Monday, November 27, 2006

Prison Break The Killing Box 11/27 Fall Finale Recap

OH MAN! I just got finished clapping and yelling and I even got a call from a friend who watches who called just to yell with me! Loved the ending!


We begin exactly where the last one left off. The phone is on the ground, Sara is calling out for Michael but unfortunately, both he and Linc are now at Mahone's mercy. He has his gun pointed at them and he's ready for the killing to commence. He tells them to turn around but Michael says "If you're gonna murder us Alex, you're gonna have to look us in the eyes while you do it." Mmmm, Sexy. Linc makes a plea for Mahone to let Michael go since he has Linc and that's who he really wants. Not only is Linc the brawn but he is clearly slow on the uptake. Mahone isn't letting ANYONE go and even loses his composure while stating that he doesn't want either one of them; He just wants his life back. Poor Mahone better deliver or his ex and son are toast. Now he's got them...Or does he? Enter border patrol squad cars who heard/saw all the commotion and have surrounded them. It seems they will intervene, seeing as it's their jurisdiction and all, and not a minute too soon. They order Mahone to stand down so they can verify that he is in fact FBI and figure out what the hell is going on. "You will drop your weapon or we will drop you." LOL Mahone lost this round but our boys are going to get carted off to jail.

Meanwhile, in the air, Sucre and company are just catching wind of the fighter jets but the pilot is ready for just such a situation. He hands Sucre a parachute and gets the hell out of there. Sucre takes a swig of something hard and strong, crosses himself, prays to St. Please Don't Make Me Go Splat and jumps out after him. At least they didn't get shot out of the sky.

Simultaneously, the word is out. Michael and Linc have been caught and it's all over the news. First we see Mr. Kim's reaction; He is not pleased. Cut to Kellerman listening intently, then the C.O.'s at Fox River looking satisfied, then the FBI headquarters where Mahone's people are clapping like they did something and then back to Mr. Kim who is ominously told that "He just heard and he'd like to see you." Mr. Kim looks worried for the first time. I think we are about to meet a new Government bad guy even higher on the totem pole than Kim.

My main man T-bag is back! He's in Kansas at a War Vets Bar where he fits in quite well amongst the missing limb crew. They however have prosthetics so he is trying to find out where he can acquire himself a new haaaaand, LOL. Remember when Michael said that a while back? Hilarious. Anyway, he asks "Sarg" if he could "help a brother out." Dude gets smart with him though...MISTAKE! We don't see it happen, but when we see T-bag later with the other man's prosthetic hand, we know what happened, LOL.

The border patrol are marching Linc and Michael in to holding. Michael even looks sexy with a knot on his head and blood on his face. Beat-up Went is sexy....

Back at Fox River, the media is interviewing the new Warden. Suffice it to say, this new guy is no joke. He plans on killing Linc as soon as he gets back and holding Michael for the rest of his life. OUCH!

Mahone is still trying to make sure he can bring the brothers in alone, you know, so he can make sure they arrive dead, but everyone is so busy politicking and making sure they get a piece of the big apprehension that he soon finds out that he will not be able to pull it off. He's scrambling and Kim is still threatening him. He better think of something quick. He's looking suicidal again. This can't be good.

T-bag is scoping out a building and a woman but it's not the target! Not yet...I'm sure she fits into getting to her somehow though b/c he owes that rat bitch some payback. He follows our mystery woman to a nearby diner and charms her with that fabulous Southern swagger. She agrees to dine with him. Gotta love that T-bag.

It's time for Bellick's bail hearing. The Prosecution plays his phone message to Geary and ensures he doesn't make bail. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Michael thinks he's entitled to a phone call, but the guard shuts him down, OF COURSE! Michael is funny sometimes. You think they're going to let you call someone you escaped convict? Nope. He's still trying to get to Sara poor lad and turns out, she's trying to get to him too because inside of the plastic bag containing his things, his phone rings and guess who it is? Sara! Too bad he can't answer. This suspense is KILLING me! She leaves a message. She needs to know that he's OK. She tries to tell him what happened. She says he's the only person she can trust. She says "I need you to be OK and I need you...Please." Somewhere, the MiSa fans are crying happy tears.

Mahone is still trying to no avail to get into the transport vehicle even as they are marching Linc and Michael out to the van. It's all coming apart for him.

Kellerman calls Kim who is obviously not checking his caller ID b/c he answers in his I'm threatening Mahone voice. The Mystery Government Bad Guy is in the room as Kellerman says he wants back exchange for making sure the brothers die. He has a plan and M.G.B.G. OKs it. Looks like Kellerman is going to save the day, for the bad guys anyway and take care of Mahone in the process. Those Government guys, they just get rid of you as soon as they don't need you anymore, like all no good men.

Mystery lady is laid out on the floor looking dead while T-bag smoothes his hair. Only she's not dead; he just fucked her brains out. NICE! Looks like all it took was a little lovin and we see why T-bag is interested in her...She works at the Post Office! He gets her to give him an address, and we know exactly whose it is. He claims she's his cousin and almost gets away, except, his new love looks on the wall and sees his Wanted poster. Oh well, now she's got to go and T-bag disposes of her.

Bellicks' attorney is recommending he plea and he takes that advice b/c he is looking at death if he gets convicted. He requests to be sent to Fox River so he can be near his mother and I bet he's thinking he can be near his C.O. buddies.

Mike and Linc are waxing poetic, having flashbacks, expressing regrets and looking defeated when Michael notices that one of Linc's locks on his chains is unlocked. This should prove useful...

Sara is passing a TV and she finds out that Michael has been captured...So much for being reunited!

Bellick has entered Fox River and is so excited talking to one of his former C.O. buddies that he hasn't even thought through the fact that things have changed. There's a new Warden. There will be no special treatment. He's going into Gen Pop and guess who he's bunking with...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We get a pull out shot like the one of Michael when he was first sent there except this time, it's actually funny.

Sara goes somewhere and cuts and dyes her hair. She throws away all of her identification. She's on her own now.

Somewhere in the desert Sucre gets up to find that the pilot's parachute didn't open...But his did and guess where he landed? IN MEXICO! YAAAAAAAAY! SUCRE IS FREEEEEEEE!

24 commercial featuring Jesus Keifer. I. Can't. Wait.

The prison caravan enters a tunnel and is stopped at the other end b/c of a stuck Semi. The guards get out to investigate and leave THE KEYS on the seat. "Come on," Mahone says under his breath as he secretly watches them. It's a trap. Kellerman calls Mahone to ask if the boys have taken the bait since he is waiting for them. They see an open door in the tunnel right next to the van. Mike knows it's too easy but they agree that it's their only shot and they flee. They get through the door under a hail of gunfire and start running. Mahone runs in after them, chasing them in the direction of Kellerman.

Meanwhile, T-bag has that address he wanted so badly and he's there. He rings the bell and she comes to the door. He walks in and says "Teddy's home." LMAO

Michael and Linc are still running. Mike has Linc promise he'll find Sara if they get separated and something happens to him. Michael is still thinking of Sara. How romantic...Now, they're running through a tunnel, they're running out into the open, there are some stairs to freedom! And down comes Kellerman. They try to go back the other way but Mahone comes up behind them. They are blocked in. OH NO! Kellerman shoots! But who? And then...DOWN GOES MAHONE! Kellerman SHOT HIM DEAD! He turns to the boys and says "President Reynolds ruined your life? She ruined my life. You wanna take the bitch down? You just found your inside man but it's gotta be RIGHT now. Let's GO! NOW!" Kellerman turns to leave and Linc and Michael run after him! THE END until January folks!

Screencaps and Wentcap tomorrow. Good Night!