Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

Today's pick asks to receive Wentworth Miller for Christmas. Can you imagine it? Went, laying on your bed when you get home, with a big red bow tied around him...guess where? Can you see it? Of course in my apartment he would already be dead from all the cat hair but maybe he could meet me at a hotel or something instead. OK, got side-tracked, back to the post, this blogger doesn't like Prison Break (what is wrong with these people) but loves Wentworth Miller. My favorite quote:

Oh can I make Wentworth Miller my New Year’s wish as well, please, Santa?

Does Santa reign over New Years as well? Seriously? This is news to me. You mean to tell me that ALL THIS TIME I should have been putting my New Year's Resolutions into those letters to the North Pole? No wonder I could never stick to any of them! Let that be a lesson to us all. This year, send your New Year's Resolutions to Santa and maybe you really will get Wentworth Miller...and a job that pays you more money, and you'll exercise more, and stop fucking up your money and be more of a whore. Yes, you heard me right, be MORE of a whore. You only live once...