Monday, November 20, 2006

Prison Break Disconnect 11/20 Live-blogging Recap


We begin with Michael confronting Grandaddy Burrows after he freaks out about seeing him again and we find out why Michael is so afraid. After his mother died and Linc was sent to Juvie , Michael was placed in a foster home with a foster father who beat the shit out of him and locked him in dark rooms. Damn! First torture, now child abuse. Prison Break is getting deep. Anyway so, one day a man comes and saves him, (that would be Aldo) but apparently he leaves old foster Daddy bleeding all over the floor looking like something out of a horror movie. If I were Michael I'd be happy not scared, but Michael, with tears in his eyes, oh the tears, remembers it as the traumatic experience it probably was for an already abused 10 year old boy from a broken home to see a man bleed out on a floor, even if he was a monster.

Cut to Sara who is struggling in the tub and Kellerman who is waiting for her to die with the Saw saw (yes it looked exactly like the one in Saw) and some tarp. The motel manager knocks at the door to tell Kellerman that the neighboring guests are complaining because the TV is too loud (How ironic is it that he is watching a fishing infomercial with fish flopping around?). Kellerman turns it down and by the time he is finished explaining how all the sloshing around in the bathtub that the manager can now hear because the TV is no longer drowning it out, is actually his little girl who loves bath time, Sara has pulled out the plug with her teeth and the water is going down the drain...GO SARA!

Not only that, but when Kellerman finally hears the tub letting out, he comes storming into the bathroom to find no Sara and then out of nowhere, there she is plunging the hot ass iron into his chest and Kellerman lets out the greatest scream, oh man, GOOD SCENE!

She grabs her things and throws them in her purse (gotta make sure she gets that key!) and tries to get by him and out the door to no avail so she decides on the window and makes a swan dive out of it onto the car windshield, breaking it and setting off the alarm, and then gathering herself and scurrying off before burnt chest Kellerman can get to the window with his gun...Awesome.

Mahone arrives at Linc, Mike, and Sucre's last location a bit too late and like the absolute genius he is, he figures out from the chair, the pool of blood, the vials of fake nitroglycerine and some bloody footprints everything that transpired; I'll bet he finds them in like 2 minutes.

Kellerman is icing his burn while calling area hospitals looking for Sara. You idiot, she's a doctor! She can just patch herself up! Mr. Kim rings on his call waiting wanting an update and Kellerman answers and lies. He says he killed Sara. Mr. Kim wants a picture of her dead body...BUSTED! HA HA HA! Now he HAS to find and kill her and I bet by now, he isn't going to feel all that bad about it either; His chest is looking BAD.

C-Note is back! And he has his RV, a lake scene and his family...awwwww...

Bellick is pacing up and down the local police station getting ready to give a statement about Geary's untimely demise. The policewoman is suspicious and has been since last week. She asks what they were doing in town and Bellick dances around the subject. She tells him she doesn't care if he and Geary were "going Brokeback" she just wants to solve the case. I love how Brokeback Mountain has permeated our culture so completely that it's a verb. Bellick comes clean about the fact that they were chasing T-bag for the reward money but I'll bet he leaves out the part about the 5 mil...Just a hunch.

Aldo tries to make amends with Michael by telling him that this whole mess can be solved once they find Sara who the government thinks has the tape that will set everything right again, but as soon as they get to talking about calling Sara and what they're going to do (While Sucre pleads with Michael "Please bro, call her from Panama," LOL), Michael hears some rocks moving and you know who has found them AGAIN.

Dammit Mahone! Dammit! Aldo covers our boys by shooting it out with Mahone (Who I'm surprised didn't win; I mean afterall he DID have the higher ground) while they run for the nearby car. Then he makes his run for the car and he makes it! They pull off triumphant and happy until Michael looks down at Aldo's stomach...SHIT. He's shot! DAMMIT MAHONE! *Shaking fist at the TV*

Oooooo, John Mayer VW commercial...I'm jammin...oops, sorry, got sidetracked....

Grandaddy Burrows doesn't look like he is going to make it. Michael and Linc are looking really worried.

Of course something would come along to break up the happy time in North Dakota that C-Note and fam are enjoying. In their haste to get away, they forgot some really important prescription for the kid (That I bet she's going to die without, why the hell didn't they think of that before?) and now someone is going to have to go fill another prescription. Well, they're doomed.

Bellick is busy telling lies. He really performs giving fake declarations of fondness for his now dead comrade..."We fought like brothers," Even down to the fake tears. Bellick is truly a bastard. I love it.

C-notes' wifey is the one that will go to the store and of course the pharmacist happens to have a newspaper underneath the bag she's going to put the prescription in. She looks down at it as she picks the bag up and there is C-Note's (and his wife's) face right on the front page. The pharmacist tries to stall by claiming she has to get change from the back. I know if wifey isn't out of there with that bag as soon as that pharmacist leaves her sight, she's a dummy. Forget the $75 change girl, RUN!

The boys are trying to find a hospital and they find one as Mahone is driving down the road like a bat out of hell calling in the type of car and the license plate that they escaped in. He gets a call and says "What hospital?" Uh-Oh. When he gets there though, it is our Mexican friend from last week who is looking to rat out Michael to make a deal to save his own ass from his Federal drug charges...fucker. Sucre was right, they should have left his ass to die.

Cut to Linc and Michael who are suddenly at a makeshift gravesight. It looks like they skipped the hospital afterall. Poor Aldo didn't make it. Oh Michael! Someone please give this boy some happiness. Actually no, then I wouldn't get to see anymore of that pretty crying. I wish him misery and pain. Lots and lots of pain.

Back at the hospital, Mahone is hanging up the phone and the deal has been made. All charges dropped, medical bills paid, as long as the info on Michael is legit. Now, after all that, he wants citizenship too; Mahone snaps. He cuts off the external pacemaker and the morphine drip. AHAHAHAHA! Mahone is crazy as shit.

Bellick is still lying and this lady cop is going to get wise good and soon; I can feel it. Looks like she won't have to because it turns out the receipt from last week that made T-bag smile that sexy serial killer smile, was from a purchase made with Bellicks' credit card...This implicates Bellick in Gearys' murder. Hee Hee!

Back at the Pharmacy, C-Notes' wife is walking out the door and you guessed it, the police are pulling up. That fucking pharmacist is on my shitlist. Wifey didn't rat out C-Note though eventhough he was in the RV right in the parking lot watching her the whole time. When she saw the cops, she dropped the bag into the trash so that C-Note could retrieve it after she is taken away in handcuffs. C-Note is in tears. No more happy family.

Later, Kellerman has to fess up that he lost Sara. Mr. Kim hangs up abruptly. I think Kellerman just fucked up for the last time.

Sara is in a bathroom somewhere with a match, a needle and thread and no anesthesia, sewing up her arm. That chick is hardcore.

Michael is re-living his father dying in his arms. Aldo tells him to find Sara. He tells Michael that he loves him. Awww Michael. If the fathers' acting wasn't so bad I might actually be sad and then, here come the tears, the glorious tears. Michael is starting to regret this plan. Too many people have died just so Linc could be free and he's not even free yet! When will this blasted running end?

Mahone is barreling down the street again, I guess our Mexican friend spilled the beans. He is calling in orders to take out the plane if necessary just as the plane is landing to pick up its cargo. Linc, Michael and Sucre are walking towards it, Sucre is giddy, Mike and Linc are hanging back...WTF is going on? Their crazy asses are going to stay. This is going to end badly. You hear me? BADLY! Sucre and Mike hug goodbye and Sucre takes off.


Michael and Linc head on back down the street in their car and Michael hears something. Who is he Legolas with the hearing of shit before everyone else? They pull over because, Oh shit, Mike hears fighterjets and he's worried about Sucre. Oh NO! NOT SUCRE! *cries* But there's nothing they can do now because he's already on the plane! Just then, guess who's heading towards them? I'm telling you, Mahone is like The Terminator.

Bellick has been left alone in a room for a while and he knows in his heart that something is wrong. Our police detective comes back in to play the phone message he left for Geary threatening his life last week. Bellick is screwed. He tries telling the whole truth now but none of it matters. They've got the receipt and the threat and he's been lying to them. They handcuff him. It's all over baby.

Kellerman is in trouble and he knows it. He's bringing out the big guns now. He's calling the President. He can't get through to her however because her people tell him that they no longer know who he is. If that isn't a death sentence...We hear Kellerman pleading his case as he is being erased from all of the pictures and files that even imply that he ever existed. "Make him a ghost," says Mr. Kim. Bye, bye Kellerman.

Night has fallen and our brothers are still trying to put distance between them and Mahone on the road, but wait, they lost him and at long last, they get some phone reception! Then they lose it so they decide to go back in the opposite direction to find it again. I don't like this...Linc turns the car around, Michael is smiling as the call has connected, the phone is ringing...

BOOM! Mahones' car slams into them and the back of their car catches on fire. They climb out, Linc is hurt, Michael is dazed, the phone fell out of his hand onto the ground, Michael can't reach it! It's still ringing! Sara picks up! She is calling out for Michael! Mahone has his gun on them! Michael is on his knees looking destroyed! THEY ARE CAUGHT! THE END.

Screencaps and Wentcap tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.