Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wentworth Miller Sighting

It is my intention to always bring you the hard hitting Went-related news...Even if it is from weeks ago and has already been reported by someone else. I now bring you a special news bulletin...There has been a Went Sighting and he even has on Brown Sugar. Now for the things we've learned from this sequence of pictures...

Went Drives a Durango. For those of you into cars, you know what THAT means...I actually have no clue. I just thought I'd add a little innuendo onto that for effect.

Went lurks on internet sites and reads news stories about himself. Just think, Went could be reading right now about how I would love to give him the best blowjob of his life. Makes me feel all warm inside...Like drinking hot tea.

Went can WALK! This may be the most important. How often do we get to see Went doing this VERY IMPORTANT thing reminiscent of a certain Mr. Gyllenhaal? Went has clearly gone to the Jake Gyllenhaal School of Walking for the Lens. He will however need to step up his game and carry something in his hands or walk WHILE talking to a companion to compete with the multitasking artist that is Jake. To date we have seen him try, but we will need many many more candid photos in order to determine whether he has mastered Multitasking 101 or whether he will need to take that course again. You have much to learn grasshopper but you are well on your way.

I spoke too soon. Right as I was about to head back to bed with some water, THIS HAPPENS. I might never sleep again.