Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wentworth Miller Headlines

I don't know about you but Google Alerts is upsetting me this week. Never have I seen so many Prison Break alerts that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Prison Break and even worse, nothing to do with Wentworth Miller. I am not satisfied with these headlines and you know what I do when I don't like something, I just make something up! So here are 5 Headlines I'd like to see in my Inbox instead.

1. Wentworth Miller Coming to Baltimore, Maryland to meet Wet For Went Blogger

2. Wentworth Miller to Star in New Movie

3. New Episodes of Prison Break will Air Everyday Continuously Forever

4. Wentworth Miller's Ass named 8th Wonder of the World

5. Hot and Steamy Sex Scene in Wentworth Miller's New Movie Earns it an NC-17 Rating

Do you think if I wish for them hard enough, they'll come true?

Now it's your turn. Put a Wentworth Miller related headline or two in the comments section that you'd like to see while I go do some work. Have Fun!