Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boxergirl in Lockdown with Wentworth Miller

OH. MY. GOD. Went, in jeans...Wenttorso...That peek of red shirt at JUST the right spot...Wentlap...A slight smirk...The gaze...I'm speechless and that doesn't fucking happen often. Nothing funny to say here. What I would not give to be kneeling in front of that lap...looking up at that gaze as I unzip those pants...MY GOD...Holy FUCK!

(Hours later)...Now that I have regained my composure I realize I did not post an account of the happenings.

So, we arrived at the radio station at 7.30am, and were fairly quickly ushered upstairs and into the boardroom where they had breakfast treats set up for us...

We were told Went would arrive at around 8am, meet and greet with us, we could chat with him, have pics etc, then he would do the interview with Zoe (DJ), and he would come back to spend more time with us..

There were probably just under 20 people in total, including the radio station staff - can you believe TWO of the winners didnt turn up?? WTF??

Anyhoo - at about 8.10 Went arrived, with Pam and a couple of other staffers from Fox, I assume..
He kind of sheepishly entered and waved Hi to us all and made his way to a spot right in front of me to do photos with everyone..

Outfit: New Balance's, jeans (totally rocked em), a red t-shirt with that grey sweater he always wears (I believe it may be the Saturday sweater..but Went, honey, its Thursday...)...
And the hair - still there - LMAO...looking slightly less combed to within an inch of its life like the day before though..and the greys were nowhere to be seen Ladies..

We had our pics, I introduced myself, told him I was upset I missed out on the Moet the evening before to which he replied "Oh, I'm so sorry, I should have bought two bottles!", then laughed a little..
Then I took pics of my friend with him, and we got out of the way to let others have their minute basking in the glow that is The Pretty....

After everyone had finished I asked the handlers if it was OK if we had one together with Went (my friend and I), as they were ushering him out for the interview. They said it was absolutely not a rpoblem so he sat on the couch and we cosied up next to him, he put his arms around us and the radio staffer snapped away for us...
Whilst on the couch I asked if the constant posing etc got old, and he smiled and said "no, I like it, its fun!"

Bless his heart, I told him he was very gracious about it all, and he thanked me as I got up..

He was whisked away into the studio and we listened to the interview...

So he does the interview - which ended up being OK, not much new stuff though, but the poor girl was SO nervous, she came out after he had gone and was still nervous and embarrased I think as she fluffed his name up...LMAO

After the interview he was shown into another room for a few minutes, then just outside the boardroom he signed a bunch of stuff for the station.

At that point the radio staffer came in and told us that he had run out of time and they had to get going - to which everyone groaned, as no-one had asked him anything much and he hadn't signed stuff for us yet..

So we gathered around the door and waited till he re-appeared, then a few people had him sign we ran and grabbed our stuff to sign, and were successful in getting him to sign for us!! YAY!

The handlers told him he had to get going and he said "No, it's alright, they have come along way", I laughed and said "No, YOU have come along way for us, we haven't come far at all!!" ;D
That got a smile!

So eventually everyone's stuff was signed and they were on their way.. :)

He was absolutely SO gracious, calm, gentle and friendly. He has this amazing kind of aura about him, just a kind of serenity thats really hard to explain.

Now - before you all ask - he smelt nice, like a faint cologne, or even spray on deodorant, nothing overpowering, just nice.
He has warm, soft hands (cos I know y'all will ask that too ;)), and makes you feel completely comfortable with having pics taken with him etc.

He actually looks right at you when he speaks, makes eye contact, and seems very grateful for the career he has, and the whole publicity thing doesn't seem to bother him at all, in fact, he really does seem to enjoy it, as he said to me..


I can hear the sighing and I am with you. *sigh*

pic courtesy of boxergirl from The Church. Thank you mink for the pic edit and now I'm going to need to be alone with this picture...again...for about an hour...Excuse me...