Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Top Three Things You Really Want to Know about Wentworth Miller

Because you just won't stop Googling it, here are the top three things you really want to know about Wentworth Miller. Unfortunately, I don't know how many inches it is (I know that was your number one question), but I will share what I do know and what I don't.

1. Does Wentworth Miller Smoke?

Yes. We have Mink from The Church to thank for this cropping job. Thanks Mink!

What is that in his hand? Why it's a cigarette! What he is doing with his other hand however I DON'T know and for some reason, I am much more interested in that other hand as well as the lucky bastard that happens to be eye level with the royal penis. I wonder if they are looking for a fluffer because I am available...But we were talking about smoking. Yeah, he's a smoker.

2. Is Wentworth Miller Gay?

Well Yes AND No. OK, I really have no idea but yes the following pic IS Fanart. See, I answered something!

According to NNDB (and I don't remember this being there before), his sexual orientation is now a matter of dispute...Hmmm, I wonder when that happened? Official answer is: I don't know. I don't have a preference either. I am not (currently) engaging in any sexual activity with the man so it makes no difference to me where he puts his peen, although ideally it would be in me...OK so I could have left that last part out but the opportunity to use the word peen does not come along often and peen is a really funny word.

UPDATE: The answer is No.

3. Does Wentworth Miller have a girlfriend?

He says he is single so the answer to this one would be no. His date to the Emmy's was friend (and actress), Mariana Klaveno.

Honorable mention goes to those that want to hear him sing and those that want to know if there is something going on with him and Sarah Wayne Callies. For Went singing with The Princeton Tigertones go here and Sarah is married so that would be a no.

There. Now we can all sleep at night.