Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wentworth Miller in L'Officiel Hommes Magazine

Wentworth, Seriously, I am going to have a stroke. I can't take much more of this...

Do you have to be so beautiful?


I could look at your face forever...

Oh yes, you are very cool Went and very very hot.

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UPDATE: notthedoctor, my favorite fucking person in the whole wide world has taken pictures of the Mag with her camera and is in the process of translating the article as I type this. BEHOLD! The new pictures!

Oh My God he threw his head back. HE IS FUCKING WITH ME! Help me, PLEASE!

Lap! His legs are spread, GODDDESS HELP ME! Foot action, Forearm, Stare, can't breathe, can't breathe...

I just want to lay in the nape of that neck and kiss it 1000 times. Oh Wentworth...

He is waiting to be mounted. He is waiting FOR ME!

Oh baby, you can stand JUST like that, I'll kneel. No really, I will. I am having a religious experience. Just one night and I can die happy. Just one. OH GOD!

UPDATE #2: notthedoctor has translated the article for me and you can find it below. THANK YOU SO MUCH DOC!

Happy is the person who hasn’t watched a Prison Break episode yet, because that TV show is frankly dangerous. When you’ve had a taste of it, it’s simple; you can’t live without it anymore. In fact, in France, by the end of December, nearly 7 million viewers were trapped in the flawless and thrilling scenarios of the show, boosted by outstanding and brilliant actors.
Among them, the young and now famous Wentworth Miller, who is already a big thing. Charismatic and sublime, He accepted the offer to pose for L’Officiel Hommes and to answer a few questions between two photo shoots. If his photos are rare, the man is even more. Friendly, composed and deeply kind, Wentworth Miller is disarmingly simple and intelligent. He doesn’t run after success at any price, gives his best in front of the camera and becomes much more secretive at the sound of the ending clap, to preserve his privacy. All in sobriety, strength, delicacy and seduction, he is very natural and gives the impression of being an honestly cool guy. Cinema hasn’t had a new actor with this much presence on screen for a very long time. Maybe even since Steve McQueen, He is, for us, his worthy successor.
Meeting & Interview Milan Vukmirovic.

The show Prison Break has enjoyed worldwide success. You are one of the stars and you still maintain your privacy. In a time where gossip magazines run stories on the private lives of celebrities, you succeed in staying out of them. How do you manage your success and your image, while keeping cool (staying Zen)?

Between the production’s need for doing promotion for its product via the actors, and my personal need to preserve a part of my privacy, it is in fact difficult. Unfortunately, it seems that one has to give pieces of their life in order to increase the audience’s interest for a new show, new movie, or a new album. It’s a marketing strategy that I don’t approve of. It is a dangerous game, because I think the more the audience knows you and witnesses every move you make, the less credible you are to them. Furthermore, as your notoriety or so-called celebrity increases in the ‘people's press’, you get locked into an image or a role that is not yours. It’s the other side of the coin, and I try to protect myself from it.

You look very reserved, quiet and discreet. How do you keep it that way as the success grows?

Being an actor is my life. I have a pact with the audience and I never forget to act the best I can, in order to not disappoint my fans. But beyond that professional duty, I don’t feel I have to reveal everything about my private life.

You must feel, anyway, the pressure from your fans already imagining you in great cinema roles. You could be the next Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, 2 great actors who had to become, in a way, some kind of marketing products. Do you contemplate the future differently?

Everybody dreams of Hollywood, but I don’t envy them the fact of constantly having the spotlight pointed at them. With this show, I already get invited, once a week, into people’s living rooms. It’s their private place, and thus they think I am part of it. In the street, people stop me and talk to me as if I was a long lost friend, when I don’t even know who they are.

Maybe you are not so different from what radiates from you on screen? Of course, you haven’t been to prison, but there is such similarity with you and your character that the audience ends up feeling close to you.

I invest a lot in my character, and always try to give the best of myself. In addition, success has not changed my personality. Recently, I went back to my former acting school. While talking to the students, I realised that they only teach there about 5% of the acting job. You don’t have a class on diplomacy, politics, promotion, or a class on the way you have to be funny on talk-shows, which are all necessary in this job… You have to stay true to yourself, but also protect yourself.

How do you stay grounded?

I try to be, and to control everything, but it’s not an easy task. The perfect example is The Human Stain: the film I played in with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins, 3 years ago. It was a very important role to me. I had a lot of hope for the continuation of my career, and, in the end, I didn’t work during the 2 years following the film release… That experience taught me that I definitely couldn’t control everything.

How did you survive during that jobless period?

It was very difficult, a walk across the desert, as much financially as psychologically, to the point that I was waking up in the middle of the night and wondering what I should’ve done to make it different.

You walked away from it better?

I have actually learned from it. Patience, endurance, humility and gratitude help me a lot today. Even more so that Prison Break is very hard to shoot. It’s captivating, but exhausting. The filming lasts months, five days a week. One episode of 45 minutes must be wrapped in 8 days, when it would be 2 months for a feature film.

Today, do you feel the pressure of the next role?

I won’t be playing drug addicts or killers just to get past Michael Scofield’s image. I want to stay true to what the audience comprehends of me, to what they would like to see from me in a movie. Besides, I do not feel the urge to see my name written in big letters on a billboard. I look for good scripts and I’m not against playing a small part with great actors, like Denzel Washington, that I respect. In fact, doors open more easily since I’m in Prison Break and I get more offers. But, to this day, I have spent 10 months of the year on the set, and the 2 months left were necessary for me to rest.

Actors from big successful TV shows aren’t usually expected on feature films. Don’t you think you need to make compromises and increase your celebrity more to launch your career there?

There are great actors like Billy Crudup or Edward Norton, that we only hear about when they release a new movie. Outside of the promotion time, they are discreet. It’s very important to keep a part of mystery and I’m not worried about the media, they always find other targets.

Nevertheless, we saw you in 2 music videos of Mariah Carey… Quite a surprising choice?

It’s true, I like her work a lot and I have huge respect for her career. But that was before Prison Break. I shot the videos with Bret Ratner, who also directed the pilot of the show. Back then, we didn’t even know if the show was picked up. And I couldn’t afford to turn down 2 videos of this scale, which were going to be broadcast all over the world. It was only 2 days of shooting, and they were more beneficial for my career than my former movie that took 6 months… It’s funny how many people have seen the videos!

In this world of cinema, glamour and glitz, are you interested in fashion?

Except for the fashion photo calls that I appreciate, it’s true I’m asked frequently for my opinion on the subject. What type of places I go to, my favorite cologne… I must confess that I don’t really know how to answer because it’s not something I’m really interested in.

And French cinema?

I like films with Isabelle Huppert and those directed by Fran├žois Ozon. It’s important to me to stay in touch with the work of European directors.

You have multiple origins: your dad is from African and English lineage, your mom from Russian and French blood… Is your mixed race the root of your difference and your serenity?

Totally, because I fight against tags people put on you, as much personal as professional. I refuse to be what people imagine me to be, or would like me to be. It’s a rule in my life, and neither money nor stardom will make me derogate my rules.

Is it for you strength to be a free spirit?

It is, absolutely.

In one fell swoop, he comments on the need for actors to maintain an air of mystery to be able to play a variety of different parts, states firmly (oh I love it when you are firm Went) that celebrity will not change his values and mentions Denzel, Billy and Edward. I have a secret love affair with Billy Crudup and now he has outed me. I think Billy Crudup is phenomenal. Edward Norton? FANTASTIC actor. And what can you say about Denzel? He's beyond great with an awesome career and longevity. If these are the people he wants to model his career after and who he looks up to then I emphatically approve. It's official, he has dealt the death blow. I am completely smitten, beyond infatuated and so very very in love. Wentworth Miller: I love you.