Friday, December 22, 2006

The 12 Days of Wentmas

On the Twelfth day of Wentmas my true love gave to me:

Twelve Wentys Cumming

Eleven Wentys Posing

Ten Wents a-sweating

Nine Wentys teasing

Eight Wents a-walking

Seven Wents a-sitting

Six Wents a-laying






Four butt shots

Three big guns

Two prison suits

and A Prison Break DVD

And now for a special...well I don't really know what to call it. I had a date with Bombay Sapphire last night and the bright idea occured to me to try and sing the whole song and record it and so I did. It starts off OK enough, with me singing badly and then gets all shot to hell around number 8 or 9 when I get tired of singing, start slurring words and asking questions that sound like they're one word "WhatnumbermmmImmmon?" and then get really happy with myself when I get it right. It starts off medium volume and then gets progressively louder as I get more excited...I. am. insane. Anyway here it is b/c it was too ridiculous not to share.

As if that wasn't enough, by request, here it is as a slideshow on You Tube.

And in the words of Karen: Have a very Merry Chrismahannukwanzastice!

Alright now it's credit time for the pics (if I know where they came from). All pictures that have have yellow borders, as always, came from Just Jared.

Butt shot #1 came from tellyfan
Butt shot #2 came from Baaca
Butt shot #3 came from iotlp
all of The Church

The Wet Blue Steels came from TeleChimp

Wents-a-laying #2 came from deadbeatnymph of The Church

The Candids of Went walking around (that don't have a yellow border and well the one of him in the pink shirt came from The Gilded Moose) and The Sweaty Human Stain Training pics came from MichaelandSara.Org.

The Hour Gifs (the ones of Went making out with Josie Maran) came from Soul4Poetry of The Church and were made from this Youtube video.

The Other Gifs came from Hikki

The rest are all over the net and who knows where I did the old right click and save.