Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wet For Went is Four Months Old Today!

Last month I missed it, this month I caught it! Four months of non-stop Wentworth Miller Madness. May it never end...

And now for a special treat: In honor of this milestone, Mr. Miller would like to make a speech.

*yelling* SPEECH! SPEECH!

*chuckling* Alright quiet down you. Happy Anniversary Wet For Went and loyal readers! I've been asked to speak to you today as I am the focus of the site (though I can't say I agree that I deserve so much attention). Now I will read a statement given to me by WFW. [statement]Who knew that this adorable teen you see here would grow into this ridiculously sexy specimen of man you see before you today. Let's use a visual aid:

[/statement] Oh WFW please! I've always looked like this! I am very grateful that you all continue to be interested in even the smallest detail of my life. Keep watching Prison Break; I love you all! Oh and by the way, Mind your own fucking business. Did I just say fucking? I apologize, please replace that with damn; It's more polite. Now I'm fittin to abscond, just like I'm James Bond, I need me a coffee, maybe flavored almond. Be Good!

Oh and WFW, it amuses me that you believe you will be the aggressor on 3/9. I've heard about you; Bring it on.

*rolling eyes* Went is such a fucking tease...