Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wentworth Miller Everywhere

Walking home from the video store last night I saw escaped convict Michael Scofield from Prison Break. What was he doing out in Los Feliz, my bohemian hood east of Hollywood? On a date it seemed with a young lady heading into Electric Lotus. A man's got to eat while on the lam.

I couldn't actually recall the actor's name at first. Wentworth Miller, and when I did decided it would just be better if he was named Michael Scofield. Who wants to say "Yeah Wentworth! Way to go on that fall finale"? "Yo Scofield, keep running" is so much better.

But I said nothing. I'm not that lame.


Seriously, someone make me a timeline or something b/c all these Went sightings, be they real or fake, are confusing the hell out of me.