Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wentcap Special Event! Wentworth Miller Porn!

Fangirls, grab your vibrators. Fanboys, grab yourselves. Something wonderful has happened! We thought we were wet before, but we hadn't seen anything yet. This week, on Prison Break episode Bolshoi Booze, on November 13, 2006, a day that will go down in history, it will be infamous, its impact felt around the world in the panties and boxer briefs of Went worshippers everywhere...Went sent me a message. Yes, it was a message from on high in celebration of Wet For Wents' 1 month anniversary. Went gave me a very special gift and through me, he has given that gift to all of you. Yes friends, it has happened: Wentworth Miller came on screen. I know, it's hard to believe but that's what I saw. I'll prove it to you.