Saturday, October 14, 2006

Express Yourself

How many times do I have to hear someone say that my Wenty has only one expression? Nonsense! I have proof.

Here he is laughing people, clearly laughing at something unbelievably funny. He looks so happy; I want to be in on the joke. What could make Went ditch Blue Steel? Inquiring minds want to know.

There it is another smile. See! I told you! Why Wentworth, is your shirt open? *drool*

This one I like to call his patient smile. It says "Yes I was hoping to pass through LAX uninterrupted but now that you have me, sure I'll take a picture. I'm a patient guy."

This is the "I'm going to outsmart you all and break my brother out of jail" smirk. Even his eyes are smirking. That takes skill. Went is clearly talented.

Here we have Went relaxing in the grass teasing us with those inviting eyes and that sexy jawline. Went, don't look at me like that, OK? Not if you're not going to follow through. I will not tell you that again. One expression? I think not.

The sun is in his eyes so he must squint but notice the slightly open mouth and somewhat upturned corners? Yeah, see, you were totally wrong. Six pics and no Blue Steel. What is Blue Steel you ask? Clearly you haven't been reading your American Heritage Wentionary, but I'll do you one better, I'll show you Wet Blue Steel...

Only at Wet For Went could the phrase Wet Blue Steel sound so dirty, but I'm fine with that. At a site named Wet For Went you can bet that everything is going to sound dirty. I'm just a dirty girl.