Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wentworth Miller Comes Back For More and Brings the Cast

The chatbox is truly an addictive place. Even Wentworth Miller can't stay out of it. I suspect this is why he REALLY couldn't make it to Korea. *hugging Korean fans*

mama bear: so, what are we going to ask Went when he comes back?
WFW: Went, Went, Went! Ra, Ra, Ra!
WFW: I think I should ask him how the restraining order against su is coming along. Sure she's on another continent but a man needs protection...
linds: i'm going to ask Went if he hits it from the back, if he's a T and A man or if he's about the legs, and if he is all brunettes all the time or is there room on his jock for redheads.
mama bear: LMAO
Lily: Went, If I talk dirty to you, will you, in fact, F me harder?
Lily: Went, How well do you follow instruction?
Lily: Went, How is your upper body strength?
mama bear: i'm going to ask him if he likes to eat pussy
linds: Went - is all the stuff that i read about geminis in my sextrology book true?
Lily: Went, Are you familiar with Strip Scrabble?
su: Ra RA?! What are we cheerleaders now lover? ....Okay I can do that.*MAKES A HIGH KICK* oOPS! *FORGOT i'M NOT WEARING PANTIES! *waves pom poms to distract crowd*
mama bear: all great queries
nicbeast: lol su
WFW: I fucking love you linds
Julie: Oh Girls I saw Gale Harold was mentioned, I'm losing it!!
WFW: su, start wearing panties
Lily: Went, Will you read your college thesis to me, very, very slowly.
WFW: Lily, lovely questions
WFW: and I'm sure he eats well...I just have this feeling...
mama bear: ooh, i love that one, Lily
linds: i am also going to talk measurements because I imagine he has an incredible peen but i want assurance
WFW: No will he read his thesis to you with his mouth on your...
su: Britney and Paris taught me well...
mama bear: LOL
Lily: Geminis are kinky and bisexual.
linds: yes! in my mind went is a good eater - none of this portion control bullshit
mama bear: yes, i bet he's a slow teaser
su: I'm gonna ask what his cum tastes like.
Lily: Yes, please... I'll take one of those with everything.
linds: Lily - i know! gems are so much fun to get riled up
su: I love Geminis....and Pisces *hint hint*
Wentworth Miller:: You've been asking an awful lot of questions, ladies.
mama bear: he tastes likes cookies
mama bear: sweet, i bet
mama bear: AHA!
WFW: WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
su: WENT!!!!!!!!!
linds: *dying*
mama bear: i knew it!
linds: Went!!!!!!!
Lily: lol
Lily: Here we go...
su : Damn it Went!!! The Apprentice is on!
linds: mamabear - hi five!
nicbeast: Ha ha
Julie: WENT!!!
Julie: OH MY GOD!!
mama bear: TOTALLY, linds!
su: Your timing is wonderful!
Wentworth Miller::I may not answer all of them.
nicbeast: Hello Went.
Julie: I'm 17 By the way!!
WFW: Went, you're back. I missed you so much!
Wentworth Miller: Hello, Nic.
Julie: :biggrin:
WFW: *squeeeeeeee*
nicbeast: How've you been?
su: And I'm 18 and legal Julie - so sorry for you!
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, should you even be here? Does your mother know?
mama bear: ok, but please tell us your views on cunninglis
nicbeast: Nice to see you again.
Lily: So, Went. Do you and SWC talk about post-feminist feminism all the time?
Julie: Haha su, Well I'm not a slut!!
WFW: lol Went
Lily: lol MB
Julie: No Wentworth, I'll tell her once she's home okay?
mama bear: why is everyone 18 all of a sudden?
su: Excuse me Julie? Are you saying something?!
Wentworth Miller: Not all the time, Lily.
nicbeast: Ha ha, MB
Lily: Just sometimes?
linds: wentworth - are geminis really wild?
Julie: Well su, Yes I am!!
linds: and are you?
nicbeast: What is your favourite food?
WFW: Lily! He said your naaaaaame!
nicbeast: ...speaking of eating...
Wentworth Miller: I am not wild. In public.
Julie: WOW Went!!
Julie: Tell me more!
mama bear: went, my real name is shaniqua bunnyhopper...can you say it, please?
mama bear: :)
su: Don't make me bitch slap you child! Besides....I'm a born again virgin for Went....
nicbeast: Gentleman on the street, freak in the bed?
Julie: I have always been a virgin, Take That!
linds: Wentworth!!! I love you so much
su: Men like experience, don't they Went?!
Wentworth Miller: Well, Nic, can I have some privacy left?
WFW: Wentworth, you're always so succinct. What subject are you passionate about that makes you just want to go on and on?
Julie: No they don't, su!!
mama bear: but went, do you like pussy?
linds: su that's what i'm talking about - eff that virgin nonsense.
mama bear: you never answered and we're all waiting with baited breath
mama bear: like to EAT pussy, i mean...we all know you're allergic to cats
linds: went, do you go down? please say you go down. please say you're one of those guys who gets it.
nicbeast: I wish you all the privacy you desire.
Julie: God, This talk is so PG-rated!!
WFW: Now girls, he can't answer them all at once...
Lily: Great question, WFW.
WFW: Give the man a moment to reflect.
su: Do you know where the CLIT is Went? Because I could show you....
Wentworth Miller: Yesterday you behaved.
Julie: Wentworth please type faster!!
mama bear: *shamed*
Lily: su you're killing me LMAO
mama bear: *slapping myself with a wet noodle*
Julie: su is talking dirty tonight!
nicbeast: Funny MB!
su: Well it's not Yesterday Went! It's Today and we're going BUCK WILD!
mama bear: lol
Julie: lol mama
Wentworth Miller: su, did you take them all with you down that road?
WFW: When Wentworth speaks, we listen. If he tells me to be good, I will.
linds: went - focus!
Lily: Are Amaury and Knepper all crowded around you, laughing their asses off right now?
mama bear: very true, WFW
Julie: Yes she did Wentworth!
WFW: I'll do ANYTHING you tell me to do Went.
su: So Went *I wanna fuck you like an animal!*
mama bear: let's get some class went, about the pussy eating
Wentworth Miller: No, I'm alone right now, having a break.
nicbeast: You people have lost your damn minds!
su: *Put it in my mouth!*
keena: .....what the hell is going on here ?!!!
WFW: keena!
su: I took them down to Chinatown Went!
Wentworth Miller: mama bear, really.
WFW: Went is here! AGAIN!
Lily: This is the funniest shit I swear to GOD.
mama bear: sorry
Julie: People, Behave!!
mama bear: *red as a beet*
Lily: Me first, WFW!
linds: i'm so getting fired.
mama bear: *crying, wailing in a corner*
WFW: Please people...Settle down. Let Went breathe
WFW: and read
WFW: one question at a time
WFW: linds, you first
WFW: and go!
WFW: lol
Wentworth Miller: WFW, I certainly wouldn't want that to happen. I should leave you girls to your chatting about... well, to your chatting.
Julie: Type!!!
Lily: Went needs a secretary. *volunteer*
Julie: NO Went!!
linds: Wentworth. Do you go down? Pretty pretty please say yes!
su: WENTWORTH SEX GOD EARL FUCK ME UNCONSCIOUS PLEASE!!!! MILLER the 3rd is here! oH BTW Went, I'll be more than happy to make you a 4th, a 5th, a 6th....
WFW: linds, you have the floor
Julie: seriously getting fired is nothing compared to you leaving!
Wentworth Miller: linds, what do you think? Can we drop it now, please?
WFW: You're annoying him now
WFW: See?
nicbeast: Yes, please...drop it!
Lily: *silence*
WFW: I told you
Lily: lol
WFW: plus he's private dammit.
WFW: Did you think he would answer?
Julie: So who's next?
Julie: Me!!Me!!!
mama bear: why do i feel like i need to go to confession?
WFW: He said what do you think so that means yes
WFW: next question
Julie: Because you do!!You all do!!MB
WFW: su, go
su: So are you really any good in bed Went? Please don't tell me you're just photogenically fuckable!
nicbeast: Don't let su go...
mama bear: *taking out the rosary...*
Julie: WFW, when am I up?
su: Did I spell that right?
WFW: Very well put su I am pleased and impressed.
nicbeast: *looking for priest*
WFW: next Jailbait
WFW: let him answer first
su: Who else is Catholic?!
Julie: Yeeeey!I love you WFW!
nicbeast: cue me up.
Julie: I am gonna behave
su: Ohhhhhhhh! I pleased Mistress!
Fever: Bad time to say hi?
mama bear: *remembering Went in that confessional...fuck, this is hopeless*
Wentworth Miller: su, let's just say I never had any complaints. There were tears though. But I don't think the ladies cried of disappointment.
WFW: hey Fever, lol
WFW: Oh Went, Good GOD!
Julie: So Went, When are you coming to Belgium (And please don't ask me where Belgium is!)
mama bear: wow...tears
su: HAAAAAAAA!!! WENT!!! You gonna make me cry?
mama bear: did that irritate you?
WFW: *wet*
Julie: Tears???
su: Was that love in my direction lover?
Wentworth Miller: Belgium, Julie? There might be some tears now...
WFW: That means he's very good virgin Jailbait but you won't find out
Julie: OOOh nooo!Went!!
mama bear: and there Julie goes...
Julie: You dissappoint me!!
mama bear: she's come over to the darkside...:)
WFW: Julie you are TOO YOUNG
Wentworth Miller: I'm really sorry, Julie.
WFW: No soup for you
Fever: Someone add me to this equation (cue me W)
su: You like virgins Went? Like popping cherries? I'm a born again virgin you know!
WFW: Awww so nice about it Went
Julie: NO I am Not WFW!
WFW: nic is next
WFW: and go
Julie: SO Went just google it!And take the next plane!!
nicbeast: Would you like to spend a weekend in wine country with me?
Julie: I am sure there will be a starbucks once you'll come here!!
Wentworth Miller: I would. I hope you would read your story to me. If I had any time.
WFW: He's trying to let you down easy Jailbait. He's a gentleman.
Julie: Oh yeah, Went, Belgium is Right next to France (Cannes, anyone??)
nicbeast: And how do you know about that?
Julie: Please wear that argyle sweater if you ever come!!
WFW: Awww Wentworth
su: South Africa has GREAT VINEYARDS! But I don't' like wine though...I'm sure we can find something else to quench my thirst....
Wentworth Miller: Julie, child, I know where Belgium is.
mama bear: sweet, nic!
mama bear: LMAO
WFW: Fever go!
mama bear: went, you're snarky today
Wentworth Miller: Nic, lovely, I lurk.
Julie: Haha Went, your such a tease!
WFW: I love snark. It's sexy Went.
nicbeast: Call me, I'll set it up...
mama bear: yes, it is
Lily: WFW, way to regulate. Good job.
mama bear: me next, WFW!
su: You can go read Julie a bedtime story Went! That's all the goodies you can get! Sorry Jules!! AHAHHHHAAA!!!
WFW: Fever's turn
Fever: I just want a little personal attention. Time for me someday?
nicbeast: I'll even cook if you'd like.
Fever: oooh...Went. My turn!
Julie: Oh Well Liquid Sex su, Rememeber?
Wentworth Miller: Oh, Fever, I barely have time for myself.
WFW: mb you're next, and stay in line young lady. I don't want to have to crack the whip.
su: You can EAT OFF me Went!
su: ? Julie?
WFW: Aww poor Wentworth works too much. You need a massage baby?
Julie: What su?
Wentworth Miller: What's on the menu, su?
mama bear: sorry, i'm 18 and you know how juvenile we can be
WFW: I'll hook you up this summer...
su: HEY! who said you could borrow my WHIP! lover!
su: ME WENT!!!
WFW: I have my own...They don't call me Mistress for nothing.
WFW: mb go!
mama bear: ok...went, do you hold a woman's face in your hands when you kiss?
Julie: Yes he does MB!!!
WFW: awww mb
Julie: Have you seen human stain?
mama bear: not SWC - REAL women
su: Cunt on a silver platter with a little gravy and perhaps some potato wedges if you're not too fussy about carbs...
Lily: Can I just say that SWC's hands in the kiss scene were amazing. She's so good. Sorry... uh... back to Went...
Wentworth Miller: I do, MB.
mama bear: *blush*
WFW: mb stop it now they are friends
WFW: be nice
Julie: Haha mb!!
mama bear: see, i'm not bad, went...i just need love
WFW: *shaking head at su*
WFW: you are a good girl mb
WFW: Lily, did you go yet?
mama bear: oh sorry, SWC is the bomb
WFW: And Went, great answers by the way.
Julie: Our hope for su, is gone!!
Wentworth Miller: su, you're making a 34 year old man blush.
Wentworth Miller: Thank you, WFW.
Julie: Went, can you chat-type?
Lily: No, but I don't really have anything. :)
su: BTW Went! Was that your naked flesh that graced the screen in Human Stain?
WFW: I love how eloquent you are. You are definitely Wentworthy...Well that and the fact that you ARE Wentworth and all.
Julie: Oh su, is that even a question?
su: Ohhhh! I made Went blush!!!! Beat that!
mama bear: went, are you a hunt and pecker...typist that is?
Julie: su, you could make anyone blush!
su: I need to know if that was some stunt double's ass I drooled over or the real thing?!
Julie: You're the queen of blush!
su: lol mb!
Wentworth Miller: Real thing, su. At that time doubles weren't an option.
Stranger: hum...
su: I accept that title and graciously thank you for it.
WFW: Went, if we went on a date, Where would we go?
nicbeast: Most of you make me blush.
mama bear: went, you have a nice buttocks
su: Okay then, BTW NICE ASS WENT!!!
WFW: <=== in a romantic mood today
Julie: Yes MB!!!I agree!
Wentworth Miller:
Where would you like to go?
su: Can I tag along/
Julie: Do some more butt shots will you!!
su: You can put me on a leash.
Stranger: This is weird, isn't it?
Julie: WFW loves them too!
WFW: Yes Went, we adore your ass.
WFW: literally and figuratively
Stranger: It simply cannot be true, can it, Wentworth?
WFW: Are you saying I could pick the place Went? You really are perfect...
su: Tyra Banks did a expose on the Moonlite Bunnyranch today. It looks really romantic...
Wentworth Miller: All right, ladies, my break is over. And just so you know, the tattoo is on today.
mama bear: Stranger, the truth is Stranger than fiction
Wentworth Miller: Be good.
WFW: Oh my...
mama bear: woo-hoo!
su: Believe or leave Stranger! *kudos to krissie for that quote*
WFW: bye Went! Love you!
WFW: Be good!
nicbeast: Been nice talking with you.
mama bear: love that quote!
mama bear: be good, went!


WFW: Fever, your punishment
Wentworth M: Hello.
Fever: LMFAO
nicbeast: Hello Went.
mama bear: hello, went
Lilllly: oh dear
mama bear: why only the "m"?
CT: hi, went
Fever: Hello baby
WFW: Went?
WFW: Is that you?
nicbeast: how are you tonight went, a little late for you isn't it?
Wentworth M: I had to come in and check in. I see there has been an imposter in here.
WFW: what a lovely treat
mama bear: who?
nicbeast: *2. put your junk in that box*
WFW: really Went? It wasn't you?
WFW: Who was it then?
Fever: Nic, you're killin' me! LMAO
nicbeast: i love that skit
WFW: and what are you still doing up Mr. Miller?
Wentworth M: No, that wasn't me before. Someone who knows of this site said that there has been an imitator or two. I wanted to clear that up.
CT: what do u mean, went
Wentworth M: These kind of things are still very strange to me. Myspace is another example.
mama bear: so, wentworth miller is not you?
nicbeast: Well how do we know YOU'RE not the imposter?
WFW: Well wonderful of you to do that for us Went. We really appreciate it.
nicbeast: I think you should come to my house and prove it.
CT: so we don't know who is the real went
WFW: Might I get your dick in a box for my birthday Went?
Lilllly: lol
CT: ok, take your time, lillly
mama bear: lol
Lilllly: ROFL
nicbeast: LOL WFW
Wentworth M: I guess you can't ever be sure on the Internet. That's the moral of the story here. That's why I'm always weary of what I see and read. So if you ever think that something doesn't seem like me...
Wentworth M: Am I rambling? I am sorry. I am getting cut off.
mama bear: dick in my box would really suffice
WFW: It's a cheap and easy gift and I'd be ever so grateful...
nicbeast: mama bear!!
Lilllly: Ramble away, Went. This is your best audience.
mama bear: went, are you upset?
Lilllly: lol MB!
nicbeast: Went, I have questions about your thesis.
Wentworth M: No, I am not upset. Sorry if it comes across that way. I still find things like imitators very strange.
WFW: We understand Went. It must be a daunting task dealing with these imposters.
Wentworth M: I am very flattered by all of your attention. Thank you for all your support.
CT: so u are the real Went, so confused!
mama bear: you'll have it always
Wentworth M: I keep doing all of this for you all.
WFW: Oh CT, you are so cute
WFW: We live to flatter you Went.
CT: really? i am so new here
WFW: and thank YOU for entertaining us
WFW: We are grateful
CT: don't know what has happened before!
mama bear: so it wasn't you who scolded me earlier?
WFW: just read then CT and we'll catch you up later k?
nicbeast: it would seem not mb
Wentworth M: Thank you very much. Know that I do appreciate it. Keep smiling and be good all!
mama bear: no, no, don't leave
mbnd: i see went can't get enough eh?!!
WFW: We will Went. We will.
CT: ok, thanks WFW
Lilllly: Can't wait for your screenplay!
WFW: Thanks for coming
mama bear: i beat myself with wet noodles for an impostor?
mama bear: wtf?!
WFW: hey mbnd:!
nicbeast: :-)
mbnd: hey ladies
mama bear: hey mbnd
WFW: and...bye Wentworth...*sobbing softly*
nicbeast: hey mbnd
mama bear: WFW, what do you think?
mbnd: hey mb
mama bear: was wentworth m the REAL one?
WFW: Here's what I think: It's my dick in a box!
Lilllly: It's 11:16 in Texas right now.
nicbeast: hahahha
Fever: lol
WFW: sure he was *rolling eyes* He didn't offer to come see me did he? Clearly an imposter.
mama bear: thought so
nicbeast: hahaha
Lilllly: lol WFW
WFW: but thanks for playin!
Fever: nic, how do i win mistress back? still in trouble
WFW: actually I have no idea who that was
nicbeast: well we do entertain ourselves dont we
Dominic Purcell: Hi, I'm Dominic Purcell from popular telecvision show "Prison Break."
nicbeast: Fever, i find either begging or spoiling her with gifts works best for me
mama bear: oh boy
CT: thought u have already gone, WFW
nicbeast: rotfl
Amaury Nolasco: Hola, this is Amaury.
Robert Knepper: Greetings.
mbnd: loved ur interview on conan last night dom
CT: welcome
nicbeast: ROTFLMFAO
mbnd: welcome cast of
Lilly: imposters... well... I guess they don't suck, but...
mbnd: pb
mama bear: LMAO!
Lilly: ouch Dom isn't a great typist
mbnd: this chat box gets more interesting everyday
mama bear: his fingers are so large that's why!
WFW: Fever, more punishment
mama bear: all is forgiven
Lilly: I was gonna say that lol
mama bear: i like thick fingers
Lilly: oh no WFW. You didn't.
WFW: Robert!
WFW: I love you!
mama bear: and amaury,,,"fly safe, papi!"
mama bear: t-bag!
WFW: Amaury!
Lilly: Bob Knepper.
WFW: I fucking love you too!
mama bear: *swoon* oh to be, oh to be...
Lilly: lol
mbnd: lol
nicbeast: funny
WFW: and yes Lily I did
mama bear: where is dom?
WFW: *Effie's just been kicked out of the band*
Lilly: so funny. He can sing!
mama bear: dom, honey, type with fingers, not with knuckles...:)
WFW: So Bob and Amaury have you seen Dreamgirls?
WFW: I know Lily Jake CAN sing!
nicbeast: *sleepy*
WFW: and look at those ARMS!
Robert Knepper: Yes, I have.
Fever: no sleepy, nic - stay with us
nicbeast: how's your son robert
nicbeast: but tired
Amaury Nolasco: Dreamgirls was cool
mbnd: stay awake woman the cast is here
Amaury Nolasco: eddie murphy is my man
WFW: yay Amaury!
mama bear: you're HOT, amaury
WFW: Amaury, I love you too you know.
Dominic Purcell: Bob loves dresses
WFW: Dom!
nicbeast: Hey Amaury.
WFW: This is so awesome
mama bear: really, dom?
WFW: How's it hangin Dom
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies!!
mama bear: where's went?
Amaury Nolasco: you are all hot too
WFW: Robert, I think your potrayl of T-bag is just fabulous.
mbnd: so dom hows the wife & kids
WFW: aww Amaury! *blushing*
Amaury Nolasco: miller was right here
nicbeast: *shaking head*
Amaury Nolasco: i dont know where he went to
mama bear: sweet!
mama bear: does he love us too?
WFW: Dom, dude, they seriously need to give you more shirtless shots, killer chest
Dominic Purcell:l Thanks for watching the show
Fever: Gorgeous Amaury
mama bear: heck ya, dom!
Fever: Love that man
mama bear: can we get all of PB shirtless and sweating?
nicbeast: I loved John Doe
WFW: It's OK Amaury y'all can keep us company til he gets back
WFW: no prob Dom! Wouldn't miss it!
mama bear: amaury, are you cuban or puerto rican?
Amaury Nolasco: Dom loses buttons
Fever: and WFW, loved my punishment
Amaury Nolasco: yeah dominic's shirt is off a lot right?
Amaury Nolasco: rican watchyou think?
mama bear: yikes, sorry!
Dominic Purcell: what's he saying now?
nicbeast: she's sorry papi
mama bear: any latino is luscious to me
WFW: Amaury you're so cute
WFW: *giggling*
Fever: niiiiice, nic!
Dominic Purcell: Keep watching
mama bear: thanks, nic
Fever: very clever
mama bear: dom, does went snore?
mama bear: since you share a trailer and all,,,you'd know, right?
WFW: We wouldn't stop watching babe. No F-in way.
Amaury Nolasco: any latino? there's only one
nicbeast: np mb
Amaury Nolasco: ok I gotta go now
mama bear: yes, yes, sorry *genuflecting*
nicbeast: MB!! LOL
Lilly: what what what the fuck??
Amaury Nolasco: thanks ladies
nicbeast: what Lily
WFW: OK Amaury. It was lovely of you to come!
Lilly: everyone shows up and I lose my page (and my mind)
Lilly: where's Dom!?!!?
Lilly: I have to yell at him for that stupid movie.
Fever: yes, what happened to Dom?
WFW: still there Dom? Robert? Or are you guys gone too?
mbnd: dom went to check if went snores

And still later after everyone had gone to bed...

WFW: phone call woke me up
WFW: still here
WFW: <=== so sleepy...friend talkin...want to sleep...
Wentworth M:
Good night.
WFW: Awww hi Went
WFW: so sleepy
WFW: friend still talking
Wentworth M: It is empty here now. All you girls chat up a storm and wear out, I presume?
WFW: Yes Went. Non-stop talking about you mostly.
WFW: Quite exhausting
Wentworth M: I like the quiet though. This is a very nice site, very different, but very flattering. You have a good night and take care. I meant to say earlier...
WFW: so nice of you to come back and wish me goodnight.
Wentworth M: If ever something doesn't sound like me on the Internet, it is most likely not. However, I do know of this site. And I know people on my end who monitor all of these sites.
Wentworth M: Thank you again, it is very flattering. Very touching to get all of this support. I love you all. Have a good night!
WFW: I bet. It's important to keep up with the chatter.
WFW: You're very welcome Went.
WFW: Oh and love you too
WFW: :heart:
WFW: friend hung up!
WFW: bed here I come!

And so...The plot thickens! Wentworth Miller was an imposter? *making surprised face* Does that mean we can't believe him about the tat coming back in the last half of Season 2? *sad face* Wentworth M is the REAL Wentworth? OMG *organ playing* Join us next time for The Adventures of Wentworth Miller in the Chatbox. Goodnight!