Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Today in People I Hate: A Religious Experience

Australia is officially on my list of places to burn to the ground but not until Went leaves but as he flies out, I will be arriving with my blowing up Australia things...Until then, there's more hate to go around. A couple of Churchies seem to have met one Wentworth Miller and also received a bottle of Moet from him after he got off the boat. SO MUCH HATE...NOWHERE TO PUT IT ALL...HAVE A HEADACHE...The details from fickwalker:

As the wonderful bg has already explained, we saw OLP as he was boarding the boat for the Fox cruise. At the time that bg, and a dear friend of mine named Mary, were getting pictures with him, I declined the offer, saying he was already late and I didn't want to hold him up any longer. While the photogs were taking their pictures, his PA (I think her name is Pam? I've seen her in the pictures from Cannes) came up to me and slipped a little plastic baggie into my hand. I thanked her and didn't think much of it. When I looked at what was in the baggie, it was a set of Prison Break thumbcuffs! :-)

Once the boat had left for the cruise, we had a short dalliance to my house where we chatted and squeed, bg headed home and Mary, myself and another friend made our way back to where the boat has departed from. Lucky for us, about fifteen minutes after we arrived, the boat returned.

As the boat pulled in to dock, Mary began waving. When I hissed at her not to 'make a scene' she replied 'but he waved first'. :-) So we sat back and waited for him to get back onto dry land, but not before he'd shaken hands with every single crew member on the boat and thanked them for the cruise. Once he got onto the dock, he came straight for us. While I tried ever so hard to keep my composure and smiled up at him, he said "we have a present for you, but you have to have somewhere to stash it... ", then he revelead a bottle of Moet & Chandon under his jacket, which he handed to me. He dropped the bottle into the bag I was carrying and said "Enjoy!" (note: we demolished it the second we got home.).

I then asked if it would be alright to take the picture I declined earlier in the day and Pam (I think that's her name) was all - jokingly - "Oh, so *now* you want the picture!". There was some joking back and forth before I managed to finally get my picture with OLP. My very smart best friend pretended the camera wasn't working so she could snap some extra pictures. :-)

We took a moment to ask if he would be in Sydney for New Years and he replied "Sadly, no. I'll be back in LA". So we wished him a happy new year, thanked him for his time and wished him well for the rest of his stay. Then I floated home on a cloud. What an unbelievable day. :-)

I fear in my excitement (and mild drunken-ness!), I might do something stupid and post ridiculously large pictures to the board, so I'll play it safe instead... Follow the link to my album on Photobucket, where you can see a few candids of OLP getting onto the boat, a few (awful) pictures of me and him, and a photo or two of us nutcases with the bottle of Moet he gave me.

MOD EDIT: 'Photobucket' link removed. Pics now posted below.

This has turned out to be a *very* merry Christmas indeed! *continues to float*

Hey bg, you think I should take the empty bottle to Nova tomorrow and thank him for the party we had on him? :-)

Mind you, boxergirl (bg) is the SAME girl that won a spot in the damn lockdown with the man which is less than a day away. Why God? Why?

As I am incapacitated with rage, I have tapped into Went's very brain and he will spread the hate...or something. Take it away Wentworth...

Thanks WFW. I have to tell you, These Australia chicks are freaky...they have nice racks though. Seriously, First it was that weird smiley face girl and now this. I'm actually afraid to get too close to either one of them. I mean check out box face girl, her face is outlined in pink. Now I like pink and all but that's just disturbing. Hmmm boxgirl...boxergirl, I think that's her name so nevermind. I was warned. It's my own fault really. Boxergirl is doing the boob-lean, you know when they lean in and make sure to touch me with their boobs. I swear these women think I'm stupid but what they don't know is that it just gives me the oppportunity to cop a feel...without actually using my hands. Yeah I said it. Wentworth Miller likes boobs but if I keep running into these deformed broads, I'm going to go check out the boys. I mean, everyone thinks I'm into that anyway.

This second girl though (I think her name was fickwalker)...whoa. A face only a mother could love. You know, I'm not even sure she had a face...all I saw was hair, and boobs, hair and boobs. Man I love boobs. You know what though? This one didn't do the boob-lean, she went a step further. You know what she said to me? She held up her hand and said "Insert ass here," I kid you not. I was tempted but what would that do to my oh so sweet reputation? The sweet thing works. Women are all over me. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to cash in or the right setting; Maybe Baltimore will be the magic place. Yeah, I'll go see WFW and screw her brains out and the world will know what a stud I really am. OK now, forget everything you just read b/c I'll never admit to any of it anyway. Be Good.

Thanks Jared for blurring that last pic so I didn't have to.