Monday, November 20, 2006

A few things...

  • You may have noticed that the sidebar has changed a bit. I am always fiddling with it so it actually changes all the time if you watch it closely. I have links to Wents' work over there now (as well as to my aStore which is way prettier) so if you're going to buy any of it, or anything from Amazon for that matter, go through that portal so I can get like, a penny. Went was in ONE episode of ER in season 7 but for some reason they don't have that season available by itself. I am by no means trying to imply that you should buy all 8 seasons; Yeah fucking right. Well if you're a big ER fan, buy away, but it's just there because he was in it and I was trying to be thorough. Also, Prison Break Season 2 is listed but obviously, as it isn't even over yet, it is not yet for sale, but you can enter your email address and be notified when it goes on sale (I am addicted to this Amazon feature). The aStore is mainly for Went things but also has some things I like in there so take a look if you are so inclined. I never buy things from ads I see on blogs usually but I had time on my hands and I wanted to list his work anyway so I thought, why not? Anyway, a link to The Confession is also in the sidebar. You can watch that online for free.

  • There are links under Listed At where you can vote for this blog on the various sites it is listed on. If you love me, click those links and vote!

  • If I am not posting, odds are I am either doing actual work (you would think I didn't have a day job as well as a side hustle the way I mess with this blog all day long), or I am at one of my familiar haunts under my Favorite Links so check there if you're looking for me. (The bottom favorite link is not a blog but the rest are).

  • Over the weekend I got email alerts to quite a few comments on old posts and I responded to them. Of course the rest of you would only know that there were new comments if you checked each and every post for new comments which I'm sure you don't do. That's where Cocomments comes in. There's a link on the sidebar (under Subscribe) for you to sign up. Then you can subscribe to a posts' comments and Cocomments will actually alert you when a new comment has been posted (all of this is automatic with the Firefox plugin, if not, you can do it manually...However, If you're not using Firefox you should be dammit. It makes life so much easier). Cocomments is handy as hell and it's how I keep up with all the comments I make around the web. It is your friend. You know what? Firefox and Cocomment are not paying me for this...

  • I have added a link to my very first post and to the Technorati blogs that have mentioned Wet For Went right under the Wet For Went Biography. We had a traffic explosion over the weekend because Michael K from Dlisted posted a link to Keena's awesome video, pre-sound effects, which subsequently got nearly 18,000 hits and 3 honors on You Tube. Apparently, a lot of people are wet for Went. Thanks MK! Also, somehow, Megite picked us up too through Gossip or Truth. Whoa!

  • I love Went but there's another man that has a very large chunk of my heart and his name is Jake Gyllenhaal. I felt the need to say this because LA tried to imply that I was done with Jake. LA, I am NEVER done with Jake. NEVER! I'm JakeWatch Agent #0017!

  • Who else is totally looking forward to tonights' episode of Prison Break? Wentworth Miller has made me love Mondays. That is a miracle people. Tonight is the second to last episode until (hopefully) the end of January when 24 comes back which I'm excited about also. Thanksgiving is this week. There will be posts if I'm at home and awake but if not, I will definitely catch you all when I stop eating, drinking and being merry.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program...Don't you WISH you were Bryce Dallas Howard in this pic? Lucky bitch...