Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prison Break John Doe Live Blogging Recap 1/22


Here it is. Your first Prison Break recap for 2007.

Whoa there! Sexy, sexy Wentworth Miller...Must get back in Prison Break mode...So hard...So...Hard...OK, Michael Scofield...God he looks hot.

We begin with Kellerman, Linc and Michael running out of The Killing Box (why do I love that term so much). Wents' running form is much improved. VERY NICE WENT! And there's Mahone laying in the stairwell and his phone conveniently rings as a cop walks by. The cop finds him. "Get a Medic!" I knew they were not going to kill Mahone. The random cop answers the phone, It's Mr. Kim. He tells Kim that his boy is shot.

Kellerman, Linc and Michael are speeding away in a truck and as usual Michael, the brains of the operation, is asking all the questions "Why are you helping us?" A very good question Scofield but as he is questioning our torture-loving friend, Linc recalls being almost murdered by the guy (way way back when he is intentionally set free in Season 1) and hits him WHILE THEY ARE STILL DRIVING! Damn Linc, you trying to kill everyone? They pull over, get out and Linc pulls Kellermans' own gun on him and threatens to kill him but Kellerman knows where Terrence Steadman is: Can't kill him yet!

Credits rolling...Oh how I missed those credits. Commercial for 300 which is going to be mother fucking awesome. Comes out 2 days before my birthday, sweet. Midnight movie anyone?

Linc is still waiving the gun. That man is an animal. Kellerman says "You wanna keep running fine. You wanna be free, get in the car." Some sanity. They all get in.

HUGE black dude is threatening Bellick. Dessert for protection. I know he's a bastard and I even killed him off in a fake PB ep, but I am feeling sorry for him already. At least he's someone's dessert bitch and not their real one...Yet.

T-bag tells SusieQ he forgives her, how nice. Oh T-bag, come for me. We can have a family together. She tries to get him to leave with her but he says "There's not a white man's chance in Harlem you'd leave your children behind." LOL I love you T-bag. Susie never told the children about him being a murdering rapist lunatic. I wonder how long it will take them to get home...

Kellerman gets a call from Kim and lies his ass off. He doesn't seem pleased that Mahone is still alive but he moves on to the Michael and Linc are dead lie and that he is on his way to bury them. He's just biding his time to try and get to Steadman. Mike is cracking smart remarks while Linc is going all Incredible Hulk. Kellerman says "There's that winning personality. The one we knew would win over a jury." LOL, Ouch. Kellerman is a smart ass and...It's kind of hot. Why is everyone so hot this episode?

C-Note is still lying to his kid about how Mommy is fine and calls to check the status of her hearing. Things are not looking good. Poor Kacee.

Kellerman has arranged a plane ride for them to Montana. The brothers hop on, they have no choice.

Mahone is in the hospital recuperating. If the bullet entered 6 inches to the right, he'd be dead. Uh huh. It's threat time again. Mahone finish what you started or we'll tell everyone about Shales. Well Mahone gives them the (proverbial) finger and says he's quitting! He said he'll go to jail for it, he's out. It's about damn time.

Steadman may not be able to call anyone but he can sure as hell watch TV on that lovely LCD and run around insulting the agents guarding him when he's the one walking around in that ugly bathrobe wearing fake teeth.

It's time for Bellick to pay up and he brings the big black man the brownie for some protection like a good little boy but of course now the fee is 5 brownies and he needs 4 more. Bellick takes out a sock full of rocks (or something) and wails on him. LOL Nice going Bellick.

T-bag looks through the family photo album and discovers he's not there. Color him disappointed. Here come the children home from school, LOL, excellent. "Uncle Teddy!" AHAHAHAHA! Poor clueless children and powerless Susie. T-bag is here to stay.

Kim has been double crossed and now it's time to evacuate half-dressed Steadman before Kellerman can get to him but the boys have already landed and are already enroute. I think it's too late for you Kim. Car is pulling up...Supposed to be transport, but nope, It's Kellerman and the boys ready to kick some ass and kidnap Terrence. That Kellerman is a bad mutha...Shut yo mouth. He dropped those agents quick.

Mahone doesn't want to play ball? Well they'll make him play ball. Guess who's kid just got hit by a car and has a leg broken in 2 places? 3 guesses as to who's responsible for that...Here comes Kim's lackey to re-threaten Mahone and claim responsibility for the accident. I don't see this dude living past the end of the episode. Mahone don't play that.

Michael, Linc, Kellerman and Terrence are held up in a motel planning strategy. Now this is where it gets impressive. To make him disappear they took out Steadman's teeth, burned off his fingerprints, destroyed all of his DNA samples, raised his cheekbones and lowered his ears so that facial comparisons would prove he is a look-a-like...Now that's what I call thorough. Hole-in-one PB writers. One question though, if they can't prove it's him, what good is he to them? Kellerman's big idea is to wait out the road blocks and go to DC in a couple of days once everyone thinks they are far far away.

Meanwhile T-bag and family are watching cartoons. LOL Oh T-bag. Susan knocks over her water in an attempt to go get a rag but come back with her gun. Turns out T-bag already has it. What did she think that she was smarter than him? The son has a trick up his sleeve though and hears T-bag getting loud with his mother eventhough he's whispering and when T-bag turns around, he catches a skateboard in the face. That is not enough to stop him though dear boy, sorry.

Looks like the dude Bellick beat down, has night guard connections. The night guards apparently aren't too fond of Bellick so someone's going to get hurt. Bradley is getting cat called under cover of night and hallucinating. "I ain't scared of you," he yells as his cell door opens automatically and Avacado tells him to start praying....Poor Bellick.

Mac and PC commercial. I like these. Yay Macs!

Linc is going ape shit again, this time on Steadman. Veronica bit the dust and he thinks Terrence should die for that. *nodding head* Oh Linc, I agree. Too bad he's your ticket to freedom. Only his brother Michael can calm him down. He's not heavy, he's my brother.

No bail for Kacee. Dammit, dammit, dammit! C-Note is crying again. I HATE it when he does that! *tears*

T-bag is nailing wood boards across the door talking about carpentry. "We will be a family if it kills us." I think he means if it kills YOU.

The Steadman party is ready to leave but Michael has other plans. He calls the news stations...Presumably to get to tell Steadman's story without them all getting killed. "Hello My name is Michael Scofield and I want to turn myself in." *note to self: must get audio of this...So sexy*

Mahone calls Kim to tell him he's back to work and opens the trunk of his car to reveal the dead agent inside that threatened his son. I have a feeling Mahone is going rogue.

Steadman is freaking out about getting found out and he's got a gun. Oh boy. I see it coming....Here it comes...He blew his brains out all over the pretty motel picture. How in the hell are they going to clear their name now? GREAT FUCKING BREAK DOWN BY THE WAY THERE WENT! Lights are flashing, Kellerman's yelling, there they go running, and the chase is on again.

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