Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prison Break The Message 1/29 Recap


It's a FOX news break, no not a real one, it's one in the show. FOX is fucking vain. A faux Fox news break in a FOX TV show? Love the whole start at the end and then go back to the beginning thing though. Faux FOX news is playing a video. "My name is Lincoln Burrows and I'm innocent." Six hours earlier...

OK, Kellerman, Michael and Linc are still surrounded and although we were led to believe there was a back door to that motel room there is not. They're going to have to think of something. Kellerman is holding out his badge through the door to the cops and the media telling them to hold their fire. He brings the brothers out with their hands behind their backs as if they're handcuffed and then...Kellerman grabs the cameraman, Linc pulls his gun and Michael is demanding the reporter get him the keys to the cop cars. Oh yeah order them around Went; Force is hot.

Mahone is back at his FBI office pissed off at the lack of progress but now that superbrain is back at work I'm sure he'll be face to face with Michael by the end of the episode!

The boys areriding in the car with their hostage and they hear that the president will be in Denver, Colorado that afternoon. Michael tells Linc to pull over. He's ordering people around again...Must concentrate on show.

Ewww Bellick looks like shit and he's having nightmares and calling for the nurse. He comes to and a con sweeping up in the infirmary is there. He tells him that there are plenty more beatdowns where that one came from, lol. The con is hot. Everyone on Prison Break is hot..That or I'm horny.

The cameraman is spying on the boys talking, dammit boys stop planning in front of the hostage!

Yay! Mexico! That means Sucre! Ooooh Amaury looks hot. They're speaking sexy Spanish. I love Spanish. He's talking to an old man on the stereotypical multicolored Mexican bus with lots of people holding chickens in a cages. Dammit, Amaury is looking good. "What's in Ixtapa," the old man asks,"a woman?" "The woman," Sucre answers. Awwww. Look at that smile! Nice music for this scene.

LMAO Haywire is in a dumpster outside of a convenience store looking for raft supplies. Freakin nut. He needs more wood. Yes that's exactly what you need, wood and drugs, lots and lots of drugs. A couple of teenagers ask him to buy them some beer. He says yes. "You can even keep a beer for yourself," the boy says, but Haywire's dad used to drink so he doesn't drink. Somehow I see this meaning something later.

The camera man is walking back into his studio with a tape...

The tape is airing and everybody is watching. The FBI, Sara wherever she is, Mr. Kim...And of course he's freaking out. "Start a wildfire in Florida, find a storage unit full of Arabs..." He wants that story buried by a fabricated one if necessary. Hmmm, Art imitating life?

BEST COMMERCIAL I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME LMAO. New Axe commercial. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Dom even has a commercial. He's telling people to be a mentor; Mama Bear is gonna love this.

Back in Mexico, the bus stops and the old man gets off and so does poor Sucre as he is getting put off of the bus because he didn't pay. With the cops nearby he can't argue with the driver and he looks lost. The old man offers him a place for the night if he will cook. The old man mentions he has a car; Sucre is in.

The FBI is still watching the 26 min long tape and Michael is outing Mahone. He says that Mahone murdered Shales and the agents look wide-eyed but Mahone just says "The guy's nuts" and walks away! LMAO He even looks innocent while saying it. Nice goin Bill!

Haywire is going to show the teenagers his raft. The boy of course thinks he's mad for thinking he will make it to Holland in that but the girl thinks he's sweet and thinks it's great he gets to just disappear. He notices a bruise on her arm and asks her about it. "My dad drinks too," she says. Haywire is going to go all Sling Blade on her dad; I'd bet money on it. She asks for her arm back but he doesn't let go fast enough. The boy rescues her and they leave.

Bellick is begging Sara's best nurse friend to let him stay another night in the infirmary. She agrees.

The camera man is being questioned and he recalls that "One of them said 450 miles in 6 hours." The FBI is on it immediately, drawing a radius of 450 miles around the general area they were in on a map. Mr. Kim calls in. Mahone recites possible cities and Kimmy stops him at Denver immediately because that's where the president will be. Mahone is back running the show now and thinks the president should be kept in the dark and used as bait. The sniveling little weasel below him disagrees and tells Mahone that he is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Mahone says "Then get a pen." LMAO I am loving Mahone more and more lately.

Kim is talking to the guy above him...The weird one that doesn't talk. Weird Mute writes something on a pad and holds it up as Kim suggests calling the President and letting her know what's going on.

Sucre and the old man are eating chicken. I like the old man. I like the Spanish and I like the music. I like it a lot. Amaury licked his upper lip. FUCK! The old man grabs the dishes and heads to bed as he tells Sucre where he can sleep. Sucre has no intention of sleeping, he's after those car keys so he can get to MariCruz. He's stealing the car...And he's gone.

The FBI have people analyzing the video the boys made. They conclude that they are lying. Flashback to Kellerman prepping Mike and Linc on how to make their body language say something completely different than what their words are saying. Back to the tape now...Morse code, eyes up, arms folded, this is hilarious. Michael is talking directly to Sara. Meanwhile she is rewatching it online and flipping through a book. She knows what he's saying although it means nothing to us...Yet.

Mahone, the superbrain, has caught on to the fact that the brothers are trying to fool them into thinking they are going after the President. Of course he did; He's a genius! "They're going after Sara Tancredi." Fucking Mahone! *shaking fist at Mahone*

Sucre is driving along and uh oh, here come the cops. They take him back to the old man but instead of charging him with theft, he gives him money for gas and tells the cops he loaned him the car. Oh man, I'm tearing up. "Find your girl, then find grace." *tears* Am I PMSing or what?

The FBI is reading up on Sara and her file proves she's boring. We knew that already. Mahone takes the file. Of course he will see what no one else does! He walks away fast after seeing it. Told you!

The boys are standing around now at some outside location at night. Linc is obsessed with the truth getting out and is checking the newspaper to see where their story is. It's not there but a story about how they shot a janitor in a motel is. Linc wants to talk to Michael alone so Kellerman walks away. Linc is wondering if Kellerman is only helping them to figure out what they know. Linc, you DO have a brain!

The teenage boy is dropping off the teenage girl and not even a minute after she walks in the house, abusive dad is laying into her trying to pick a fight. She walks away and he is about to go after her with a fire poker but gets attacked by Haywire instead. I have a feeling this is the sound of Haywire beating her dad to death.

Mahone goes to talk to nurse best friend about Sara because he needs a lead. He shows her the message from Michael but she doesn't know anything. He checks with Bellick instead. Bellick wants better accommodations to crack the code and Mahone agrees. Turns out all those references that sounded like nothing were chapters in the AA book. Michael must have been an Alcoholic in a former life...That or his research was WAY more thorough than we ever imagined. How did he know that?

The boys are still waiting for Sara in a secret location. All of a sudden "Michael Crane, please report to the front desk, you have a telephone call." Awww Crane. Mahone figured out from the AA book where they're meeting Sara now and is sending the cops. Michael runs in to take the call and it's Sara. Awww they're in love. I should post the phone call for the MiSa fans but...Nah. I don't like MiSa that much. OK maybe just a little:

Sara: "Michael back in Gila I was coming back to you, somebody grabbed me..."

Michael: "Did someone hurt you?" Oh Wentworth!

yadda yadda yadda

Michael: "Well we'll figure it out...Together." *melting*

Sara: "I like the sound of that." I bet you do!

Kellerman is getting a phone call and it's his lady love the President and she's making promises and playing on Kellermans' feelings for her and love for his job. She doesn't sound convincing to me but I'm not Kellerman; I'm not into cold hard bitches. The boys all get back in the car and Kellerman is driving but he looks...Different. Did she get to him? Oh man is he gonna turn on them? Dammit! THE END.

OK so someone twisted my arm...Here's the MiSa phone conversation. Thanks Wendy!