Friday, December 08, 2006

The Wentworth Miller Sex Tape

LOL, headlines are fun. I bring to you today, b/c I'm always forgetting which board I'm on and what is where and am just realizing that I had not brought you this already and this is now officially the longest sentence in history and what was I saying, oh yes, I bring to you today the closest we may ever get to seeing Went get it on and so I have named it, The Wentworth Miller Sex Tape. What it really is, is scenes from The Hour pieced together and set to music. That description really doesn't do it justice, so just watch it, oh and I'm still drunk from last night, Happy Friday!

OK I forgot to add the slow motion gifs that soul4poetry from The Church created from this video.

Leave it to mink to notice Josie Maran's hand in that first one...I do believe there is some crotch rubbing going on...This is WAY too much stimulation for work...