Thursday, November 30, 2006

Woosah...It's MiSa!

Sound the alarm! MiSa has entered the building. You MiSa freaks are nuts but this drawing is beautiful...


The Top Three Things You Really Want to Know about Wentworth Miller

Because you just won't stop Googling it, here are the top three things you really want to know about Wentworth Miller. Unfortunately, I don't know how many inches it is (I know that was your number one question), but I will share what I do know and what I don't.

1. Does Wentworth Miller Smoke?

Yes. We have Mink from The Church to thank for this cropping job. Thanks Mink!

What is that in his hand? Why it's a cigarette! What he is doing with his other hand however I DON'T know and for some reason, I am much more interested in that other hand as well as the lucky bastard that happens to be eye level with the royal penis. I wonder if they are looking for a fluffer because I am available...But we were talking about smoking. Yeah, he's a smoker.

2. Is Wentworth Miller Gay?

Well Yes AND No. OK, I really have no idea but yes the following pic IS Fanart. See, I answered something!

According to NNDB (and I don't remember this being there before), his sexual orientation is now a matter of dispute...Hmmm, I wonder when that happened? Official answer is: I don't know. I don't have a preference either. I am not (currently) engaging in any sexual activity with the man so it makes no difference to me where he puts his peen, although ideally it would be in me...OK so I could have left that last part out but the opportunity to use the word peen does not come along often and peen is a really funny word.

UPDATE: The answer is No.

3. Does Wentworth Miller have a girlfriend?

He says he is single so the answer to this one would be no. His date to the Emmy's was friend (and actress), Mariana Klaveno.

Honorable mention goes to those that want to hear him sing and those that want to know if there is something going on with him and Sarah Wayne Callies. For Went singing with The Princeton Tigertones go here and Sarah is married so that would be a no.

There. Now we can all sleep at night.

Where in the World is Wentworth Miller?

Wentworth has left our TV screens for a couple of months, so where did he go or even better, where is he going so you'll know where to conveniently be? Well my friends, it's rumor time! I have heard reports (or rather, read them at The Church) of our favorite man in the whole wide word being in Dallas filming through the middle of March. You lucky fucks in Texas need to start carrying around your camera, your autograph book or favorite picture of The Perfect One, and be on the alert because you may just run into him at your local Chinese food place or Chili's and if you DO meet him know this: I hate you with every fiber of my being. It should have been me.

There have also been reports of plans for a visit to Sydney, Australia as well as Spain with a possible European tour although this info did not include dates.

How much of this is true? I have no idea but if you enjoy getting your hopes up and you are in one of those three places, now would be the time to do it!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wentcap: Wentworth Miller Recap

For the last Wentcap of the year, Mr. Walking Sex himself gives us a facial...A lot of them.

Hot Like Fire

He's SO hot that everything near him just spontaneously combusted.

Aww Baby, Are You OK?

Don't worry, there is absolutely nothing you could do that would mess up that face. You even looked good as a dead guy. A bruise and a little blood are not going to spoil a thing.

Went is into Bondage

Apparently, he LIKES being handcuffed. Just look at that perfect look of contentment as he heads down the road all shackled and stuff. *Making mental note for our inevitable meeting*

Went and that Sexy Jawline

He is clenching that jaw...Again...

The Fuck Me Look is Only Half-way There

If you're going to do it, you have to close your eyes AND throw your head back. Afterall, you invented the look. I shouldn't have to tell you this Went.

In the words of Dany from WFT,
This next pic is Pure Charmed Happiness

His face is a thing of beauty. I just can't get enough. In fact, Let's see more:

That furrowed brow, that nose, the hint of ear, the scruff, those lashes, those lips (and they have the nerve to be, the mole...*feeling faint*

Wenttongue Peepshow...Well sort of.

Apparently the word is out: We are always looking for Wenttongue. So this time he tried to hide it...Too bad he had an involuntary tongue spasm, Ha! Too bad for him but not for us: I see WENTTONGUE! Dom is desperately trying not to follow suit. He must have taken my threat seriously.

Went Behind Bars

Lock him up....Throw away the key...And spank him. Actually, scratch that, Let ME do it. Oh please let me. *drooling*

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's Wents' ridiculously perfect profile complete with eyes that look like they are the color of storm clouds. And why is it that even his NECK is beautiful...And why have I never noticed this before?

Oh Blue Steel How We Love Thee

And this is some incredibly Blue Steel behind even MORE steel. That's got to be like a record or something.

Went is Quite Fit

He stops in the middle of filming Prison Break to do a pull-up. He is such a show off.

Bloody Hell

I believe it was Stacy who said she would like to lick this blood off of his head and while this statement is borderline psycho, somehow, it appeals to me. Blood looks so good on him that I think I may know what role I'd like to see Went take on next...I'd love to see Went in a vampire movie...Dripping with homoeroticism a la Interview with the Vampire...Writhing around on the floor shirtless and bleeding (Maybe outside of Red Lobster) after being bitten by some other gorgeous man, hmmm, Maybe Jake! I can see it now: Sex, murder, bloodlust, More Sex, naked Went, fangs, Even more Sex, mayhem, obsession, Still More Sex, naked Jake, cheesy bread...Did I mention sex? OK I see a slash opportunity here; Someone with skills, start writing!

Wentworth Miller IS Spiderman

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

He is flexible that one. *Making another mental note*

Am I the only one that hears Monks singing when I look at this picture?

He is truly The Chosen One. He travels with his own lighting provided from on high by the beautiful man gods.

Check it out...He's looking RIGHT at me!

No Went. How many times do I have to tell you that we have to wait until AFTER they say "cut," eventhough what we did last week was totally fun. *giggling* Oh OK, if you insist...

Uh Oh, We're winding down and Went too is sad...

I don't want it to end either but YOU are the one that said we needed to take a break from each other! I mean it's not too intense for ME; You're the one that needs "space." *rolling eyes, pouting and crossing arms* What do you want from me? *hands on hips* Oh so NOW you want to take it back? Well it's too damn late! *cries, Went hugs me* I hate it when we fight. Let's make up...Say around...January 29th-ish...OK? I love you too. *kiss*

And the Emmy Goes To:

This perfect mix of both shock and horror. Outstanding Went! *Clapping* Oh Fuck it, just give the man an Oscar.

Oh Went, I hate to see you go

But I LOVE to watch you leave.


Went, you are either doing the robot here, posing for your very own action figure or your running style has significantly improved; I knew it was the suits' fault! Whatever the reason for this most unusual stance, Kudos (like that Mink, LOL)! I like the pose. It works.

He takes one last look back at the fangirls and fanboys wailing in the distance...

Bye Went! Until next year! *waving*

And I will end with this pic because it is so freaking Wentilicious... I spotted it at The Church and the original came from Prison Break Online. This picture is so sexy for SO many reasons...And it may just help ease the pain of going so long without seeing Wentworth Miller's face every week.

I Have an Idea...

What would you guys think about a clickable banner that you can put on your respective Myspace pages? I could design one and send it to anyone who wants one and yes I totally stole this idea from Jake Watch (Well shit, it was a good idea) although I don't think I'll number them. Hmm, I don't think my Jake Watch Agent banner on my Myspace page is clickable (making mental note to add code). You wouldn't have to limit it to just Myspace pages though, you could put it on your blog too or wherever else you might want to display it. It will say "I am wet for Went," though I'm not sure of the rest of the design just yet. Anyway, let me know in the comments of this post if you're interested (or if you like you can email me) and I'll come up with something either tonight or this weekend depending on how the rest of my week goes. Oh and our last Wentcap of the year is up next so stay tuned!

Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

The title of my latest pick is I Have a Seriously Dirty Crush on Wentworth Miller...That in and of itself just BEGGED me to read it. My favorite bit:

I don't really care what Mr. Miller is like in real life at all. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FRACKING MATTER!!! No, really it doesn't! I am not pining to try and meet the guy and make him fall desperately in love with me

Use of the word FRACK is humorous because despite the fact that I do not watch Battlestar Galactica, I still know what it means and I can't quite remember how that info made its way into my brain. A person in Wentlust that doesn't want to absorb every single piece of Went info available everywhere on the planet? BLASPHEMY! And while I think that said blogger was secretly trying to kill me with the black background and red type, as well as the fact that she expressed that she wouldn't even watch Prison Break if it weren't for Wentworth Miller (I happen to like Prison Break), her declaration of him being the most beautiful man she's ever seen saved it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wentworth Miller Cares About Your Prostate

Or at least this Chinese ad featuring his face implies that he does...

With Fox's hit TV show, "Prison Break", returning this season there have been a huge number of ads, promo billboards, viral marketing campaigns and magazine features on the series and its star, Wentworth Miller.

But Chinese site, Youth Weekend, has rated all these advertising efforts and decided that the best one was the newspaper ad for prostate problems in a local Fuzhou newspaper featuring the craggily handsome visage of Mr. Miller. Is this a secret endorsement project of Miller's? Is he concerned about the hundreds of millions of prostates of China? God bless him.

(And God bless EastSouthWestNorth for covering China with a relentless magnifying glass)

(And other international ads for "Prison Break" can be seen here)

This is pretty funny. It's not like he posed for the ad, they just put his face from one of the breathtaking GQ shots at the top of it. Those International Prison Break ads are pretty cool too. My favorite is:


UPDATE: Looks like great minds think alike but for the record, mine was up first *wags tongue*

Wentworth Miller Animation

Chris J sent me this great link to Hikki's really cool Wentworth Miller animated gifs of him doing various things that were right up my alley...Such as: Swimming in his boxers, tucking his shirt in his pants, riding in the car with that eyes closed and head back come fuck me look he does so well, walking around in a towel...etc. They are all of Went and there are like 20 (maybe more, I didn't actually count)! I posted my favorites here but there are lots more. Go check them out. Thanks Chris!

UPDATE: Keena called my attention to the fanfic that is also located at the link if you click on Prison Break and while I don't have time to read it right this second because I'm still at work, she says it's hot!

High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Earl Miller III. *shaking head* Went Worth Miller. *puzzled look* Where did you get this jacket and why on earth did you put it on your body? *sigh* There are so many things I could say right now, not the least of which is, what in the hell goes through your mind when you do these things? You knew you were going to an event Went. Dammit there is a FOX backdrop behind you. Were you trying to match the scenery or something? I'm going to need an explanation for this. I don't know how many times I can keep making excuses for you. Your hotness could give the world radiation poisoning...stop fucking shading it with these god damn fashion decisions from the planet WTF or else one of these days I'm going to disown you....r clothes. Then I guess you'll have to walk around naked. How would you like that, huh? Hmmm. On second thought, I think I'll disown your clothes right now.

There. That's better. Carry On.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Guess what blog is at the top of Fleshbots' Gay Section right now?

That's right, THIS ONE! Apparently, our love for Wents' ass has attracted our wonderful gay male counterparts. I knew it was only a matter of time before they found us. After all, it's not just us girls that admire Wents' fabulous form. And so, as a tribute to Fleshbots' lovely plug, (pun intended) here's a pic courtesy once again, of The Church, b/c his ass really is spectacular...

Prison Break The Killing Box 11/27 Fall Finale Recap

OH MAN! I just got finished clapping and yelling and I even got a call from a friend who watches who called just to yell with me! Loved the ending!


We begin exactly where the last one left off. The phone is on the ground, Sara is calling out for Michael but unfortunately, both he and Linc are now at Mahone's mercy. He has his gun pointed at them and he's ready for the killing to commence. He tells them to turn around but Michael says "If you're gonna murder us Alex, you're gonna have to look us in the eyes while you do it." Mmmm, Sexy. Linc makes a plea for Mahone to let Michael go since he has Linc and that's who he really wants. Not only is Linc the brawn but he is clearly slow on the uptake. Mahone isn't letting ANYONE go and even loses his composure while stating that he doesn't want either one of them; He just wants his life back. Poor Mahone better deliver or his ex and son are toast. Now he's got them...Or does he? Enter border patrol squad cars who heard/saw all the commotion and have surrounded them. It seems they will intervene, seeing as it's their jurisdiction and all, and not a minute too soon. They order Mahone to stand down so they can verify that he is in fact FBI and figure out what the hell is going on. "You will drop your weapon or we will drop you." LOL Mahone lost this round but our boys are going to get carted off to jail.

Meanwhile, in the air, Sucre and company are just catching wind of the fighter jets but the pilot is ready for just such a situation. He hands Sucre a parachute and gets the hell out of there. Sucre takes a swig of something hard and strong, crosses himself, prays to St. Please Don't Make Me Go Splat and jumps out after him. At least they didn't get shot out of the sky.

Simultaneously, the word is out. Michael and Linc have been caught and it's all over the news. First we see Mr. Kim's reaction; He is not pleased. Cut to Kellerman listening intently, then the C.O.'s at Fox River looking satisfied, then the FBI headquarters where Mahone's people are clapping like they did something and then back to Mr. Kim who is ominously told that "He just heard and he'd like to see you." Mr. Kim looks worried for the first time. I think we are about to meet a new Government bad guy even higher on the totem pole than Kim.

My main man T-bag is back! He's in Kansas at a War Vets Bar where he fits in quite well amongst the missing limb crew. They however have prosthetics so he is trying to find out where he can acquire himself a new haaaaand, LOL. Remember when Michael said that a while back? Hilarious. Anyway, he asks "Sarg" if he could "help a brother out." Dude gets smart with him though...MISTAKE! We don't see it happen, but when we see T-bag later with the other man's prosthetic hand, we know what happened, LOL.

The border patrol are marching Linc and Michael in to holding. Michael even looks sexy with a knot on his head and blood on his face. Beat-up Went is sexy....

Back at Fox River, the media is interviewing the new Warden. Suffice it to say, this new guy is no joke. He plans on killing Linc as soon as he gets back and holding Michael for the rest of his life. OUCH!

Mahone is still trying to make sure he can bring the brothers in alone, you know, so he can make sure they arrive dead, but everyone is so busy politicking and making sure they get a piece of the big apprehension that he soon finds out that he will not be able to pull it off. He's scrambling and Kim is still threatening him. He better think of something quick. He's looking suicidal again. This can't be good.

T-bag is scoping out a building and a woman but it's not the target! Not yet...I'm sure she fits into getting to her somehow though b/c he owes that rat bitch some payback. He follows our mystery woman to a nearby diner and charms her with that fabulous Southern swagger. She agrees to dine with him. Gotta love that T-bag.

It's time for Bellick's bail hearing. The Prosecution plays his phone message to Geary and ensures he doesn't make bail. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Michael thinks he's entitled to a phone call, but the guard shuts him down, OF COURSE! Michael is funny sometimes. You think they're going to let you call someone you escaped convict? Nope. He's still trying to get to Sara poor lad and turns out, she's trying to get to him too because inside of the plastic bag containing his things, his phone rings and guess who it is? Sara! Too bad he can't answer. This suspense is KILLING me! She leaves a message. She needs to know that he's OK. She tries to tell him what happened. She says he's the only person she can trust. She says "I need you to be OK and I need you...Please." Somewhere, the MiSa fans are crying happy tears.

Mahone is still trying to no avail to get into the transport vehicle even as they are marching Linc and Michael out to the van. It's all coming apart for him.

Kellerman calls Kim who is obviously not checking his caller ID b/c he answers in his I'm threatening Mahone voice. The Mystery Government Bad Guy is in the room as Kellerman says he wants back exchange for making sure the brothers die. He has a plan and M.G.B.G. OKs it. Looks like Kellerman is going to save the day, for the bad guys anyway and take care of Mahone in the process. Those Government guys, they just get rid of you as soon as they don't need you anymore, like all no good men.

Mystery lady is laid out on the floor looking dead while T-bag smoothes his hair. Only she's not dead; he just fucked her brains out. NICE! Looks like all it took was a little lovin and we see why T-bag is interested in her...She works at the Post Office! He gets her to give him an address, and we know exactly whose it is. He claims she's his cousin and almost gets away, except, his new love looks on the wall and sees his Wanted poster. Oh well, now she's got to go and T-bag disposes of her.

Bellicks' attorney is recommending he plea and he takes that advice b/c he is looking at death if he gets convicted. He requests to be sent to Fox River so he can be near his mother and I bet he's thinking he can be near his C.O. buddies.

Mike and Linc are waxing poetic, having flashbacks, expressing regrets and looking defeated when Michael notices that one of Linc's locks on his chains is unlocked. This should prove useful...

Sara is passing a TV and she finds out that Michael has been captured...So much for being reunited!

Bellick has entered Fox River and is so excited talking to one of his former C.O. buddies that he hasn't even thought through the fact that things have changed. There's a new Warden. There will be no special treatment. He's going into Gen Pop and guess who he's bunking with...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We get a pull out shot like the one of Michael when he was first sent there except this time, it's actually funny.

Sara goes somewhere and cuts and dyes her hair. She throws away all of her identification. She's on her own now.

Somewhere in the desert Sucre gets up to find that the pilot's parachute didn't open...But his did and guess where he landed? IN MEXICO! YAAAAAAAAY! SUCRE IS FREEEEEEEE!

24 commercial featuring Jesus Keifer. I. Can't. Wait.

The prison caravan enters a tunnel and is stopped at the other end b/c of a stuck Semi. The guards get out to investigate and leave THE KEYS on the seat. "Come on," Mahone says under his breath as he secretly watches them. It's a trap. Kellerman calls Mahone to ask if the boys have taken the bait since he is waiting for them. They see an open door in the tunnel right next to the van. Mike knows it's too easy but they agree that it's their only shot and they flee. They get through the door under a hail of gunfire and start running. Mahone runs in after them, chasing them in the direction of Kellerman.

Meanwhile, T-bag has that address he wanted so badly and he's there. He rings the bell and she comes to the door. He walks in and says "Teddy's home." LMAO

Michael and Linc are still running. Mike has Linc promise he'll find Sara if they get separated and something happens to him. Michael is still thinking of Sara. How romantic...Now, they're running through a tunnel, they're running out into the open, there are some stairs to freedom! And down comes Kellerman. They try to go back the other way but Mahone comes up behind them. They are blocked in. OH NO! Kellerman shoots! But who? And then...DOWN GOES MAHONE! Kellerman SHOT HIM DEAD! He turns to the boys and says "President Reynolds ruined your life? She ruined my life. You wanna take the bitch down? You just found your inside man but it's gotta be RIGHT now. Let's GO! NOW!" Kellerman turns to leave and Linc and Michael run after him! THE END until January folks!

Screencaps and Wentcap tomorrow. Good Night!