Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Few Things

It's time again for an informational post.

Firstly, I know how you guys love to vote so I have a new link for you. This does NOT mean you should STOP voting on, just add this new link to your voting list.

The sample bracelets should be here any day now. I will look them over and place the real order next week. I added a new payment option onto the bracelet post so there is more than just Paypal now.

It's time for the Bloggies and while I had never heard of them until this year (they've been in existence since 2001 apparently), I understand I've already been nominated by someone *cough*Krissie*cough* (in Best Writing, Most Humorous and Best New Weblog) and a couple of my favorite blogs have been also. I'll just make this a group effort. Since you have to nominate two other blogs for every category and these particular blogs have asked readers for votes, go on over to the site and vote (actually it's more of a nomination) for me (of course) in any category for which you think I qualify, The Gilded Moose and Jake Watch in that same category (except The Gilded Moose doesn't qualify as new so my third suggestion for this category is Waiting For Toothy Nominations are only being accepted until 1/10/06 (yes 6 days from now) and you can only vote once per email address. If you do it right, you will receive an email with a link that you need to click to confirm the submission. Simple right?

Work is WAY stressful at the moment and I need to get things done so I MAY be on a different posting schedule for a while but more on that later. Back to work!