Friday, January 26, 2007

Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

Anonymous said...
her hair sucks

1/20/2007 12:02 AM



Dani Girl said...
FUCK he was so dreamy in this clip!! Man, I'm sweating with palpitations - this guy has just had me melting in my panties.......

GOD I want him so ! What a hunny !!!

I believe that may be the first use of palpitations on this blog. I'm tickled.

Anonymous said...
Wenty wearing the chastity belt. Mmmm, wonder who owns the key??? THE key.

1/20/2007 2:02 PM

AND said...
I own the key! I will be happy to make duplicates!


Anonymous said...

Still can't see any words in that magazine. Why would a magazine with this kind of photos need words anyway...? The pics speak to me.

1/20/2007 1:45 PM

I so agree but I was trying to be all journalisty and shit. MISTAKE! How's this?

Oh baby...


sammie.pie said...

REALLY REALLY big photos= Sweet Wentalicous Blindness...*tripping over shoes, bumping into walls*


nicbeast said...

God must have just finished making the world's worst serial killer and decided to make up for it my making Went.
Praise Jesus.

Perhaps, but on this blog we only Praise Jeebus. Jesus' really cool and underrated evil twin. Even he thinks Went is the second cumming.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if Jack Bauer could beat Michael Scofield...?

Jack would kick Michael's ass. Jack Bauer's tears cure Cancer. He's a bad MF.

Patty said...

WFW, thanks for the belly laugh! Went is total hotness! (but I have been cheating with Jake this weekend. What is up with that? ) Prison Break needs to get back on the TV now!

Oh, and you realize his hands are big enought actually grab MY giant boob(s)? Thanks you, Jeebus! Now back to the fantasy....

See nic, Jeebus and I was totally cheating with Jake last weekend too. When things like this happen, sometimes a girls' eye wanders, well one of them, like Paris Hilton's wonky eye, but the other one, stays firmly planted on Went. Fuck! My eyes hurt...


mbnd said...

Just wish it were mine he was reaching out for. He would have been better off I wouldn't have him arrested & put behind bars just between my sheets.

*applause for you*


karen said...

"...nicely exfoliated, but very dry..."

*thinking* *about* *massage oil* *in* *ALL* *the* *right* *places*

"Oh no Went, massage oil won't work on that. I've heard spit works better. Let's try it."


notthedoctor said...


*Kicking doc in the ass to get her out of the way so Went can get to me*


linds said...

Oh Went, Went Went. You ARE a walking work of art!


Anonymous said...

Handsome as always.If he were wrapped in a tablecloth he'd still be smokin' hot. Goddamnit! Some people have it all, looks and brains. Maybe that's why we belong together;he's got everything, i got nothng.

1/21/2007 7:02 PM



Fashion Police said...

Holy-crap new clothes...matching new clothes.

Ahhh but the dead give-away THE SHOES.....Wentworth your a God but your human too.

Always love the commentary FP.


Anonymous said...

What, no beige??? And matching colors (almost..)Went's really making progress. And the beanie reminds me of Wentmas... Oh.

1/22/2007 10:56 AM

Ah Wentmas. The most wonderful time of year. Memories, of the times we left behind. Misty water colored MEEEEEEEMORIES! Of the way...we were...

buttercup said...

jeans. are. good. ;)

Yes. They. Are.

linds said...

Lord have Mercy!!! I need medicine before I watch that show - I was dying when michael was like 'you still think you're in charge' to kellerman and then called the news (!!!). yikes!! i hate to say this about our hero, but this is what you get for being arrogant!!!! god - wasn't went so good last night? I can totally imagine him calming down a crazy person!!

That power struggle was HOT. Went was good and HOT. Don't forget HOT.


noone said...

*crying eyes out*
What's the use of eyes anyway when I can't watch new PB?

I haven't taken it out for a test drive, but I uploaded the ep here. Dry your tears noone.


mink said...

Great recap, WFW. Although I had to take issue with the PB writers for apparently not considering that Steadman's DNA could be compared to his sister's! Still, looking forward to seeing how they get out of this particular jam.

Yes! The sister! Where's your brain Agent Kujan? Went's hotness fried it. They could have compared Steadman's DNA to his sisters' and that would have been that. I think they should put you in the show. Linc, Kellerman, Michael and Mink, the one with the REAL brains.


redlightmind said...

"The brothers hop on"

My thoughts exactly!Have you been reading my journal?

Yeah it was right after that part about the licking...bad girl.

Stranger said...

That report from E! News is such a slut! Always trying to grab him.
You better take your hands off, you slut! :´(

* really pissed, 'cause he's heaven on earth and i'm not the one being hugged *

Ohhhh, you haven't heard of K.W. apparently. I fucking hate her but she's a legend.

As always everyone, thanks for your comments!