Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wet For Went as a Fanfic Character

Today I have a special treat. Thanks to Stacy for the heads up on this. What would this blog be without drama? This week anyway...

Apparently WFW the blog and the person has been included in a Fanfic story. I only have one question: Where's my cut? A snippet:

PAUL: Good morning, angels. Haha! I fucking love saying that. Wazzup, bitches?

MATT: Oh, good morning Mr. Scheuring. We’re working on the script, sir.

PAUL: Yeah? Raaaaaaad! I wanna join in!

MATT: Um, very well, sir. The title of the next episode is going to be Manhunt.

PAUL: That’s dope! The bomb! So original! Like!

SHARON: Whoever made that site stole the handle of the official Prison Break forums’ wetforwent, who, coincidentally, happens to be the author of this story. Her only request is that she is not associated with that stalker site or mistaken for the person who created that site. Ever.

PAUL: Whatever!

SHARON: How would YOU feel if somebody stole your idea--or identity, and went mainstream with it!?

PAUL: I never get any good ideas, which is fine by me! I'm too hot for good ideas, anyway. I've been spending my days lounging about and collecting Harajuku groupies.

SHARON: It's like, how Colombian Coke gets all the hype and attention when it’s really Peruvian Coke that’s the shit. Do you understand!?

PAUL: I don’t get it! I only like X and all the other gay drugs out there, like Clonazepam. But like I said, whatever! You guys are such creative geniuses! If you were born around the same time Einstein was—which was what, circa 1600’s in Italy, he probably wouldn’t have gained as much recognition because there would’ve been such tough competition! And I rhymed! That must make me a creative genius, too! Weeeeeeeee! I knew it was the bestest decision to hire you guys! LOVE YOU!

At this time I would like to share what probably isn't common knowledge and that is that the username wetforwent existed before I used it...Of course, this was not something I was aware of until after this blog had been in existence for over a month and by then what was I going to do change it? Hell no. I thought up the name on my own and just because I wasn't the first doesn't mean I didn't work the shit out of it. I stole nothing. Also, I like to think of myself as more of a cyber-stalker. In the words of Forest Gump "And that's all I need to say about that." Oh and the story was adequitely funny.

Click here for the entire Behind The Scenes Fanfic by Merrizzizzle AKA the other wetforwent.

In other blog related news, Wet For Went made the Top Ten Sources for Prison Break again, TWICE and one of highlights was of The 12 Days of Wentmas...Priceless...