Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

The title of my latest pick is I Have a Seriously Dirty Crush on Wentworth Miller...That in and of itself just BEGGED me to read it. My favorite bit:

I don't really care what Mr. Miller is like in real life at all. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FRACKING MATTER!!! No, really it doesn't! I am not pining to try and meet the guy and make him fall desperately in love with me

Use of the word FRACK is humorous because despite the fact that I do not watch Battlestar Galactica, I still know what it means and I can't quite remember how that info made its way into my brain. A person in Wentlust that doesn't want to absorb every single piece of Went info available everywhere on the planet? BLASPHEMY! And while I think that said blogger was secretly trying to kill me with the black background and red type, as well as the fact that she expressed that she wouldn't even watch Prison Break if it weren't for Wentworth Miller (I happen to like Prison Break), her declaration of him being the most beautiful man she's ever seen saved it.