Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wentworth Miller and Wet For Went Together At Last


If you don't have one Went, you may want to hire a bodyguard.

It gives me great pleasure (you have no idea how much) to announce that on March 9, 2007, I, WFW, will finally see Wentworth Miller in the flesh.

Went, I'll be the girl with the afro in the Wet For Went t-shirt with her hand up during the question and answer period just to ask you what you're doing later. I'm gonna lock you up and throw away the key.

And while you're all locked up and looking hot (oh so very lickably hot), I'm gonna do things to you that there are no names for yet.

When I wake up from that luscious dream and realize that I'm in lockup in L.A. for lunging onto the stage, knocking you to the ground and hanging on for dear life as you scream "SECURITY!" in that sexy sexy voice and I recall the handcuffing, baton beating and my (really good under the circumstances) rendition of "I Will Always Love You" that I sang to you with feeling as I got dragged away, I'll remember our meeting fondly and smile. The time I spend being mentally evaluated will be used to mail you letters in which I plan our future and name our children and they will be littered with phrases like "WFW Miller" and "Went & WFW 4EVER." I'll spend my days recalling our first date (that never happened) and telling my "roommates" how one day you WILL come for me and that once I had a Wentworth Miller Blog...and then I will think of all of you, my readers and sisters (with some lurking brothers) in Wentlust. I'll think of you during my frequent sedative shots and restraint bruise treatments. It was a good run but now I must leave you. It was nice knowing you all...Maybe I'll post my mugshot!

What does all of this mean? Wet For Went (as well as The Church) will be representing at Paley Fest 07 where Wentworth Miller will be in attendance. It just so happens that I will be out there for vacation *coughyeahrightcough* and no this not my very first trip to California all in the name of seeing Went in person *coughbullshitcough*. If I luck up and meet him and get a fan pic, I just hope I don't look like shit. I am so excited I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Oh yeah, Nic and Sammie, my partners in crime, now would be the time to squee...