Friday, December 01, 2006

Today in People I Hate...

OMG I finally did it, I got to meet Wentworth Miller. We had gotten called back for another PB shoot and of course our scenes had nobody that we knew in them BUT at the same location they were filming another scene afterwards which had Wentworth, Dominic, Paul, and Sara all there!! At the last minute after we were done with our scenes, they told us that 3 people had cancelled as extras and they needed volunteers. Of course we raised our hands immediately!! We were escorted upstairs to a holding area that overlooked below where the actors were shooting at. Sara was down there first so I got to see a lot of her. She is very tall and skinny and very pretty in person. After she did her scene they started setting up for Wentworths scene and I was so excited I was gonna get to see him this time for sure. Well I went downstairs to see if I could catch a glimpse or something and the crew guy told me that if I was hungry I could go get some coffee and snacks in the breakroom. So I wandered in there and who did I see? Wentworth and Sara!! They were engaged in conversation and it was just them in the room. I walked over to the snacks pretending like I didn't know who the hell they were. Then I saw my chance. Sara had sat down and Wentworth picked up a paper and was just standing there so I went up to him and told him what a huge fan I was and asked if I could get a picture with him. I had never been so nervous in my entire life! At that time my husband had come in with the camera. Wentworth said "Sure" and he put his arm around me I got my picture. I said "thank you" and he walked off to do his scene. I got to watch him the whole time while he was filming. At dinner I got to sit right behind him and Paul, it was amazing!! Then later on we were doing a different scene and Wentworth was right next to me!! All I have to say is that He is absolutely gorgeous in person just as hot as on tv if not hotter. His eyes are so big and beautiful. They looked like a blue/green color. As for the rumors that he is balding. Thats not true I sat right behind him at dinner and he is not balding. His hair parts a certain way which looks like a small bald spot but hes not balding. As for him being gay. I really don't think so, he didn't act gay to me whatsoever. I never saw him smoke either and he was filming for hours. He was laughing a lot with Sara and it looked like they were flirting with each other. It seemed as though they were very close. Too bad she is married. I think they would make a great couple together. He is very calm and very down to earth. My goal of meeting Wentworth has been acheived. WOO HOO!! You can check out my picture with him in my pics section. Its probably the worst picture I've ever taken in my life but it was sooo worth it!
Congratu-fucking-lations you lucky, lucky girl!


UPDATE: This blogger is in the comments section(!) and our very own Lucky Lady (LL, yes I have named her) recalls her life-changing 2 second encounter with The Perfect One and answers your burning questions such as: What did he smell like? What was his proximity to Peanut Butter Cups? Did you notice a Halo?