Monday, December 18, 2006

Today in People I Hate

Pic removed by request

Hey you! Yes you standing next to Wentworth Miller, you who is being TOUCHED ON YOUR BARE FUCKING SKIN by Wentworth Miller, you who held up your piece of cake with a pic of him on it as if being touched by him and photographed with him is not e-fucking-nough, you who must also be good and buzzed judging by what's in your other hand, you who I hear even got in an ASS GRAB, you who did not call your Went-obsessed friend phouse1964 from The Church to bring her along (SHAME ON YOU!!!), you who heard Liquid Sex in person, you who is eye level with his chest hair, you who was close enough to go to the Prison Break Christmas Party at Fuse in Dallas, TX on December 16, 2006 when I was stuck in Baltimore doing who knows what but whatever it was, it wasn't nearly as important as meeting Wentworth Miller, hate you and I am so so so so jealous. Congratulations Girl!

Well I hope you people are happy. You upset the fan so I had to remove the pic. WE WILL NEVER GET ANY FAN PICS IF SOME OF YOU DO WHAT YOU DID THIS TIME! Dammit people...Next time do better.