thrown back and a look of absolute ecstasy on my face. Can you say RAISE?

Step 3

Decide just how many orgasms it's going to take to satisfy you. Three is usually the magic number for me. Actually, this one is kind of up in the air as you don't know how many you will need until you get down to business. So let's move on to

Step 4

Get yourself a Wentworth Miller photo. I like to start with the one I affectionately refer to as "The Mock Cock." Observe:

Notice how it looks as if he is holding...himself. Mmmm...Now imagine him stroking his beauuuuuuuutiful...self and go with that. Zoom in on the crotch area...Isn't that nice? Fuck yeah it is....Mmmm....

Step 5


Step 6

Realize that one is not nearly enough and move on to

Step 7

Get yourself another Wentworth Miller picture. These days I move on to the one I affectionately refer to as "Getting Fingered." Have a look:

Mmmm, look at those fingers. Imagine them going in and out and in and out and wiggling around in there a little and in and out...Now look into his eyes...that's it, that's it...

Step 8

Cum Again

Step 9

Realize that one-sided "romance" is sad and a little pathetic. You want Went to cum WITH you! So make him, by using a pic I affectionately refer to as "Wentstacy." And here it is:

Oh yeah, oh yeah, he's cumming with you this time. Oh GOD it's gonna be good. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT

Step 10

Regain consciousness. Control the eyes now. They're rolling up into your head and it looks like you're having a seizure. Stop shaking, calm it down now, I think you're OK. You should be throbbing now and plenty satisfied. But guess what? It's not over...

Cool Down:

Go pee. I know you're thinking, WFW, what the fuck does this have to do with anything? Shut up and Just. Go. Pee.

And now you're done! Working out will never be the same again.

This has been Wet For Went's Wentworth Miller Masturbation Workout. Donations can be sent in lieu of your first born, by clicking the Paypal Donate button in the sidebar. *bowing* Have a fantastic day.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where in the world is Wentworth Miller?

Well right now my guess would be shooting but a little birdie told me that the word on the net is that he MAY be in Paris on March 1st for the 20th Anniversary of the M6 Network (the network airing Prison Break). Stars of other TV series airing on the network are scheduled to attend so it is probable that TV's hottest brothers may also make an appearance. If that is the case, I know one person who is already in pre-stalker mode and needs to make A PLAN...notthedoctor, start carrying your notthecamera!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

Four months of memories...And here's one now! Jared has some never before seen pics taken when Wentworth Miller was on Jimmy Kimmel on October 20, 2006. That was only one week after I started this blog and mink, bless her, was already commenting...preceded only by su, who was the fifth commenter on the site (after brits, Moosie and Squallcloud who all had an unfair advantage as they knew of the site from the start and one unidentified anon that said you should never wear high fashion unless you're high and that's good advice people).

I remember how I PM'd britpopbaby and told her what I was thinking and she made me a banner. I emailed Jared straight away as he is my Wentblogging Idol and he wished me luck. I told the Moose what was up once it debuted and he plugged me and my girl Dany let me use the Jake/Went morphs for the very first Pick One. Then Keena made her kick ass video, I emailed it to Michael K, he posted it and the rest is history. Now here we are, four months later, and I have become a real life stalker. Ahhh Memories... Can it be that it was all so simple then? I feel a song coming, Sing it with me now! Meeeeeeemories, like the corners of my mind, Misty watercolored meeeeeeeemories, of the way we were...

Happy Fucking Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day. It's over-rated and with the exception of flowers from my father and maybe a small gift from my parents, it's a present-less holiday. It. is. stupid. Now I have proof of how dumb this holiday really is: I have scored a big fat 0 in everything on this lovely test...well, except for Sex. Now you might be thinking, WFW, you only want Went for his body right? Well you are only partially correct but for now, let's just say yes. Scoring a 60 out of a possible hundred makes even that look like a doomed prospect. I don't even care about the other categories (Love, Friendship and Partners respectively), or about the fact that the test said that Went would be committed to me and be dominant when it comes to intimacy. When it comes to passion it says I would be the dominant one, OK so that part is right....but sex a 60? A FUCKING 60? I'm insulted and offended. I'll take Sex for 100 Alex...cuz that is the only number in that category that I'd be interested in. Now you go take it. Break your heart, dash your dreams, and Happy Fucking Valentine's Day!

***Oh, and them not having Wentworth Miller's exact time of birth totally makes the entire thing inaccurate and shoots their statistics all to hell so THERE! *mumbling under breath* That'll teach you to give ME a fucking 60 in sex...

Thanks Lily! *punching Lily*

UPDATE: OK so this SO made up for that stupid test, lol.

If you aren't laughing your ass off right now b/c you don't get it, have a look here.

Thanks Patty!

UPDATE #2: I changed my mind...This is the the best Valentine's Day EVER.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wet For Went is Four Months Old Today!

Last month I missed it, this month I caught it! Four months of non-stop Wentworth Miller Madness. May it never end...

And now for a special treat: In honor of this milestone, Mr. Miller would like to make a speech.

*yelling* SPEECH! SPEECH!

*chuckling* Alright quiet down you. Happy Anniversary Wet For Went and loyal readers! I've been asked to speak to you today as I am the focus of the site (though I can't say I agree that I deserve so much attention). Now I will read a statement given to me by WFW. [statement]Who knew that this adorable teen you see here would grow into this ridiculously sexy specimen of man you see before you today. Let's use a visual aid:

[/statement] Oh WFW please! I've always looked like this! I am very grateful that you all continue to be interested in even the smallest detail of my life. Keep watching Prison Break; I love you all! Oh and by the way, Mind your own fucking business. Did I just say fucking? I apologize, please replace that with damn; It's more polite. Now I'm fittin to abscond, just like I'm James Bond, I need me a coffee, maybe flavored almond. Be Good!

Oh and WFW, it amuses me that you believe you will be the aggressor on 3/9. I've heard about you; Bring it on.

*rolling eyes* Went is such a fucking tease...

What is Wentworth Miller

No there was no Prison Break last night but Wentworth Miller still made his usual Monday night appearance; He was the answer to a question on Jeopardy!

Category: Last Name
Clue: Sienna and Wentworth
Answer: What is Miller

Something tells me this would please Went. I've got a clue now and it's just one word: Paley. 24 days and counting...

Thanks mama bear!

Monday, February 12, 2007

More Wentworth Miller Magazine Hotness

If you want to add to your collection, go and get yourself the March 2007 Vanity Fair (The Hollywood Issue). Wents' Gap Ad is inside.


Thanks tellyfan!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wentworth Miller Comes Back For More and Brings the Cast

The chatbox is truly an addictive place. Even Wentworth Miller can't stay out of it. I suspect this is why he REALLY couldn't make it to Korea. *hugging Korean fans*

mama bear: so, what are we going to ask Went when he comes back?
WFW: Went, Went, Went! Ra, Ra, Ra!
WFW: I think I should ask him how the restraining order against su is coming along. Sure she's on another continent but a man needs protection...
linds: i'm going to ask Went if he hits it from the back, if he's a T and A man or if he's about the legs, and if he is all brunettes all the time or is there room on his jock for redheads.
mama bear: LMAO
Lily: Went, If I talk dirty to you, will you, in fact, F me harder?
Lily: Went, How well do you follow instruction?
Lily: Went, How is your upper body strength?
mama bear: i'm going to ask him if he likes to eat pussy
linds: Went - is all the stuff that i read about geminis in my sextrology book true?
Lily: Went, Are you familiar with Strip Scrabble?
su: Ra RA?! What are we cheerleaders now lover? ....Okay I can do that.*MAKES A HIGH KICK* oOPS! *FORGOT i'M NOT WEARING PANTIES! *waves pom poms to distract crowd*
mama bear: all great queries
nicbeast: lol su
WFW: I fucking love you linds
Julie: Oh Girls I saw Gale Harold was mentioned, I'm losing it!!
WFW: su, start wearing panties
Lily: Went, Will you read your college thesis to me, very, very slowly.
WFW: Lily, lovely questions
WFW: and I'm sure he eats well...I just have this feeling...
mama bear: ooh, i love that one, Lily
linds: i am also going to talk measurements because I imagine he has an incredible peen but i want assurance
WFW: No will he read his thesis to you with his mouth on your...
su: Britney and Paris taught me well...
mama bear: LOL
Lily: Geminis are kinky and bisexual.
linds: yes! in my mind went is a good eater - none of this portion control bullshit
mama bear: yes, i bet he's a slow teaser
su: I'm gonna ask what his cum tastes like.
Lily: Yes, please... I'll take one of those with everything.
linds: Lily - i know! gems are so much fun to get riled up
su: I love Geminis....and Pisces *hint hint*
Wentworth Miller:: You've been asking an awful lot of questions, ladies.
mama bear: he tastes likes cookies
mama bear: sweet, i bet
mama bear: AHA!
WFW: WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
su: WENT!!!!!!!!!
linds: *dying*
mama bear: i knew it!
linds: Went!!!!!!!
Lily: lol
Lily: Here we go...
su : Damn it Went!!! The Apprentice is on!
linds: mamabear - hi five!
nicbeast: Ha ha
Julie: WENT!!!
Julie: OH MY GOD!!
mama bear: TOTALLY, linds!
su: Your timing is wonderful!
Wentworth Miller::I may not answer all of them.
nicbeast: Hello Went.
Julie: I'm 17 By the way!!
WFW: Went, you're back. I missed you so much!
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Nic.
Julie: :biggrin:
WFW: *squeeeeeeee*
nicbeast: How've you been?
su: And I'm 18 and legal Julie - so sorry for you!
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, should you even be here? Does your mother know?
mama bear: ok, but please tell us your views on cunninglis
nicbeast: Nice to see you again.
Lily: So, Went. Do you and SWC talk about post-feminist feminism all the time?
Julie: Haha su, Well I'm not a slut!!
WFW: lol Went
Lily: lol MB
Julie: No Wentworth, I'll tell her once she's home okay?
mama bear: why is everyone 18 all of a sudden?
su: Excuse me Julie? Are you saying something?!
Wentworth Miller: Not all the time, Lily.
nicbeast: Ha ha, MB
Lily: Just sometimes?
linds: wentworth - are geminis really wild?
Julie: Well su, Yes I am!!
linds: and are you?
nicbeast: What is your favourite food?
WFW: Lily! He said your naaaaaame!
nicbeast: ...speaking of eating...
Wentworth Miller: I am not wild. In public.
Julie: WOW Went!!
Julie: Tell me more!
mama bear: went, my real name is shaniqua bunnyhopper...can you say it, please?
mama bear: :)
su: Don't make me bitch slap you child! Besides....I'm a born again virgin for Went....
nicbeast: Gentleman on the street, freak in the bed?
Julie: I have always been a virgin, Take That!
linds: Wentworth!!! I love you so much
su: Men like experience, don't they Went?!
Wentworth Miller: Well, Nic, can I have some privacy left?
WFW: Wentworth, you're always so succinct. What subject are you passionate about that makes you just want to go on and on?
Julie: No they don't, su!!
mama bear: but went, do you like pussy?
linds: su that's what i'm talking about - eff that virgin nonsense.
mama bear: you never answered and we're all waiting with baited breath
mama bear: like to EAT pussy, i mean...we all know you're allergic to cats
linds: went, do you go down? please say you go down. please say you're one of those guys who gets it.
nicbeast: I wish you all the privacy you desire.
Julie: God, This talk is so PG-rated!!
WFW: Now girls, he can't answer them all at once...
Lily: Great question, WFW.
WFW: Give the man a moment to reflect.
su: Do you know where the CLIT is Went? Because I could show you....
Wentworth Miller: Yesterday you behaved.
Julie: Wentworth please type faster!!
mama bear: *shamed*
Lily: su you're killing me LMAO
mama bear: *slapping myself with a wet noodle*
Julie: su is talking dirty tonight!
nicbeast: Funny MB!
su: Well it's not Yesterday Went! It's Today and we're going BUCK WILD!
mama bear: lol
Julie: lol mama
Wentworth Miller: su, did you take them all with you down that road?
WFW: When Wentworth speaks, we listen. If he tells me to be good, I will.
linds: went - focus!
Lily: Are Amaury and Knepper all crowded around you, laughing their asses off right now?
mama bear: very true, WFW
Julie: Yes she did Wentworth!
WFW: I'll do ANYTHING you tell me to do Went.
su: So Went *I wanna fuck you like an animal!*
mama bear: let's get some class ladies...now went, about the pussy eating
Wentworth Miller: No, I'm alone right now, having a break.
nicbeast: You people have lost your damn minds!
su: *Put it in my mouth!*
keena: .....what the hell is going on here ?!!!
WFW: keena!
su: I took them down to Chinatown Went!
Wentworth Miller: mama bear, really.
WFW: Went is here! AGAIN!
Lily: This is the funniest shit I swear to GOD.
mama bear: sorry
Julie: People, Behave!!
mama bear: *red as a beet*
Lily: Me first, WFW!
linds: i'm so getting fired.
mama bear: *crying, wailing in a corner*
WFW: Please people...Settle down. Let Went breathe
WFW: and read
WFW: one question at a time
WFW: linds, you first
WFW: and go!
WFW: lol
Wentworth Miller: WFW, I certainly wouldn't want that to happen. I should leave you girls to your chatting about... well, to your chatting.
Julie: Type!!!
Lily: Went needs a secretary. *volunteer*
Julie: NO Went!!
linds: Wentworth. Do you go down? Pretty pretty please say yes!
su: WENTWORTH SEX GOD EARL FUCK ME UNCONSCIOUS PLEASE!!!! MILLER the 3rd is here! oH BTW Went, I'll be more than happy to make you a 4th, a 5th, a 6th....
WFW: linds, you have the floor
Julie: seriously getting fired is nothing compared to you leaving!
Wentworth Miller: linds, what do you think? Can we drop it now, please?
WFW: You're annoying him now
WFW: See?
nicbeast: Yes, please...drop it!
Lily: *silence*
WFW: I told you
Lily: lol
WFW: plus he's private dammit.
WFW: Did you think he would answer?
Julie: So who's next?
Julie: Me!!Me!!!
mama bear: why do i feel like i need to go to confession?
WFW: He said what do you think so that means yes
WFW: next question
Julie: Because you do!!You all do!!MB
WFW: su, go
su: So are you really any good in bed Went? Please don't tell me you're just photogenically fuckable!
nicbeast: Don't let su go...
mama bear: *taking out the rosary...*
Julie: WFW, when am I up?
su: Did I spell that right?
WFW: Very well put su I am pleased and impressed.
nicbeast: *looking for priest*
WFW: next Jailbait
WFW: let him answer first
su: Who else is Catholic?!
Julie: Yeeeey!I love you WFW!
nicbeast: cue me up.
Julie: I am gonna behave
su: Ohhhhhhhh! I pleased Mistress!
Fever: Bad time to say hi?
mama bear: *remembering Went in that confessional...fuck, this is hopeless*
Wentworth Miller: su, let's just say I never had any complaints. There were tears though. But I don't think the ladies cried of disappointment.
WFW: hey Fever, lol
WFW: Oh Went, Good GOD!
Julie: So Went, When are you coming to Belgium (And please don't ask me where Belgium is!)
mama bear: wow...tears
su: HAAAAAAAA!!! WENT!!! You gonna make me cry?
mama bear: did that irritate you?
WFW: *wet*
Julie: Tears???
su: Was that love in my direction lover?
Wentworth Miller: Belgium, Julie? There might be some tears now...
WFW: That means he's very good virgin Jailbait but you won't find out
Julie: OOOh nooo!Went!!
mama bear: and there Julie goes...
Julie: You dissappoint me!!
mama bear: she's come over to the darkside...:)
WFW: Julie you are TOO YOUNG
Wentworth Miller: I'm really sorry, Julie.
WFW: No soup for you
Fever: Someone add me to this equation (cue me W)
su: You like virgins Went? Like popping cherries? I'm a born again virgin you know!
WFW: Awww so nice about it Went
Julie: NO I am Not WFW!
WFW: nic is next
WFW: and go
Julie: SO Went just google it!And take the next plane!!
nicbeast: Would you like to spend a weekend in wine country with me?
Julie: I am sure there will be a starbucks once you'll come here!!
Wentworth Miller: I would. I hope you would read your story to me. If I had any time.
WFW: He's trying to let you down easy Jailbait. He's a gentleman.
Julie: Oh yeah, Went, Belgium is Right next to France (Cannes, anyone??)
nicbeast: And how do you know about that?
Julie: Please wear that argyle sweater if you ever come!!
WFW: Awww Wentworth
su: South Africa has GREAT VINEYARDS! But I don't' like wine though...I'm sure we can find something else to quench my thirst....
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, I know where Belgium is.
mama bear: sweet, nic!
mama bear: LMAO
WFW: Fever go!
mama bear: went, you're snarky today
Wentworth Miller: Nic, lovely, I lurk.
Julie: Haha Went, your such a tease!
WFW: I love snark. It's sexy Went.
nicbeast: Call me, I'll set it up...
mama bear: yes, it is
Lily: WFW, way to regulate. Good job.
mama bear: me next, WFW!
su: You can go read Julie a bedtime story Went! That's all the goodies you can get! Sorry Jules!! AHAHHHHAAA!!!
WFW: Fever's turn
Fever: I just want a little personal attention. Time for me someday?
nicbeast: I'll even cook if you'd like.
Fever: oooh...Went. My turn!
Julie: Oh Well Liquid Sex su, Rememeber?
Wentworth Miller: Oh, Fever, I barely have time for myself.
WFW: mb you're next, and stay in line young lady. I don't want to have to crack the whip.
su: You can EAT OFF me Went!
su: ? Julie?
WFW: Aww poor Wentworth works too much. You need a massage baby?
Julie: What su?
Wentworth Miller: What's on the menu, su?
mama bear: sorry, i'm 18 and you know how juvenile we can be
WFW: I'll hook you up this summer...
su: HEY! who said you could borrow my WHIP! lover!
su: ME WENT!!!
WFW: I have my own...They don't call me Mistress for nothing.
WFW: mb go!
mama bear: ok...went, do you hold a woman's face in your hands when you kiss?
Julie: Yes he does MB!!!
WFW: awww mb
Julie: Have you seen human stain?
mama bear: not SWC - REAL women
su: Cunt on a silver platter with a little gravy and perhaps some potato wedges if you're not too fussy about carbs...
Lily: Can I just say that SWC's hands in the kiss scene were amazing. She's so good. Sorry... uh... back to Went...
Wentworth Miller: I do, MB.
mama bear: *blush*
WFW: mb stop it now they are friends
WFW: be nice
Julie: Haha mb!!
mama bear: see, i'm not bad, went...i just need love
WFW: *shaking head at su*
WFW: you are a good girl mb
WFW: Lily, did you go yet?
mama bear: oh sorry, SWC is the bomb
WFW: And Went, great answers by the way.
Julie: Our hope for su, is gone!!
Wentworth Miller: su, you're making a 34 year old man blush.
Wentworth Miller: Thank you, WFW.
Julie: Went, can you chat-type?
Lily: No, but I don't really have anything. :)
su: BTW Went! Was that your naked flesh that graced the screen in Human Stain?
WFW: I love how eloquent you are. You are definitely Wentworthy...Well that and the fact that you ARE Wentworth and all.
Julie: Oh su, is that even a question?
su: Ohhhh! I made Went blush!!!! Beat that!
mama bear: went, are you a hunt and pecker...typist that is?
Julie: su, you could make anyone blush!
su: I need to know if that was some stunt double's ass I drooled over or the real thing?!
Julie: You're the queen of blush!
su: lol mb!
Wentworth Miller: Real thing, su. At that time doubles weren't an option.
Stranger: hum...
su: I accept that title and graciously thank you for it.
WFW: Went, if we went on a date, Where would we go?
nicbeast: Most of you make me blush.
mama bear: went, you have a nice buttocks
su: Okay then, BTW NICE ASS WENT!!!
WFW: <=== in a romantic mood today
Julie: Yes MB!!!I agree!
Wentworth Miller:
Where would you like to go?
su: Can I tag along/
Julie: Do some more butt shots will you!!
su: You can put me on a leash.
Stranger: This is weird, isn't it?
Julie: WFW loves them too!
WFW: Yes Went, we adore your ass.
WFW: literally and figuratively
Stranger: It simply cannot be true, can it, Wentworth?
WFW: Are you saying I could pick the place Went? You really are perfect...
su: Tyra Banks did a expose on the Moonlite Bunnyranch today. It looks really romantic...
Wentworth Miller: All right, ladies, my break is over. And just so you know, the tattoo is on today.
mama bear: Stranger, the truth is Stranger than fiction
Wentworth Miller: Be good.
WFW: Oh my...
mama bear: woo-hoo!
su: Believe or leave Stranger! *kudos to krissie for that quote*
WFW: bye Went! Love you!
WFW: Be good!
nicbeast: Been nice talking with you.
mama bear: love that quote!
mama bear: be good, went!


WFW: Fever, your punishment
Wentworth M: Hello.
Fever: LMFAO
nicbeast: Hello Went.
mama bear: hello, went
Lilllly: oh dear
mama bear: why only the "m"?
CT: hi, went
Fever: Hello baby
WFW: Went?
WFW: Is that you?
nicbeast: how are you tonight went, a little late for you isn't it?
Wentworth M: I had to come in and check in. I see there has been an imposter in here.
WFW: what a lovely treat
mama bear: who?
nicbeast: *2. put your junk in that box*
WFW: really Went? It wasn't you?
WFW: Who was it then?
Fever: Nic, you're killin' me! LMAO
nicbeast: i love that skit
WFW: and what are you still doing up Mr. Miller?
Wentworth M: No, that wasn't me before. Someone who knows of this site said that there has been an imitator or two. I wanted to clear that up.
CT: what do u mean, went
Wentworth M: These kind of things are still very strange to me. Myspace is another example.
mama bear: so, wentworth miller is not you?
nicbeast: Well how do we know YOU'RE not the imposter?
WFW: Well wonderful of you to do that for us Went. We really appreciate it.
nicbeast: I think you should come to my house and prove it.
CT: so we don't know who is the real went
WFW: Might I get your dick in a box for my birthday Went?
Lilllly: lol
CT: ok, take your time, lillly
mama bear: lol
Lilllly: ROFL
nicbeast: LOL WFW
Wentworth M: I guess you can't ever be sure on the Internet. That's the moral of the story here. That's why I'm always weary of what I see and read. So if you ever think that something doesn't seem like me...
Wentworth M: Am I rambling? I am sorry. I am getting cut off.
mama bear: dick in my box would really suffice
WFW: It's a cheap and easy gift and I'd be ever so grateful...
nicbeast: mama bear!!
Lilllly: Ramble away, Went. This is your best audience.
mama bear: went, are you upset?
Lilllly: lol MB!
nicbeast: Went, I have questions about your thesis.
Wentworth M: No, I am not upset. Sorry if it comes across that way. I still find things like imitators very strange.
WFW: We understand Went. It must be a daunting task dealing with these imposters.
Wentworth M: I am very flattered by all of your attention. Thank you for all your support.
CT: so u are the real Went, so confused!
mama bear: you'll have it always
Wentworth M: I keep doing all of this for you all.
WFW: Oh CT, you are so cute
WFW: We live to flatter you Went.
CT: really? i am so new here
WFW: and thank YOU for entertaining us
WFW: We are grateful
CT: don't know what has happened before!
mama bear: so it wasn't you who scolded me earlier?
WFW: just read then CT and we'll catch you up later k?
nicbeast: it would seem not mb
Wentworth M: Thank you very much. Know that I do appreciate it. Keep smiling and be good all!
mama bear: no, no, don't leave
mbnd: i see went can't get enough eh?!!
WFW: We will Went. We will.
CT: ok, thanks WFW
Lilllly: Can't wait for your screenplay!
WFW: Thanks for coming
mama bear: i beat myself with wet noodles for an impostor?
mama bear: wtf?!
WFW: hey mbnd:!
nicbeast: :-)
mbnd: hey ladies
mama bear: hey mbnd
WFW: and...bye Wentworth...*sobbing softly*
nicbeast: hey mbnd
mama bear: WFW, what do you think?
mbnd: hey mb
mama bear: was wentworth m the REAL one?
WFW: Here's what I think: It's my dick in a box!
Lilllly: It's 11:16 in Texas right now.
nicbeast: hahahha
Fever: lol
WFW: sure he was *rolling eyes* He didn't offer to come see me did he? Clearly an imposter.
mama bear: thought so
nicbeast: hahaha
Lilllly: lol WFW
WFW: but thanks for playin!
Fever: nic, how do i win mistress back? still in trouble
WFW: actually I have no idea who that was
nicbeast: well we do entertain ourselves dont we
Dominic Purcell: Hi, I'm Dominic Purcell from popular telecvision show "Prison Break."
nicbeast: Fever, i find either begging or spoiling her with gifts works best for me
mama bear: oh boy
CT: thought u have already gone, WFW
nicbeast: rotfl
Amaury Nolasco: Hola, this is Amaury.
Robert Knepper: Greetings.
mbnd: loved ur interview on conan last night dom
CT: welcome
nicbeast: ROTFLMFAO
mbnd: welcome cast of
Lilly: imposters... well... I guess they don't suck, but...
mbnd: pb
mama bear: LMAO!
Lilly: ouch Dom isn't a great typist
mbnd: this chat box gets more interesting everyday
mama bear: his fingers are so large that's why!
WFW: Fever, more punishment
mama bear: all is forgiven
Lilly: I was gonna say that lol
mama bear: i like thick fingers
Lilly: oh no WFW. You didn't.
WFW: Robert!
WFW: I love you!
mama bear: and amaury,,,"fly safe, papi!"
mama bear: t-bag!
WFW: Amaury!
Lilly: Bob Knepper.
WFW: I fucking love you too!
mama bear: *swoon* oh to be, oh to be...
Lilly: lol
mbnd: lol
nicbeast: funny
WFW: and yes Lily I did
mama bear: where is dom?
WFW: *Effie's just been kicked out of the band*
Lilly: so funny. He can sing!
mama bear: dom, honey, type with fingers, not with knuckles...:)
WFW: So Bob and Amaury have you seen Dreamgirls?
WFW: I know Lily Jake CAN sing!
nicbeast: *sleepy*
WFW: and look at those ARMS!
Robert Knepper: Yes, I have.
Fever: no sleepy, nic - stay with us
nicbeast: how's your son robert
nicbeast: but Fever...so tired
Amaury Nolasco: Dreamgirls was cool
mbnd: stay awake woman the cast is here
Amaury Nolasco: eddie murphy is my man
WFW: yay Amaury!
mama bear: you're HOT, amaury
WFW: Amaury, I love you too you know.
Dominic Purcell: Bob loves dresses
WFW: Dom!
nicbeast: Hey Amaury.
WFW: This is so awesome
mama bear: really, dom?
WFW: How's it hangin Dom
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies!!
mama bear: where's went?
Amaury Nolasco: you are all hot too
WFW: Robert, I think your potrayl of T-bag is just fabulous.
mbnd: so dom hows the wife & kids
WFW: aww Amaury! *blushing*
Amaury Nolasco: miller was right here
nicbeast: *shaking head*
Amaury Nolasco: i dont know where he went to
mama bear: sweet!
mama bear: does he love us too?
WFW: Dom, dude, they seriously need to give you more shirtless shots, killer chest
Dominic Purcell:l Thanks for watching the show
Fever: Gorgeous Amaury
mama bear: heck ya, dom!
Fever: Love that man
mama bear: can we get all of PB shirtless and sweating?
nicbeast: I loved John Doe
WFW: It's OK Amaury y'all can keep us company til he gets back
WFW: no prob Dom! Wouldn't miss it!
mama bear: amaury, are you cuban or puerto rican?
Amaury Nolasco: Dom loses buttons
Fever: and WFW, loved my punishment
Amaury Nolasco: yeah dominic's shirt is off a lot right?
Amaury Nolasco: rican watchyou think?
mama bear: yikes, sorry!
Dominic Purcell: what's he saying now?
nicbeast: she's sorry papi
mama bear: any latino is luscious to me
WFW: Amaury you're so cute
WFW: *giggling*
Fever: niiiiice, nic!
Dominic Purcell: Keep watching
mama bear: thanks, nic
Fever: very clever
mama bear: dom, does went snore?
mama bear: since you share a trailer and all,,,you'd know, right?
WFW: We wouldn't stop watching babe. No F-in way.
Amaury Nolasco: any latino? there's only one
nicbeast: np mb
Amaury Nolasco: ok I gotta go now
mama bear: yes, yes, sorry *genuflecting*
nicbeast: MB!! LOL
Lilly: what what what the fuck??
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies
nicbeast: what Lily
WFW: OK Amaury. It was lovely of you to come!
Lilly: everyone shows up and I lose my page (and my mind)
Lilly: where's Dom!?!!?
Lilly: I have to yell at him for that stupid movie.
Fever: yes, what happened to Dom?
WFW: still there Dom? Robert? Or are you guys gone too?
mbnd: dom went to check if went snores

And still later after everyone had gone to bed...

WFW: phone call woke me up
WFW: still here
WFW: <=== so sleepy...friend talkin...want to sleep...
Wentworth M:
Good night.
WFW: Awww hi Went
WFW: so sleepy
WFW: friend still talking
Wentworth M: It is empty here now. All you girls chat up a storm and wear out, I presume?
WFW: Yes Went. Non-stop talking about you mostly.
WFW: Quite exhausting
Wentworth M: I like the quiet though. This is a very nice site, very different, but very flattering. You have a good night and take care. I meant to say earlier...
WFW: so nice of you to come back and wish me goodnight.
Wentworth M: If ever something doesn't sound like me on the Internet, it is most likely not. However, I do know of this site. And I know people on my end who monitor all of these sites.
Wentworth M: Thank you again, it is very flattering. Very touching to get all of this support. I love you all. Have a good night!
WFW: I bet. It's important to keep up with the chatter.
WFW: You're very welcome Went.
WFW: Oh and love you too
WFW: :heart:
WFW: friend hung up!
WFW: bed here I come!

And so...The plot thickens! Wentworth Miller was an imposter? *making surprised face* Does that mean we can't believe him about the tat coming back in the last half of Season 2? *sad face* Wentworth M is the REAL Wentworth? OMG *organ playing* Join us next time for The Adventures of Wentworth Miller in the Chatbox. Goodnight!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wentworth Miller Takes the Transalpin Express

So I'm checking out Keena's Myspace Page as I often do, looking for new tracks b/c I love her shit, and I find a new one called Transalpin Express and give it a listen. I hear a tone I recognize and I think to myself, Could it be? Why yes, yes it is. How many people's voices can I recognize from a fraction of a syllable and based on tone alone? No one but him. Wentworth Miller has consumed me completely.

Wentworth Miller: It's Over Between Us

The first time, I chewed you out. The second, I refreshed your memory about our long distance rule. This time, It's over. I'm sorry but I am ebaying my Paley tickets as we speak. Have a nice life.

I don't know whether to thank you or not geniass...

You know what? I've changed my mind. I forgive you Wentworth. Why can't I ever stay mad at you?

Beigette, you however, I have some words for. I dedicate this song to you.