Monday, December 25, 2006

A Few Things...

OK...While the cat's away the mouse will play is an understatement for what has been going on in here lately and while it did make me laugh and I also participate in some light off topic discussion in the comments section from time to time (although I can do what I damn well please cuz it's my blog, don't forget that), this shit is getting out of hand. I preface this by saying you know I love you people but some of you *cough*Krissie*cough* have decided you are going to turn my comments section (you know, where the comments on the posts go?) into a message board or a forum and ummm, no you're not. Never fear though, as you will notice a new chat box in the sidebar to your right. :) You don't have to register to post there but if you want to use the same username everytime you definitely should (enter your username of choice and click profile to password protect it so that only you can use that name). You can still remain anonymous if you wish just use anon with the time of your last comment on one of the posts on the blog (if you want to be recognizable) or identify what type of anon you are e.g. nice anon, wicked anon, shy anon, something like that. Everyone can not use anonymous as there is a feature that will recognize that the same username has already been used in the same session (at least that is way I understand it). Try it out and take all of your not specifically related to the post discussions over there and like su already said, spit or swallow has been covered and is not off limits, just not completely relevant to Went being spotted getting off a plane, lol. I'm sure you see my point here. Now if I start you off (which I've been known to do) please do respond in kind, but that post was purely informational. Let's not make it a habit to clutter up the Went sightings and info posts with our fantasies (and yes I take responsibility for my drunk comment, lol). Take your chatty asses over to the chat box and don't go off on wild tangents in my comments section please, Thanks.

  • The You Tube for The 12 Days of Wentmas song is up though the 3 of you who begged me to do it may not have seen it, lol, so I'm reposting it here. Enjoy!

  • The sample bracelet order has been placed so as soon as I get them, I will update those of you who have already paid and those of you that have expressed interest. I am looking into an alternative payment system for those of you that don't use Paypal but I haven't really finished investigating that yet so I'll keep you posted.

  • One last thing, over the past few days I have elected not to make new posts based on topics that have already been discussed in the last week so I just updated the old posts with new info. You might want to check back to see if there isn't something there that wasn't there the last time you looked! Alright, it's Christmas and I'm off to see my family. Use that fucking chat box to chat dammit and I will catch up with you guys later! Merry Christmas!